Nevada Online Gambling Guide

USA Friendly FlagNevada is far and away the locale most associated with gambling, specifically Nevada's premiere Las Vegas Strip, which is one of the most prestigious and popular gambling destinations in the world. Nevada has now become an online gambling pioneer as one of the first states to legalize a state licensed and regulated online poker platform. At this time, the only state sponsored online gaming option is poker. Nevada has chosen to proceed by launching one platform at a time in their integration of online gambling, and because this is unchartered territory for state government, you can't really blame them. Many state officials from around the country are waiting on the sidelines, observing, trying to determine the validity of the industry for their own regions. You will see any industry changes and/or updates in these other states reflected in our state gambling directory. This includes information on states that are in the process of working towards an online gambling initiative, such as California and Florida.

Nevada has established their online gambling initiative through their existing brick and mortar casino industry. This methodology accomplishes multiple objectives: it ensures that the launch of the online gambling options doesn't harm the existing land based gambling industry, and it also ensures that long time experts are overseeing the development of the online gambling infrastructure. New Jersey has followed the same pattern for launching their online gambling sites as well. It is a best case scenario for all involved. Nevada's new online poker sites join the selection of legally licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites that are available to NV players We will go into more detail on that further down on this page.

As of this writing, there are no active efforts being made to integrate online casino gambling or sports betting into the range of online gambling opportunities in Nevada. We anticipate that they want a substantial evaluation period for their online poker offerings prior to engaging any other venues. Creating the online gambling infrastructure necessary to manage and regulate this new industry is a huge undertaking for any state, and will take a little time to fully implement across all wagering venues. We expect to see steady progress in Nevada as they lead the way for the rest of the United States.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws

Law BookThe laws governing online gambling in Nevada have dramatically changed over the last year, with legislation being passed in 2013 which legalizes state licensed and regulated online poker gambling for residents and visitors to the state. NV is one of the first three states to pass such a law, and has successfully launched their online poker initiative. Along with legalizing online poker, Nevada has also passed Assembly Bill 360 which allows the state to enter into online gambling agreements with other countries and tribal governments. At this time, poker is the only legal state based online gambling venue available to players. Online casino gambling and online sports betting have not yet been addressed, and it currently remains illegal to operate an online casino or sportsbook within the state of Nevada.

Nevada Legal Gambling Age - State law requires that online poker players be physically located within the state's borders, and that they are at least of 21 years of age to participate in the state sponsored offerings.

Is Online Gambling Legal In NV?

Alternatively, there are not any state laws or federal laws for that matter, which expressly prohibit players from participating in online gambling at legally licensed, certified, and regulated online gambling sites which are located outside of the United States. These sites are located within governing jurisdictions which have legalized online gambling for their regions and provide strict regulatory oversight. You will find information on these types of legal options in the sections below. A complete list of the state's laws and statutes concerning online gambling and any other type of gambling can be found at the Nevada State Gaming Control Board Gaming Commission.

Best Legal Online Betting Site For Nevada Players

Are Online Casinos Legal In Nevada?

Casino IconThe state of Nevada has not yet legalized state licensed online casino gambling options. Their initial focus has been online poker, which is the only state sponsored platform at this time. The absence of state sponsored online casinos does not mean that Nevada players have no options. While it is illegal to operate an online casino within the state, there are no laws which specifically prohibit players from participating in online casino gambling at legally licensed and certified gambling sites which are located outside of the United States. These casino brands are subject to strict regulatory oversight by respected governing bodies.

Many of these sites have been providing their services to US players for years and have earned a place as trusted and reputable online casino destinations within the industry. Our team of online gambling professionals has taken the top brands and placed them through a very complex review process to determine their value and whether or not they meet our stringent requirements for inclusion in our guide. The table below reflects the results of our investigation, and includes the online casinos which exceed industry and licensing requirements as legitimate and secure brands that are committed to player safety and satisfaction. As things evolve in the state of Nevada and casino gambling becomes integrated into the state sponsored options available to residents and visitors to the state, we will add that information to this page and update the list of applicable brands accordingly.

Legal Online Casinos For Nevada Players

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Nevada?

Sports IconLike the online casino niche, online sports betting has not yet been included in the state based online gambling options that are being developed for Nevada players. Sports betting will be one of the more difficult venues to bring forward as a state regulated platform due to the Federal Wire Act, which the DOJ has deemed as applicable to sports betting. This decision is considered arguable and there are those who intend to challenge the decision. New Jersey recently attempted to legalize online sports betting for their state and was shot down legally based on the DOJ's position and strong opposition from the major professional sports leagues and the NCAA. We have no doubt that eventually it will be made legal for states which are in favor of it, but it will be a long and hard fought battle leading up to that victory.

Thankfully, the absence of online sportsbooks which are regulated by the state does not eliminate all options for Nevada players. Like the casino industry, there are multiple legally licensed and certified online sports betting sites which are located outside of the USA. These sportsbooks are subject to regulatory oversight and licensing requirements that demand certain standards and operational procedures are adhered to. Each of these legal sportsbooks is audited on a regular basis for performance and fair gaming practices, among other elements of their operation. Our team again took the top brands and extensively evaluated each one to determine their legitimacy and overall quality. This process is lengthy and time consuming, but well worth it as it eliminates the undesirable options from consideration and only leaves the most trusted, secure and reputable brands which genuinely perform and provide a safe and secure wagering environment for bettors. You will see the results of this process in the table below.

Legal Nevada Online Sportsbooks

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Is Online Poker Legal in Nevada?

Poker IconOnline poker is the sole venue at this time which can be legally licensed and regulated by the state of Nevada. The state launched their online poker sites in the latter portion of 2013, and has thus far experienced minimal issues and/or challenges. Players received the online poker platform warmly with a very strong response in account registration and participation, and Nevada is looking at a nice big bump in revenue for 2014. Many industry watchers anticipate that the revenue incentive will encourage the state to embrace additional online gambling options. There are a handful of state licensed and regulated online poker sites available to Nevada players at this time, including the WSOP poker room, which is easily a household name within the industry.

In addition, there are some legally licensed and regulated online poker sites which are located outside of the US which welcome players from Nevada and the United States in general. While not all of the offshore brands in operation are legitimate, we have performed an intensive industry review to determine which sites are operating legitimately within the industry, have world class security technology in place, and offer an overall high quality and enjoyable online poker gaming experience. These brands have exceeded licensing requirements and industry standards, which is a requirement for inclusion in this guide. While you will not see all of the recently launched Nevada state based poker sites in our table as of yet, this will be remedied shortly. We have included one of their premiere legal online poker sites in our table below. In regards to the remaining state based options, it takes time to effectively review a brand's performance and offerings, as well as confirm their legitimacy, and it also take a little while to establish a cooperative relationship with each brand. As we achieve these two objectives you will see the state based options added to the table below.

Legal Nevada Online Poker Sites

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Nevada Changing Online Gambling History

The Silver State is one of the three states currently under the microscope as the pioneers of the state sponsored online gambling industry. Nevada legalized and launched online poker for their state in 2013. State officials in numerous other regions are closely watching for the success or failure of Nevada's online gambling infrastructure to determine the potential and viability of the industry within their own states. As one of the premier gambling destinations in the country, Nevada was expected to be one of the first regions to start the US based online gambling movement and take it forward. They did not disappoint. They are one of the first states to offer state licensed and regulated online poker to their residents and visitors. This was a particularly brazen move so soon after the online poker Black Friday sting in late 2011.

Nevada has restored the reputation and respect of the online poker gambling platform, and has shown law makers around the nation that it can be done, it should be done, and it will be done. We expect that online casino gambling will be the next move on Nevada's agenda concerning legal online gambling. Not only has Nevada demonstrated that legal online gambling can work on a state regulated level, they have provided other states with an example of a strong state based infrastructure to support the industry, and a stellar financial model for obtaining, managing and growing the state's revenue from the industry. They are the very embodiment of the term 'pioneer', and we're happy to acknowledge them as such.

Nevada FAQ's

Now that online poker is legal in Nevada, will I get in trouble if I visit the legal offshore poker sites?

Absolutely not. Both the state sponsored and licensed offshore brands are legal and reputable options for Nevada players to participate in. The existence of one venue does not make the other platform irrelevant. Instead of seeing it as one region replacing the other, we look at this as a positive increase in selection for players in Nevada who now have nearly double the options they had prior to NV launching their state sponsored online poker options.

When will Nevada legalize online casino gambling?

That is hard to say. We'd like to think sooner rather than later, however, online poker has thus far been the only venue addressed. Many people suspect that Nevada went after poker first because many people don't consider poker gaming to involve games of chance, hence poker is placed in a more legitimate category of gambling entertainment. With NJ already having launched their state based online casinos, and the increase in revenue it provides, we don't think NV will hold out too terribly long on the casino front.

How do I know where to find a safe and secure online gambling site for NV players?

The online gambling sites you see listed on this page have each been verified for legitimacy, licensing, security, performance, and overall quality. They are each deemed to be very safe and secure for players and a leader in the industry.

Why aren't Nevada's state based online gambling sites listed in your guide?

We have actually included one of their premiere poker sites, and we are still in the process of reviewing additional brands, and we never recommend a site prior to the completion of our thorough evaluation. Just because they are big names in the Las Vegas land based casino industry doesn't mean they get a free pass from us for inclusion in our guide. We will add any applicable brands as we complete our reviews and establish a strong cooperative relationship with each.

Do I have to be located inside of Nevada to engage in online gambling?

That depends. If you are interested in visiting and playing at state based online gambling sites such as WSOP, then yes, you must be physically present within the state's borders to qualify as a real money player. The legal offshore brands featured in our guide do not have a location requirement at this time. Although some of them do have a few exclusions on which states can participate in the real money games.

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