Legal Mobile Sports Betting Apps For 2024

Mobile Icon - hand holding smartphoneIf you bet on sports, even in states with legal domestic options, online betting via mobile devices is the gold standard. By far, sports betting on mobile platforms is the most popular avenue for gamblers, as the convenience of being able to wager from anywhere, anytime, beats going to local brick-and-mortar casinos or betting lounges any day.

Of course, most American gamblers do not have access to convenient domestic options. Thus, gamblers turn to the best offshore sportsbooks. These international betting sites are safe and legal for nearly all US residents to use, and if you want the best mobile sportsbook experiences for iPhone, iPad, and Android, use your device to read our advice and then roll the dice!

Is Mobile Sports Betting Legal In 2024?

Yes! When it comes to legal sports betting, real money wagers can be made in the US either domestically or internationally. Domestic sportsbooks are those betting sites run inside the US by US-based companies. International sportsbooks, on the other hand, operate outside of US jurisdiction, making them legal for the vast majority of American players.

The only exceptions are for residents of Washington, who are legally precluded from all online gambling, including betting on sports. However, these mandates are unenforced traditionally, and there is no record of any WA resident being cited, fined, or arrested for online gambling. Still, please follow all local gambling laws.   

Domestic Mobile Sportsbooks

For US bettors, the first and more limited sports gambling option is to use a domestic online sportsbook in a state that offers them.

The catch is that more than 25 states have legalized sports wagering, but to place bets with books there, you must be physically located in the states where those books operate. In addition, not all of those states allow mobile betting options.

The minimum age to wager at most of these is 21 and up. So if you’re anywhere else or you’re under 21, you’re out of luck. 

International Mobile Sportsbooks

Those players in the US who can’t access domestic sportsbooks due to geo-fencing restrictions or who aren’t yet 21 can legally gamble with international sportsbooks.

There are no federal gambling laws barring access to or real money gambling with these offshore sportsbook sites, and US residents only have to be 18 or older to sign up.

These sites use the same mobile sportsbook technology that domestic operators do, and they’ve been taking action from American players for generations. 

Best Sports Betting App For 2024

Bovada Sportsbook
#1 Rated Legal Online Sportsbook For USA In 2024

The Bovada mobile sports betting app offers the most streamlined wagering experience on the Internet. Before mobile, Bovada was already one of the best betting sites out there, based purely on its competitive odds menu. But with a cutting-edge mobile sports betting portal and universal Bovada iPhone, Bovada iPad, and Bovada Android compatibility, it's now easily the best site in the business.

Site Rating

Bovada screenshot
USA Friendly Shield Small


Bovada Sportsbook And Casino
  • US Friendly - Most US States Accepted

  • Most reputable name in online sports betting

  • Licensed by Curacao - Operates within Costa Rica

  • Generous 50% bonus up to $1,000 for new members

  • Easy deposits using credit cards or Bitcoin/crypto

  • Fast and reliable payouts guaranteed

  • Only US, Mexico and Brazil players accepted

  • Residents of CO, DE, MD, MI, NJ, NV, NY not accepted

  • Limited deposit options compared to other sites

Top Sports Betting Apps For US Gamblers

SiteReviewSports BonusUSAVisit
Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
BetUS BrandRead Review100% Max $2,500Play now
Betonline LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Sportsbetting LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Bookmaker LogoRead Review20% Max $500Play now
mybookie logoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Xbet Sportsbook logoRead Review50% Max $500Play now

A Video Guide To Sports Betting Apps

Domestic Vs. International Mobile Sports Betting Sites

We’ve already listed the legal differences between domestic sports wagering and offshore sports betting, but there are other significant points of comparison that are important for those looking for legitimate online sports betting app experience.

With a domestic sports bet app, you’re going to see a focus on US-based players, teams, and leagues. That makes sense, but there are plenty of US gamblers that follow international action with just as much enthusiasm. For them, the best app to bet on sports is likely going to be a web app from one of the top-rated sportsbooks listed here.

Of course, this is just one of the many benefits of doing your sports betting internationally. The following reasons are why we recommend overseas betting sites over domestic local options:

  • Players from most US states accepted
  • Minimum age to sign up is just 18+
  • Bitcoin + other cryptocurrencies accepted
  • 1000s of daily bets
  • Live betting on all major contests
  • Full mobile support – No app downloads required
  • Greater value on every line - No “home team” premium
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Guaranteed payouts + same day with crypto
  • Big sportsbook bonuses + free plays
  • No geofencing – Play from anywhere in the USA!

iPhone Sports Betting

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone line in the US. Of course, you can only get iPhone sportsbook apps in the few states that have domestic online betting options. For most players, that simply doesn’t cut it, no matter how cutting-edge their iPhones are.

For the best sports betting app, iPhone users can forget about the App Store and simply visit any of the mobile betting sites listed here. The web apps offered by these operators fit any size of the iPhone, and they’re compatible with multiple generations of iconic handsets.

With pixel-perfect responsive design and no downloads required, your bookie is always just a few taps away when you wager with your iPhone. Simply open Safari, head over to your favorite betting site, and browse the boards!

iPad Sports Betting

As with the best sports betting apps for iPhone, you don’t need the App Store to enjoy wagering on the big(ger) screen. If you want real money sports betting apps for iPad, Apple’s storefront only offers these in the few states where domestic Internet-based wagering is legal.

If you live anywhere else – or you simply want all the great benefits of overseas sports betting options – just visit your favorite operator via any modern web browser, log in, pick your winners, and cash out!

Screenshot of Bovada Mobile Betting App

Android Sports Betting

While iPhones and iPads dominate the market on a per-model basis, more US gamblers use Android phones and tablets than any other platform. Again, however, when looking for Android sportsbook apps, Android users won’t find much in the Google Play store unless they live in a state that has already legalized local online sports wagering.

As a result, the best Android gambling apps aren’t apps at all – they’re actually the same web apps that you can access on iPhone and iPad!

All the top online sportsbooks operating outside of US jurisdiction have made their mobile portals 100% device-agnostic, meaning that you’ll get the same slick interfaces and responsive touchscreen controls regardless of the make or model of your handset or tablet. Online sports betting is the great unifier in the iPhone vs. Android flame wars because the experience is identical across both platforms!

Live Mobile Betting

Live betting is only a few years old, making its debut on the desktop portals of all the best international sports betting sites. However, as mobile computing advanced and 4G LTE really took off, live betting came to iPhones and Androids everywhere.

Now, NFL live betting is one of the most entertaining and engaging ways to bet on your favorite players and teams, allowing you to put money on in-game events and dynamic odds that shift throughout the entire course of every game.

You can take advantage of live mobile betting to recover bad pregame bets, double down on blowouts, and be a part of each contest like never before. With mobile live betting options across all major sports, you have literally thousands of lines available to you each and every day, wherever you are!

Rating The Best Sports Betting App User Interfaces

When you’re looking for top-rated online sports betting apps (or, more accurately, web apps), the first consideration is always safety and legitimacy. Of course, all the operators recommended here are as legit and secure as they come.

Thus, the next most important thing is to go with a book that gives you the most favorable odds. But no single book always has the best lines. This is why we recommend joining multiple books to shop lines for every game on which you wish to wager. Favicon

That said, most bettors prefer to choose a single site for 99% of their gambling needs. In these cases, mobile site design reigns supreme. When you need to bet quickly, you want an easy sports betting app experience above all else.

With this in mind, we’ve rated the mobile betting interface for each major operator with which we gamble regularly:


Bovada App Icon1. Bovada - The Bovada mobile site offers the industry’s best overall UI. It looks and feels like a true, custom, native app on both iPhone and Android devices, and it’s extremely responsive. Bovada’s mobile interface is the standard by which all others are measured.


2. MyBookie app iconMyBookie – The MyBookie website was completely redesigned in 2020, and the new theme is slicker and more fun than ever. It makes excellent use of screen space, and it even offers a dark mode. The site’s new look is everything you’d want from a MyBookie mobile app.


BetOnline app icon3. BetOnline AG – For years, the BetOnline AG mobile suite was stuck in the past with a garish, barebones design. The new BetOnline mobile app experience, launched in mid-2020, is much more modern and streamlined.


GTBets app icon4. GTBets – The GTBets mobile experience uses some outdated design cues, but it’s easy to navigate, loads quickly and offers simple controls. Some tweaks here and there – mostly to the orange and blue color scheme – would be welcomed.


Bookmaker app icon5. BookMaker – BookMaker is one of the original online sportsbooks, first launched all the way back in 1996. The BookMaker mobile site mirrors the desktop experience, and navigation and presentation are merely “OK.” It’s easy enough to bet via the BookMaker EU mobile portal, but it could use a little more polish.


SportsBetting App Icon6. SportsBetting AG – While SportsBetting is an excellent sportsbook with competitive odds for US players, it has an archaic design when accessed from smartphones and tablets. It’s not difficult to navigate, but it kind of looks like a Word document. Hopefully, a SportsBetting AG mobile app update is in the works.

Mobile Sports Betting FAQs

Domestically, more than 25 US states currently offer (or have legalized) sports betting within their borders. However, for those living elsewhere, these sportsbooks are off-limits thanks to the Interstate Wire Act and geo-fencing. And as mentioned before, not all of these states allow mobile betting apps.

That said, if you use a reputable international mobile sportsbook operating outside of US jurisdiction, residents from almost every US state can legally wager at just 18 years old and up.

The one state from which major sportsbooks do not accept US members is New Jersey.