Legal Online Video Poker Sites For 2018

Video PokerThe debut of video poker machines accompanied the arrival of personal computers in the mid-1970s, combining a TV-like monitor with a slot machine-like body. And when Draw Poker, based off of the popular 5 Card Draw poker version just like today's video poker games, was introduced by SIRCOMA in the USA in 1979, betting video poker legally exploded in popularity. The less intimidating poker offering than the typical live dealer casino experience, and the low cost entry per bet, combined to make a very attractive wagering opportunity for many. And that basic offering 30 years later which arrived with the first commercially viable computers for residential use is now available on personal and mobile computers and smartphones via the World Wide Web. Many players who would be intimidated by a real live game of poker feel much more at ease playing the video version of the game where there are no other players present, the complexity of wagering is dramatically simplified, and the machine assists you in making decisions.

These days savvy gamblers realize that playing video poker delivers some of the best odds of any casino game. An intelligent video poker betting strategy combined with money management can legally deliver an excellent chance at having a winning session, if you know what you are doing and you're playing at a high quality online betting site.

Jacks or Better was one of the early versions of video poker in land-based casinos, and legal online video poker betting in the 21st century still counts that same game as one of the most popular Internet casino offerings. Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Joker Poker are other typical video poker games found online, and the veteran online gambler knows to consult the pay table for any particular online video poker game. Two otherwise identical games can pay out different amounts of money on the exact same bet and outcome, so choose your games wisely. Legal video poker betting combines a fast and simple to understand user interface with some of the best odds found in any legal US online casino, making it an attractive and popular choice for the discriminating Internet gambler.

The Legalities Of Playing Online Video Poker In The United States

Currently, online video poker betting is legal when played at licensed casinos based outside of the United States. Many of these casinos accept USA players, and offer secure, high quality online video poker games which are perfectly legal to participate in. There are several states which have legalized online gambling within their borders; however we do not yet know which games they are going to include in their virtual presence. Not to mention only players who live in these specific states will be able to engage in any real money gambling sanctioned by the state. So the sites based outside of the US are still the best option for the majority of American players. Non-USA players have an even wider selection of legal online video poker sites to choose from.

Legal online video poker encompasses a wide variety of gaming versions for both U.S.A. and non U.S. players. There are those video poker machines online which offer progressive jackpot payouts, and even those which offer a more than 100% payout. This means that online video poker that is legal in your jurisdiction can deliver to the experienced gambler a return of 100.76% on a Full Pay Deuces Wild game using an optimal betting strategy. These are the types of betting situations a veteran gambler looks for, and when this favorable opportunity combines with the anywhere/anytime delivery offered by the Internet, as well as smartphone and tablet portability, you can understand just how opportune certain video poker betting situations can be.

As it stands now, the speed and simplicity of the game makes it popular with brand-new Internet casino gamblers as well as veterans. The low cost of entry which attracted the first video poker players back in the 1970's is still present today, and the current state of online video poker legality in most countries provides immediate and instant access from any smartphone or computer with an Internet connection. If you wisely stick to those reputable sites with the best bonuses and player rewards, play online video poker machines with attractive pay tables, and use an intelligent strategy rather than just lady luck, you can consistently provide yourself with the best winning opportunity afforded the Internet casino player.

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