Olympics Betting 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Betting on the Olympic games is one of the more riveting avenues of sports betting, providing an electrifying connection between the global athletic phenomenon of world solidarity that embodies the Olympic games and the individual fan that watches from thousands of miles away. Not only is Olympic sports betting a way to connect to the magic that defines the Olympics, it is also a way to enjoy a legally sanctioned betting experience tied to events that may make history.

A key component to accessing a legitimate opportunity to bet on the Olympics lies in understanding the legalities surrounding sports betting in the US. The advent of US based online gambling, daily fantasy sports and rogue efforts to expand US based sportsbook gambling in opposition to federal law has made the landscape a little confusing to navigate. This guide is designed to provide clear, concise insight into the sportsbook gambling laws and options available to US bettors interested in legally betting on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. We will discuss applicable federal laws that impact the sports betting industry in the United States, and what legally sanctioned options US bettors have at their disposal. We will provide recommendations for online betting destinations offering betting lines for Olympics sports wagering, each of them having been vetted and approved by industry professionals and analysts.

Best USA Sportsbook
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Each of the following sites are US friendly and offer betting odds on the Rio Summer Olympics. Every single one of these sites offer's some exciting welcome bonuses for new players and will match your first deposit up to a certain amount.

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FAQ's Relevant To Betting On the Olympics

If I Want To Bet On the Olympics, Do I Have To Bet At Offshore Sportsbooks?
Not necessarily. Las Vegas sportsbooks sometimes offer betting lines on Olympic events. However, unless you are in close proximity to Las Vegas, and they have elected to definitely offer lines covering Olympic events, your best options will be one of the legally sanctioned online sportsbooks recommended in this guide.
Doesn’t the Federal Wire Act Prohibit Online Sports Betting?
This federal law prohibits ‘US based’ online sports betting. In other words, it is not legal to operate an online sportsbook within US borders. The United States federal laws end at our borders however, and do not reach into foreign jurisdictions to influence their gambling laws. The United States cannot do anything about legally licensed and regulated sportsbooks that want to accept USA customers.
Will I get Into Legal Trouble For Betting On The Olympics?
As long as you limit your online sports betting to those destinations that are legitimately licensed and regulated outside of the United States, then you will not be violating any US laws. In addition, US gambling laws all target the providers of illegal gambling activities and not the players. An example would be the 2011 online poker case in which the DOJ went after several international online poker sites suspected of violating the UIGEA bill. Some players had their online betting accounts frozen for a period of time, but those participating in real money poker were not the target of the investigations or prosecutions.
Does Daily Fantasy Sports Include Olympic Games?
The leading DFS brands do not offer portals for including Olympic games in their range of services. In order to place bets on the 2016 Summer Olympic games you will need to visit a traditional sportsbook setting either online or in Vegas.
How Many Events Can I Place Bets On During The Olympics?
There are typically no limits to how many bets you can place other than your own financial restrictions. Therefore, you can bet on as many Olympic events as you feel comfortable doing. There are however betting limits in terms of a dollar amount that you cannot exceed each day. So be sure to find out what the dollar amount limits are for the sportsbook you are visiting and make sure you spread the bets out enough to cover the bulk of the events you are interested in betting on.
Olympic Games Betting Options Summarized
The Olympic games are easily the most meaningful series of sports events that take place around the globe. It is the one time that the whole world puts away their differences and competes in the spirit of sportsmanship and true athleticism. This solidarity that takes place as athletes from all around the world bond through a common goal and admiration for true skill and talent is a demonstration that we can all rise to higher standards.

Options for legally betting on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games bring an exhilarating layer of involvement for those fans eager to connect in some way to the events through the thrill of betting entertainment. The legally licensed offshore destinations offering betting services to US residents have brought the legitimacy to online sports betting that the US gambling market has always desired. We are confident in our recommendations to American sports fans seeking genuinely licensed and regulated internet betting on this season’s Olympic games.

Following the events of the Olympic games has been transformed through social media and live video streaming to provide virtually unlimited access to the athletes and results in real time without relying on a major news network. Instead of watching an interview on the news, athletes now provide access to their observations, thoughts and feedback through facebook, snapchat, instagram and twitter, among others. Couple that with mobile sports betting options and you’ve got a sophisticated platform for following, interacting with and betting on the Olympics in real time from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

US Gambling Laws That Affect Betting On The 2016 Summer Olympics

Law BookThere are a few US federal gambling laws that impact the options that are readily available for betting on the Olympics in the United States. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, also known as PASPA, governs land based sports betting in the US. There are four states that are exempt from PASPA, including, Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware. Those four states are legally permitted to offer sportsbook gambling to their residents and visitors if they choose to do so. When the law was enacted in 1992, states with existing gambling industries in place were afforded a year’s grace period in which to add sports betting options to their platform should they desire. The grace period was offered with New Jersey’s existing gambling market in mind, however the state failed to move forward with steps to take advantage of integrating sportsbook gambling into their repertoire. As a result, the state is facing legal opposition from the federal government in their efforts to add limited sports betting options. There are a few venues that are exempted from PASPA’s restrictions, including pari-mutuel wagering on horses and dogs.

The second US federal law that plays a role in the regulation of US based sports betting is the Federal Wire Act. This law effectively prohibits US based online betting on sports. This means that it is not legal for any business operating within the United States to launch an online sportsbook offering real money betting options. The law only restricts sports betting activities, and does not apply to other types of online gambling, such as casino games, poker or bingo.

While these two federal laws effectively restrict US based sports betting both online and offline, they do not have any influence over legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks offering betting services to US residents. These types of destinations enthusiastically accept US customers and offer competitive betting lines, odds and wagering options that are in line with the standards established in Las Vegas. Neither PASPA nor the Federal Wire Act prohibit US residents from engaging in online sportsbook gambling at these types of legitimate sports betting sites. You can see a listing of recommended legal online sportsbooks that offer Olympic events betting lines to US residents.

Legally Betting On The 2016 Summer Olympics

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics takes place on Friday, August 5th in Rio. A series of Archery events takes place prior to the ceremony beginning at 8:00 am, as well as multiple soccer tournaments taking place as early as Wednesday, Aug. 3rd. The 2016 Summer Olympics Schedule lays out all the events and the times at which they take place. There will be 306 events for 32 sports disciplines with athletes representing 206 different nations. Can you even imagine all the betting lines that could potentially be offered? Along with coverage of the vast majority of events, sportsbooks are also offering some prop bets. Some of the props bets include predicting which country will win the most gold medals and how many medals will be won by specific nations. The wide range of Olympic events covered in the betting lines at legal online sportsbooks include archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, canoe, rowing and sailing events, cycling, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, judo, handball, swimming, rugby, shooting, table tennis, tennis, track & field, volleyball, wrestling, weight lifting, water polo, soccer, and many more. Many of those sports include multiple variations of men’s, women’s, team and individual formats of the competition.

US residents who do not have access to a Vegas bookmaker can legally access 2016 Olympic betting lines through one of the approved online sportsbooks listed in this guide. They have each been vetted through an intense review process and were found to meet our stringent standards and requirements for inclusion in this guide. They are all legally licensed and regulated by offshore governing jurisdictions that have legalized online sportsbook gambling for their respective territories, thereby making it legal for them to offer their services to players around the world, including the US.

Official Website: https://www.rio2016.com/en is the official website for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. They offer a complete listing on all events, schedules, news and more.