Legally Betting On The NFL Playoffs

USA FlagThe NFL Playoffs are some of the most watched sports action in the United States. American football has grown in popularity throughout the world over the years, and there have been games held in London and Mexico, but North America is still the epicenter of NFL betting action. While it is still too early to predict who will make the playoffs, there are some heavy favorites.

This page was designed specifically for this year’s Playoffs and has information on the postseason standings and matchups, betting insights, where to engage in NFL betting, legal Super Bowl betting, and much more. There is a lot of money to be made over the course of the postseason—better to be in the know than left in the dark.

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Betting On The NFL Playoffs

If you are looking to bet on the NFL Playoffs, there are numerous licensed offshore sportsbooks you can use. These sites feature betting lines on all the Playoff games including point spread bets, moneyline bets, totals, parlays, props and futures. Individual prop bets are a great way of expanding your betting options per games. The NFL postseason is often full of surprises, and favored teams do not always come out the victor. That is why it is crucial to do your research before placing your wagers. If you are unsure on which team to bet on, prop bets are often an easier route to more concrete wagers.

2017/2018 NFL Playoff Teams

First things first—the NFL Playoffs are a single elimination tournament to determine who goes to the Super Bowl. 4 division champions from each conference are seeded 1-4 based on their win-loss-tie records. There are also 2 Wild Card spots for teams with the best records under the top 4, creating a total of 12 total Playoff teams. The top 2 seeded teams in each conference clinch a first-round bye. Last year, the Playoff teams were:


New England Patriots (1st seed)
Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd seed)
Jacksonville Jaguars (3rd seed)
Kansas City Chiefs (4th seed)
Tennessee Titans (5th seed)
Buffalo Bills (6th seed)


Philadelphia Eagles (1st seed)
Minnesota Vikings (2nd seed)
Los Angeles Rams (3rd seed)
New Orleans Saints (4th seed)
Carolina Panthers (5th seed)
Atlanta Falcons (6th seed)

2017/18 Wild Card Round

Playoff action kicks off with the Wild Card round. This is the chance for the underdogs who scrounged their way to a Playoff spot get to justify their reasons for being there. This year’s Wild Card round had a few surprises, including a remarkable comeback, controversial calls, hard hits and more. Below are the score lines and analysis for each of the Wild Card games.

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs
Final Score: 22-21 Titans

The Titans snatched up a Wild Card spot to enter into their first postseason run since 2008. QB Marcus Mariota is a promising young player and showed his growth in their comeback win against the Chiefs. Kansas City entered this game confident and were favored to win. At the beginning of the season, many analysts pinned them as potential Super Bowl LII winners after a strong start. This game looked to be a lock after the Chiefs went into halftime up 21-3. However, Tennessee came out of halftime to score 19 unanswered points. Mariota sealed the game with a big-time block to allow RB Derrick Henry to get a first down. Tennessee ran out the clock to advance to the Divisional Round.

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams
Final Score: 26-13 Falcons

LA was one of the biggest surprises of this season. New head coach Sean McVay, the youngest in the league, managed to turn the Rams around from a losing franchise to Playoff contenders. He also brought the best out of young QB Jared Goff and RB Todd Gurley. The Rams were expected to win this game, but Atlanta came ready to play. The Falcons, who blew a 28-point lead in last year’s Super Bowl, looked hungry for a chance at redemption. They were up 13-10 at halftime and came out with their foot on the pedal. Atlanta scored 13 points in the second half and their defense held the Rams to just 3 in the fourth quarter. The Rams almost scored a touchdown, but it was ruled an incomplete pass after official review. Atlanta’s defense held strong and forced a turnover on downs. They ran the clock out after getting the ball back.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Final Score: 10-3 Jaguars

In a matchup of teams nobody thought would ever make the Playoffs, the Jaguars hosted the Bills in the Wild Card round. Buffalo qualified for the Playoffs after the Bengals stunned the Ravens at the end of the regular season—this was their first Playoff berth since 1999. Jacksonville’s defense has been stellar throughout the season, but their offense under QB Blake Bortles has been lackluster. Bortles finished the game with more rushing yards than passing yards, an interesting statistic for a player of his caliber. The Jags’ D performed well and kept Buffalo to only 3 points. Jalen Ramsey had the game-sealing interception.

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints
Final Score: 31-26 Saints

Carolina has not been themselves since their almost-perfect season a couple years back (where they lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl L). They managed to secure a Wild Card spot and a chance at regaining their old identity against New Orleans. The Saints have been strong all season and proved a tough opponent. Nola went up early and went into halftime winning 21-9. The Panthers mounted a comeback that almost saw them come level, thanks to QB Cam Newton and RB Christian McCaffrey. The game came down to the last drive with Carolina almost scoring off a long pass. Newton took a shot at one point that some felt may have left him concussed, but he stayed in the game. The last play saw Newton swarmed by the Saints’ D on 4th and 23. Game over.

2017/18 Divisional Round

The Divisional Round is where the top-seeded teams await. These teams clinched a first-round bye and had some time off to rest and prepare. Some believe this time off can hurt a team, but others see it as an advantage. This year, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers secured their usual spots at the top, but the NFC spots fell to the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings, 2 newcomers to the postseason discussion.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles
Final Score: 15-10 Eagles

After the Wild Card round, many analysts jumped on the Atlanta bandwagon. They saw them as a team pushing for revenge that could make it to the Super Bowl and were favored to win. The Eagles have been dominant all season, but QB Carson Wentz went out with an injury late into the regular season, leaving backup QB Nick Foles in charge. Foles has a checkered past in terms of success, so many already counted Philly out. However, people seemed to forget how good their defense was. This game was primarily a defensive matchup, as both offenses failed to get much done. The Falcons began driving down the field at the end of the fourth in hopes of winning the game, however the Eagles’ defense held firm and snuffed several pass attempts. Philadelphia answered the critics with this victory and booked their spot in the NFC Championship. Atlanta, on the other hand, will not get to make up for their loss last season.

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots
Final Score: 35-14 Patriots

In the only game that wasn’t a surprise, the Patriots routed the Titans to lock down a spot in the AFC Championship. Tennessee managed to get on the board first with a touchdown in the first quarter, but Tom Brady and company put up 21 unanswered points in the second quarter. The Pats’ defense was relentless and sacked Tennessee QB Marcus Mariota numerous times. Tennessee failed to get anything going in the third while New England built their lead. New England scored again through TE Rob Gronkowski, who looked unstoppable in this game. The Titans have a bright future ahead of them, but they need a few more pieces before being a true contender in the AFC.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Final Score: 45-42 Jaguars

Sunday’s Divisional Round games were some of the best Playoff football in recent seasons. Jacksonville was the underdog heading into this matchup. Everyone predicted a rematch AFC Championship between New England and Pittsburgh, discrediting the Jags and the work they have put in this season. The Jaguars opened the scoring in this game and never let up. They scored 2 touchdowns in the first quarter and then another 2 in the second. Pittsburgh managed to get some points on the board, leaving the halftime score at 28-14 Jags. The game turned into an almost-blowout. Pittsburgh blocked a punt to secure good field position, though they failed to capitalize on it. Jags QB Blake Bortles, who has been ridiculed all season for his terrible numbers, looked phenomenal in this game. At one point, the Jags were up 42-28. The game was all Pittsburgh from this point. Jacksonville’s defense, their strongest point, gave up 14 points towards the end of the game. However, Pittsburgh just ran out of time.

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings
Final Score: 29-24 Vikings

Minnesota was electric at the end of this game. The Vikings’ boast the #1 defense in the country. While the Saints looked good in their win over the Panthers, this would be their toughest challenge yet. The game seemed to be one-sided early on. Minnesota scored 17 unanswered points in the first half. Saints QB Drew Brees was kept to his lowest passer rating in years throughout the first half. New Orleans came back to life after halftime and took the lead at 21-20 in the fourth. The Vikings came back with a field goal to go back up at 23-21. The Saints marched back down the field and converted on fourth down to keep their season alive. A 43-yard field goal put them on top at 24-23 with :25 seconds to go, meaning the Vikings had to score. Then, on 3rd and 10, from their own 40-yard line, Vikings QB Case Keenum threw a dime to WR Stefon Diggs. A Saints’ missed tackle left Diggs wide open to turn around and run into the end zone to finish the game in spectacular fashion.

Recap on Results of 2017 - 2018  NFL Playoffs

The 2017/2018 Playoffs were interesting for several reasons. There were some new faces in the postseason mix, young talents looking to prove themselves, defending champions, injuries, phenomenal plays and much more. With Super Bowl 52 nearly here, let’s recap this year’s postseason up until this point.

2017/2018 NFL Playoff Teams

AFC Teams (presented in order of seed)

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Tennessee Titans
  6. Buffalo Bills

NFC Teams (presented in order of seed)

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Los Angeles Rams
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Carolina Panthers
  6. Atlanta Falcons

Wild Card Round

The Wild Card Round saw the 3rd and 6th seeds play each other as well as the 4th and 5th in each conference. For the AFC, the Rams, Bills and Jaguars made up 3 teams that no one thought would be in the Playoffs at the start of this season. The Chiefs started hot, but began to fizzle out late down the stretch of the regular season. For the NFC, 3 teams from the most competitive division in the conference qualified.

Tennessee Titans v. Kansas City Chiefs
Final Score: 22-21 Titans

The first game of the Playoffs was an exciting opening, perhaps even foreshadowing of what was to come. The Chiefs went up early by putting up 21 in the first half, as opposed to Tennessee’s 3. However, it was all Titans from there. The young Tennessee team put up 19 unanswered points in the second half to come back in the last second against the Chiefs. For Kansas City, this was a disappointing outing for what is supposed to be a championship team. For Tennessee, this was a showcase of a promising future.

Atlanta Falcons v. Los Angeles Rams
Final Score: 26-13

The Atlanta Falcons were supposed to lose this game. They were washed out versions of the Super Bowl team from last year and the Rams were young, fresh and full of talent and hope. The game was close in the first half and sat at 13-10 Falcons by halftime. From then, Atlanta controlled the game and limited the Rams to 3 points. Atlanta tacked on another 13 points to establish a commanding lead. QB Matt Ryan looked phenomenal along with RB Devonta Freeman and WR Julio Jones. More importantly, Atlanta fans got some hope back.

Buffalo Bills v. Jacksonville Jaguars
Final Score: 10-3 Jaguars

Although this game was an epic matchup of 2 teams long overdue for a postseason trip, the game itself was a bit of a snoozer. Buffalo narrowly made the Playoffs thanks to the Ravens blowing it against the Bengals. Jacksonville had been strong throughout the regular season, but seemed to be missing a significant component of their offense. This game was more of a defensive battle, with the Jaguars able to hold Buffalo to 3 points. QB Blake Bortles had more rushing yards than passing yards, an interesting statistic for a quarterback.

Carolina Panthers v. New Orleans Saints
Final Score: 26-31 Saints

This game was a testament to the NFC’s toughness, particularly within this division. The Saints looked to be in control at first, putting up 21 in the first half compared to Carolina’s 9. After a tight defensive third quarter, Carolina began to storm back. QB Cam Newton suffered what looked to be like a concussion but remained in the game. The Saints were able to hold on and add another score in the fourth to snuff the Panthers’ comeback.

Divisional Round

Enter the Division champions. The biggest surprises coming out of the Wild Card round were the Falcons and Titans, the other 2 teams were thought to could have gone either way.

Atlanta Falcons v. Philadelphia Eagles
Final Score: 10-15 Eagles

Unlike last time, the Falcons came into this team favored to win, which is interesting given the Eagles’ #1 seed. This was due to Philly’s backup QB Nick Foles being at the helm as opposed to regular starter Carson Wentz. After the Rams game, most analysts thought the Falcons could make it back to the Super Bowl. However, Philly’s defense was too much for them to handle. Foles didn’t throw a touchdown, but more importantly, he didn’t throw an interception. Philly’s defense and K Jake Elliot helped them into the next round.

Tennessee Titans v. New England Patriots
Final Score: 14-35 Patriots

In what everyone expected to happen, the Pats blew out the Titans. Credit to Tennessee, they are on a team on the rise with talented players. However, the Patriots are the defending champions and have QB Tom Brady leading the offense. Tennessee scored the first touchdown, but New England took over after that. The Pats cruised to another AFC Championship game with this win.

Jacksonville Jaguars v. Pittsburgh Steelers
Final Score: 45-42 Jaguars

This was probably the most surprising game of the postseason. No one thought Jacksonville come to Heinz Field and pull off a victory, but they did just that. While Jacksonville’s strong defense got dismantled for 42 points, QB Blake Bortles had the game of his life. RB Leonard Fournette was practically unstoppable. The Jags stunned Pittsburgh and the sports world with this victory. They would head to New England for the AFC Championship game.

New Orleans Saints v. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings looked strong under backup QB Case Keenum. They had the best defense in the league and a deep offensive unit with a strong running game. They put up 17 unanswered in the first half and were thought to be marching onwards to the NFC Championship, but New Orleans came out of halftime a different team. They bounced back to take the lead late in the fourth quarter. Minnesota needed a field goal to win, but were able to score a walk-off touchdown through Stefon Diggs on what is now known as the Miracle in Minnesota. The home crowd erupted as Diggs sent his team to the NFC Championship. The Saints were devastated.

Conference Championships

AFC Championship
Jacksonville Jaguars v. New England Patriots
Final Score: 24-20 Patriots

Before this game, no one expected Jacksonville to win. Yes, they beat the Steelers, but this was the Patriots at home. The Jags went up early and looked to be in control. Their defense was all over Brady, Gronkowski was out with a concussion and the Pats run game was practically nonexistent. At a 20-10 deficit in the fourth quarter, Brady took over. He launched 2 touchdown drives down the field to put his team up. WR Danny Amendola caught the game-sealing touchdown and the defense handled the rest on the Jags’ subsequent drive. The Pats came back again to book their chance at a 6th Super Bowl since 2001.

NFC Championship
Minnesota Vikings v. Philadelphia Eagles
Final Score: 7-38 Eagles

Again, the Eagles were not favored. Again, they proved the doubters wrong. This time, they made a statement. The Eagles completely dismantled the #1 defense in the league this year. QB Nick Foles had the game of his life and the defense made QB Case Keenum’s life a living hell. They even had a pick-6 off him. This game showed everyone why the Eagles deserved the top seed in the NFC. Without their star QB, the Eagles were able to remain strong in the Playoffs and cement their opportunity for a first ever Super Bowl in franchise history.

A Look Ahead To The 2018/19 Playoff Season

Sportsbooks will not offer playoff game betting lines until the playoff teams and matchups are set. Future betting odds are currently being offered for Super Bowl 53 winners, conference champions, and division champions. So far this season there are some clear favorites and a lot of teams that could possibly turn their season around with a playoff run. The Rams, Chiefs, Patriots, and Chargers are the current frontrunners for the 2018/19 playoff season.