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Minnesota State FlagMinnesota was the first state to establish tribal and state compacts following the passing of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IRGA) by congress in 1988. There are several forms of legal gambling entertainment available in the North Star State, as well as a fairly progressive stance towards the gambling industry in general. However, this was not always the case. Slowly but surely the state has warmed up to some forms of gambling, however other types of betting entertainment have been strongly opposed for generations, such as slot machines and other electronic games of chance. First banned in 1947, slots have had a difficult time emerging in Minnesota and currently can only be played at one of the state’s tribal casinos.

The key to enjoying legally sanctioned gambling entertainment in Minnesota lies in understanding what is and is not legal to participate in. This page is dedicated to providing accurate and up to date information concerning the legal gambling opportunities afforded to residents and visitors in Minnesota, both online and at land based gambling options. We will provide insight into the legalities surrounding gambling entertainment, and what to look for in a legally licensed gambling destination. We are not making any type of effort to provide professional legal advice or services. Should you be seeking professional legal services, we suggest you contact a licensed attorney who is familiar with U.S. gambling law. For a clear and concise overview of the legal status of gambling in Minnesota and what options are legally available to players, this guide will be just what you need.

Online Gambling Laws in Minnesota

The state’s statutes and session laws do not specifically address the topic of online gambling and betting. There has been no move to establish regulated, state licensed online gambling initiatives, and there simply is no mention of offshore online gambling participation in any of the state’s statutes. This leaves online gambling in a pretty gray area for residents due to the broad definition of gambling presented in the state’s gambling laws. While the definition of illegal betting could be interpreted to include online gambling, there is no record of any efforts made by law enforcement in the state to investigate or arrest any participants in offshore online gambling activities.

The state’s lawmakers and law enforcement are much more concerned with individuals attempted to provide illegal gambling services to players than they are with those who participate in unsanctioned betting action. To ensure that you don’t get caught up in these murky waters, it is imperative that you only consider engaging in online gambling activities that are legally licensed and regulated by a governing jurisdiction located outside of the United States.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Minnesota?

There are no state or federal laws that criminalize the act of engaging in online gambling that is provided by a legitimately licensed Internet gambling site that is operating legally within the industry. All of the online gambling sites featured in this guide have been vetted by our team of analysts, and has been verified to hold legally sanctioned credentials for operating legitimately within the online gambling industry. These types of businesses are not subject to US federal law, and are legally able to offer their services to players around the world, including those in Minnesota. So while Minnesota hasn't specifically legalized online gambling yet in the state, they don't make it illegal either.

Will Minnesota Legalize State Licensed Online Gambling Anytime Soon?

Minnesota has a fairly progressive disposition when it comes to gambling, so legal online gambling that is licensed by the state is within the realm of possibilities here.  We have not seen any evidence or interest that a move to legalize online gambling is probable or will happen in the very near future, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Minnesota get on board with the concept if some other states take the plunge.  A lot of states are still in a wait and watch holding pattern to see how things turn out for the regions that have actually launched state based online gambling, and we think Minnesota is one of them.

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Minnesota Gambling FAQ's

What is the legal gambling age in Minnesota?

Lottery, charitable gambling and pari-mutuel wagering all carry a legal minimum gambling age of 18 years old For casino gambling, the legal minimum gambling age varies between 18 and 21. All casino gambling takes place at tribal casinos in Minnesota, with the exception of live card games at Canterbury Park race course. The general rule is that if alcohol is served, then the minimum gambling age is 21, otherwise, 18 years of age will suffice. That is not always the deciding factor though, and each Indian tribal property is allowed to determine what their policies are, as long as they require patrons to be at least 18.

Will I Get Arrested For Gambling Online in Minnesota?

Despite the fact that the state of Minnesota has not legalized state licensed online gambling, it also does not prohibit residents from engaging in legally licensed offshore online gambling. The state’s gambling laws do not mention online betting. Their definition of gambling is very broad, and does leave them room to categorize a wide range of activities as illegal gambling. However, the state’s laws are focused primarily on eliminating illegal gambling operations. There are no cases of law enforcement going after anyone for online gambling. There are no state laws or federal laws that criminalize offshore betting at online gambling sites that are legally licensed and regulated. The state is not interested in pursuing charges against online gamblers, nor do they have the resources by which to do so even if they wanted to. Since online gambling is somewhat of a gray area in Minnesota, anyone concerned with violating any laws or statutes should confer with an attorney for a definitive answer regarding online gambling legalities.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Minnesota?

State regulated online casinos are not yet legal in Minnesota. We are not sure how soon, or even ‘if’ this will change. Until such time that the state moves to make a decision concerning state regulated online casinos, there are legally sanctioned online casino options available to Minnesota players. These gambling sites are legitimately licensed and regulated, and are based outside of the United States. They are governed by a jurisdiction that has legalized online gambling for their region, and hence can legally offer their betting services to players around the world. Minnesota residents can enjoy playing real money casino games at these websites without violating any state or federal laws. The specific online casinos mentioned in this guide have been vetted by our team of industry professionals, and approved as licensed, regulated and legitimate destinations offering high quality Internet gaming.

Is Online Poker Legal in Minnesota?

While you will not find any state licensed online poker sites, there are a handful of high quality, legally licensed offshore poker sites that accept players from Minnesota. These sites offer real money poker games around the clock, as well as active tournament schedules. Online poker allows players to participate in multiple games at once through multi-table and multi-hand features. The key to making sure you are legally engaging in online poker is to ensure you visit only legally licensed destinations that are regulated and located offshore. The poker sites you see listed in this guide all fall into this category.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Minnesota?

US based online sports betting is not legal anywhere in the United States. The Federal Wire Act effectively prohibits the operation of online bookmaking services from within US borders. The law may squelch any chances at US licensed online sportsbook gambling, however it does not prohibit US residents from participating in online sports betting from a legally licensed destination that is regulated and located outside of the United Sates. There are a few very high quality online sportsbooks that are based offshore and that can legally accept customers from around the world because they are legitimately licensed and regulated by a respected governing jurisdiction. You will find access to these sportsbooks from this page.

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