Striking Casino Workers In Detroit Calls For Online Casino Boycott

Casino workers in Detroit are on strike and have been picketing for nearly a month, vying for better healthcare and higher wages. Now, the workers are calling for an online casino boycott to assist in their efforts. 

Detroit casino workers want to boycott online betting platforms Fan Duel, ESPN Bet, Hollywood Casino, and BetMGM. Lisa Zezula, a picketing MGM Grand worker, said, “If you are doing it online, that is the same as doing it here,” and “It’s like smacking us in the face.”

Protestors are currently working on planning big rallies during scheduled significant events at the Detroit area casinos. Many workers hope the new strike tactics will cause the casinos to see how much they are losing and to reach a better deal with the union. 

How Long Will The Detroit Casino Workers Strike Last?

It is unknown how long the strike will last, but Detroit casino workers are striking for better pay and health benefits. It is reported that thousands of casino workers left their jobs on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023.

Why Do Casino Workers Want To Boycott Online Betting Sites?

To reach a new deal with the casino operators, striking workers are calling to boycott Fan Duel, ESPN Bet, Hollywood iCasino, and BetMGM. These online casino and sports betting sites are tied to the parent companies of the Detroit area casinos. Therefore, workers want to discourage players from gambling there until they can get what they are fighting for higher wages and better healthcare.

What Online Casinos Can US Players Legally Access?

LBO ShieldAt Legalbettingonline, we only suggest offshore gambling sites since they are available to all US citizens over the age of 18. The only state that has passed restrictions against offshore gambling sites is Washington, but they have yet to prosecute anyone for their online gambling activity. 

Depending on your state, there might be domestic online casinos; however, online casino gambling from US-based sites has been slow to expand compared to popular online sports betting sites. 

US gambling laws allow individual states to enact laws concerning online gambling ventures. Offshore gambling sites operate under regulations from the country in which they operate; that’s why they can accept players over 18 in most cases. Offshore gambling sites do require that you follow local age restrictions, but it is usually not enforced until there is a discrepancy.