Legal Online Gambling In Hawaii

USA FlagHawaii is one of the few states in the US that literally doesn't have any type of legal gambling entertainment, not even a state lottery. There was an effort to bring forth a proposal for a brick and mortar casino in 2010, however it failed. A year later legislation was introduced that would establish poker as a game of skill and therefor exempt from the state's gambling laws. The measure failed in the house finance committee, lacking any real public support. There have been a number of gambling related bills presented between 2009 – 2015, including ones that addressed online gambling, however the state remains staunchly positioned in opposition to embracing any type of gambling entertainment.

This does not eliminate all gambling options for Hawaii residents however, and this guide was created to make sure you have access to information about the legalities surrounding your involvement in gambling entertainment in HI as well as the resources that are available to you. We break the information down by venue, and provide professional recommendations, comprised from the knowledge and experience of a team of experts.

Hawaii Gambling Laws - Is Online Gambling Legal In Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii has not passed any specific laws making online gambling legal or illegal. What this means is that nobody will be able to legally operate an online gambling site within the state, and on the flip side, nobody is going to get in trouble for engaging in online gambling that is legally licensed and regulated. Their choice to not address the issue puts it squarely in the 'gray' area. Gray is what we do best!

There are not any state laws that prohibit residents or visitors to the Aloha State from participating in online gambling. However, there are some conditions that must be met to keep things kosher. For one, any gambling site you bet at should be legally licensed and subject to regulatory oversight through a governing jurisdiction that is recognized as legitimate within the industry. Secondly, they must be located outside of the US, beyond the reach of federal regulation. If you become involved in online gambling that is not licensed or regulated, then you could find yourself not only in legal trouble, but also at risk for theft or fraud from cyber predators.

There were some attempts made to present legislation to legalize online poker in Hawaii a few years back. Unfortunately none of them were successful. Many residents had hoped that previous Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka's favorable stance concerning online gambling would help the state realize some strides in this area, however his influence remained largely with the federal push for online gambling.

You can read more about federal gambling laws that apply to US citizens here.

Most Reputable Online Gambling Site Open To Hawaii Players

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Are Online Casinos Legal in Hawaii?

As mentioned throughout this page, Hawaii does not allow any type of legal state based gambling. This means that it is not legal to operate an online casino business within the state's borders. The good news is that the state has also not outlawed online casino gambling. This means that it is not illegal for residents of the Aloha State to enjoy gambling online as long as the website at which they are playing is legally sanctioned and based outside of the US. The online casinos we recommend on this page all meet this criteria.

It is important that you restrict your online casino gambling to legally sanctioned destinations in order to remain on the legal side of the tracks, and to ensure you only play at safe and secure legal US online casinos that operate legitimately within the industry. We recommend that you only consider those brands that have been vetted by industry professionals. It is a big unknown in Hawaii when it comes to the future of online casino gambling. The state does not have a lot of public support for gambling in general, and the only effort in this direction was focused solely on poker gambling. Our advice, don't hold your breath.

Reputable Online Casinos That Accept Hawaii Players

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Is Online Poker Legal in Hawaii?

If any online gambling venue was going to be embraced, poker would be the one. In fact, legislation was present a few years back to legalize poker as a game of skill. An online poker bill was also introduced within recent years. Both measures never made it very far through the process, and ultimately failed. There was not an overwhelming level of public support and no public outcry at the lack of movement of the bills, so the residents of Hawaii seem ok with it. While state based poker either online or offline has not been made legal in Hawaii, they also have not prohibited anyone from playing legally licensed offshore online poker either.

Those poker players who are seeking legal gaming options without leaving their beloved islands will be pleased to learn that it is not a violation of state or federal law to participate in online poker gambling as long as you do so at an online poker site that is licensed, regulated and located outside of the United States. The legal online poker sites you see in this guide are all legitimately operating within het industry and provide a legally sanctioned destination for players in the US, including those from Hawaii.

Legal Online Poker Sites Open To Hawaii Players

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Hawaii?

US based sports betting is not legal in most of the country. Land based sports betting is only legal in four states, and Hawaii is not one of them. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) prohibits US based sports betting in all but four states. The Federal Wire Act effectively prohibits all US based sports betting done through the Internet. This being the case, Hawaii would not be able to allow any type of sports betting even if they wanted to. It is not legal to own or operate an online sportsbook, or to offer any type of online sports betting services within the state's borders.

The good news is that there are legal US friendly sports betting options available to Hawaii residents. While the US federal laws may have limited sports betting to the extreme for US based companies, they have no bearing on legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks. There are not any state laws in Hawaii or federal laws that prohibit players from enjoying online sports betting as long as those sportsbooks are located outside of the US and are legally sanctioned by a legitimate governing jurisdiction. We have personally vetted each sportsbook you see on this page to ensure we recommend the industry's leading legal sportsbooks accepting Hawaii residents as customers. We have also vetted them for security protocols and quality.

Hawaii Friendly Online Sportsbooks - All Legally Licensed And Regulated

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Hawaii Gambling FAQ's

Is it safe for me to gambling online in Hawaii?

We would have to answer that question with 'it depends'. How safe your online gambling experience remains is entirely up to you. Online gambling in general can be completely safe. The kicker in all this is how safe the destination at which you are gambling actually is. When we evaluate an online gambling site for consideration as a recommendation in this guide, the site is placed through an intense review process that analysis their security profile. Not all online gambling sites are created equal. We do not consider minimum licensing requirements to be the gold standard in online gambling security. If you limit your online gambling to those sites that employ advanced security protocols, then you will be making sure your sensitive data is well protected. In order to approve an online gambling site for inclusion in our guide, we require elements such as sophisticated encryption technology, high level anti-virus and firewall protection, effective anti fraud technology, and a specially trained technical team to monitor these processes.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Hawaii?

Based on the fact that Hawaii does not have any legal forms of gambling entertainment, it is not surprising that the state's laws and statutes do no dictate a minimum legal gambling age. This being the case, industry standards apply to Hawaii residents. To enjoy gambling on a cruise ship that departs from Hawaii, players must be 21 years of age. This sets the standard for Hawaii residents who participate in online gambling venues as well. Anyone living in or visiting Hawaii who decides to engage in legally licensed online gambling should be at least 21 years old in order to participate.

Do you think Hawaii will ever offer state licensed online gambling options?

Based on the state's recent history with gambling related legislation, we'd have to say no in the short term. Is it possible that over time that leadership changes and the climate of public opinion could sway in the direction of legal online gambling in the state? Anything is possible. As more and more states in the US embrace state regulated online gambling, it is possible that Hawaiian residents will come to accept this type of entertainment.

If I gamble online, will I get arrested since the state does not license any online gambling?

Absolutely not. The state does not offer any of their own online gambling options, but they also do not legally prohibit you from enjoying online gambling as long as you do so at a licensed and regulated destination that is not located within the US. You won't find them out monitoring internet use to see who enjoys offshore gambling sites because they really don't care. They have not made addressed it in their state laws. They are more interested in preventing the emergency of unlicensed and unregulated gambling activities when it comes to their criminal code.

Can I gamble online in Hawaii when I turn 18?

Since you won't find any legal gambling entertainment in Hawaii, you also won't find a legal minimum gambling age. However, in order to gamble on a cruise ship that is leaving Hawaii, you must be 21 years of age. This has been adapted as the industry standard for Hawaii as far as gambling age. Hawaiian residents should be at least 21 years old before registering for a real money online gambling account, even if the website officially accepts players as young as 18.

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