Basic Online Slots Strategy For USA Players

Slot ExampleThere are certainly older games you can find at casinos than slot machines, but there are no games in any casino that have a cooler, more storied history. Old machines, typically called fruit machines, made a huge splash about a hundred years ago or so, as they lined the back rooms of smoky bars and billiards rooms and even gas stations. These machines transitioned into the one-armed bandits that became famous in early American gambling culture and they would ultimately find their way into casinos. Today's slot machines are nothing like the old-timer's machines in terms of functions. Today's on-location machines are mostly digital in the way they process their random numbers, and the materials are a lot better. And for online slot machines; well, suffice to say that they're really nothing like the machines of old. Though the information most people want to know about online slot machines has to do with winning. "Can I develop a strategy to win at online slots?" That's the number-one question.

This depends on a variety of factors, none the least of which is what you consider winning. Do you mean a way that exists by which you can win money every time you spin the reels? Unfortunately this is a mathematical impossibility; there is no strategy in the world, besides some Mission Impossible-level hacking, that would allow for this. However, if you mean simply doing certain things that put you in a better position to win money, then there are actually a few steps you can take to improve your odds at winning.

That's what we're speaking about here with a slots strategy. It isn't so much guaranteeing that you win; it's far more about giving yourself a better opportunity to win more spins. And once you've honed your skills, you can signup with one of the US online casinos that we recommend and claim a generous signup bonus once you make your first deposit.

Are Slot Strategies Even Possible?

You have to understand that the type of strategy you may be looking for in slots does not exist, cannot exist, and will not ever exist. There is no mathematical formula you can use to best a slot machine. You can't wait 19 spins every other payout to trick the RNG into giving you a bonus game. This type of thing only happens in the movies. To understand how to formulate a slots strategy, you must first understand some of the basic odds involved. Let's have a quick look at how the house's edge weighs against you when playing slots.

With online slot machines, the house's edge is predicated on how much you're playing for. For instance, if you're only playing the nickel slots, then the house has a very strong edge of 15-20%. This makes sense, of course, as the house wants to take more money more often since they're receiving less money. So they will come out ahead compared to the player at a rate of around 20%. Jump that up to a quarter, and you're looking at a house edge just barely over 10%. 50 cent, the odds drop to 9%. When you play for $1, those odds drop to just over 8%, and so on and so on until you get to the most mathematically friendly slot machines, the $100 machines, whose odds are only 3.9% against you. However, we cannot look at this over 1,000 or 10,000 spins leveling out. We must view it practically, as in your position as a slots player with a stack at the table. Losing a nickel 20% of the time is a far, far lower risk than losing $100 roughly 4% of the time. So to develop a slots strategy, the first thing you need to consider is the balance. You want to lower the amount of money you're risking while eliminating some of the house's edge.

How Some Basic Strategic Planning Can Improve Your Odds At Winning

Basic planning here can help you formulate a plan of attack. To start, you're looking for three things:

1. Always find a legally licensed and regulated casino to play at. Playing online slots legally in the US should be your first objective. All of the casinos we endorse on our website are all legally licensed, and are frankly the most trusted in the industry by far. We guarantee that any site you signup with from will pay out winnings like a responsible casino should.

2: You want a high-quality US online casino that offers a range of different slots, all of which pay out well and have a reputation for winning (Legal Betting Online can recommend one).

3: You want a slot machine that has multiple reels and paylines; the more ways to bet, the more ways to win; and more ways to win equates to better odds of winning

4: You want a machine that pays huge money! It might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, but those progressive machines that pay millions also typically pay out the most with minor jackpots, as they keep people coming back more often to feed the kitty on the main jackpot. These machines typically offer more ways to win and typically won't cost you a lot to play.

If you can plan around these three simple steps, you can begin to formulate a strategy that will help you win more often at slots. Now, let us reiterate that nothing here will be guaranteed. There are no ways by which you can guarantee your win on a slot machine. It is unfortunately a mathematical impossibility, especially these days with high-powered random number generators that are computing trillions of possible random number combinations in microseconds. The best you can do is improve your odds of winning by following some practical steps.

A Simple Slots Strategy to Use

Find Slots With The Best Odds

The first step here in formulating your strategy, after using the three strategic principles listed above, is to find a slot machine that offers you favorable odds. This is similar to what you would do if you were playing video poker. Pay very close attention to the odds table as some machines simply pay higher than others, even though they are the same exact game and variation. You can read the information about the slot machine directly on the casino's page, and you can find the number of paylines, the number of winning combinations, the average spins-vs.-win numbers, etc. A legitimate casino will be very transparent with this information. You only have to look. Now, you don't need a progressive machine per se; rather just one that pays out a big jackpot and a ton of smaller ones. Most online casinos will have at least half a dozen machines that fit this bill. Locate the one with the best odds.

Find Your Betting Balance

Per our rationale when crunching the numbers, $0.50 is the best way to go. A nickel lowers your risk of losing, and everything $5 and up will increase your odds of winning, but 50 cent is that great balance of a low-risk bet with an edge that's only 9%. In rudimentary terms, this means the slot machine will win 9 more spins per every 100; those aren't bad odds at all, considering that any one of your wins here could be for $10, $20, or even $50 or more! Of course, this isn't a guarantee, but that betting balance will help you limit your risks greatly.

Limit Your Activity

Let's say you put $200 into a casino and have received your 100% match in its increments and now have roughly $400. Do not exceed 10% of this stack when betting, or $40. With 50 cent per spin, this gives you 80 spins. Add to that another spin for every 50 cent you win. So if you win $20 on your first 20 spins, that's a total of 120 spins off of your 10% budget and one simple win. The idea is to never get attached here. If you're not winning at least $10 or so in profit after 80 spins on the machine, pack it in and try again another day. You do not want to start chasing. You do not want to risk becoming addicted to the point you're spending your entire wad on a slot machine.

We must reiterate yet again that there is no way by which you are mathematically guaranteed to win via online slot machines. However, if you can follow this very simple and pragmatic strategy, you should be able to limit your risks while maximizing your rewards. With any luck, you will be able to hit a small jackpot and increase your winnings exponentially. Though even if the odds stay true to form, you will only be disadvantaged by 9 spins every 100, so taking something like 80 spins gives you a very large sampling size with which to work toward hitting some paylines. This is the best you're going to do in terms of strategy at a slot machine.