New Jersey Online Gambling 2018

USA Friendly FlagNew Jersey may not have been the first state to legalize online gambling and offer state regulated gambling options, but at this point in the game, they are considered the state that has been the most successful thus far. Unlike the state of Nevada which has launched only online poker, NJ has included both online poker and online casino gambling in their platform. This allows a much larger player base to participate since the options are not limited to poker alone. New Jersey did follow the same general structure that Nevada did, running all online initiatives through existing brick and mortar destinations. This makes sure the online venue does not cannibalize the existing gambling industry already present in New Jersey, which was necessary to expand the state's revenue rather than harm businesses that already contribute. The Garden State is serving as a model to other states that are in the process of bringing the option forward in their own territories, such as California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

While many industry professionals feel that Governor Christie has far overshot his predictions when it comes to just how much additional revenue the state can expect from their online gambling industry, there is no denying that it will provide a healthy boost to the economy in New Jersey and the state's coffers. From among the three states that have already legalized online gambling at the time of this writing, New Jersey has seen the most return for their efforts. They are also the most ambitious of the three states. Not only have they covered both poker and casino games in their offerings, they have also made valid attempts at legalizing online sports betting. This continues to be a work on progress.

New Jersey Online Gambling Laws

Law BookIn January 2011, NJ Senate Bill No. 490 was passed by the state legislature, and it legalized online gambling by players who are located within the state's borders and were at least 21 years of age. This first version of the bill was vetoed by Governor Christie. The bill was revised and later introduced again, and passed overwhelmingly in February 2013. This version met with Governor Christie's approval and he subsequently signed the bill into law, officially legalizing online casino and poker gambling for NJ state residents and visitors. Players who are physically located in NJ can legally participate in state based online gambling from their computer or mobile device. Location is verified with GPS software embedded in the online gambling site interface.

In 2012 the state also passed legislation which legalized sports betting for NJ bettors. This law was challenged through a lawsuit filed by a group of major league and collegiate sports organizations, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA. The courts ruled in their favor and determined that NJ could not legally offer sports betting options to their bettors. NJ has appealed this ruling to a higher court and are currently awaiting a response. Once a decision is handed down, we will update this section to reflect the updated information. Needless to say, it may be some time before New Jersey is successful in securing permission to offer any type of sports betting offerings, whether land based or virtual in nature. For the time being, NJ sports bettors will have to rely on the legally licensed and regulated online sportsbooks located outside of the United States. These sites offer legal sports betting options to bettors in the USA, including those from New Jersey.

Additional options for NJ gamblers include the legal casinos and poker rooms that are located outside of the US, and are regulated and licensed by governing jurisdictions that have already legalized online gambling for their respective territories. Because these sites are regulated by genuine government bodies, they are subject to strict oversight, as well as regular auditing of their RNG technology and fair gaming practices. This ensures that they always provide compliance certified and fair gaming options. It is the same type of regulation that state based gambling sites are subject to. We provide access to these legal gambling sites through the links found on this page. Each brand has been vetted by our team of professionals to ensure they are a legally operating gambling site that provide the highest quality gambling experience possible. There are no US gambling laws which prohibit NJ players from participating in legally licensed online gambling sites which are regulated by a legitimate governing jurisdiction located outside of the USA.

New Jersey Legal Gambling Age: Players in New Jersey who wish to participate in land based or virtual gambling must be at least 21 years of age. Those players who wish to participate in online gambling licensed by the state of NJ must also be physically located within the state's borders.

Is Online Gambling Legal In NJ?

As mentioned above, online gambling is 100% legal in New Jersey. They are one of only a handful of states that offer any state regulated gambling options as of 2018.

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Best Legal Online Betting Site For NJ Players

Are Online Casinos Legal In New Jersey?

Casino IconThe legal online casino gambling industry in New Jersey has done very well and has surpassed the expectations of industry professionals. They launched their online casinos in late 2013 and have experienced a minimal number of issues since, with their biggest challenge coming by way of the payment processing issues they have faced. The industry was impressed with how smoothly the initial launch went, and many state officials are watching and waiting to size up the NJ online casino platform to determine its viability for their own regions. A number of additional states have shown interested in duplicating the infrastructure used by NJ, including CA, IL, and others. The online casinos licensed by NJ include a full lineup of popular casino games, including slots, blackjack, video poker and many others

There are also a handful of licensed and certified legal online casinos located outside of the US that accept players from NJ. These sites are plentiful, and our team of review specialists has carefully executed our review process to ensure that only the leading options are included in this guide. These sites are legally licensed, compliance certified, and dedicated to player satisfaction. At least one member of our team is a licensed player at each of these sites as we would never recommend a brand that we ourselves are not willing to spend our money at. They offer a high quality gaming experience that provides a secure environment, a US friendly banking suite, and a substantial gaming menu. Their performance is consistent and reliable, and offers a feature rich experience.

While these casinos are not a part of the state licensed options, they are each legally licensed and certified operations that deliver a secure and high end performance. They are each considered to be top rated gambling sites and are among the most trusted casinos on the Web.

Legal Online Casinos For New Jersey Players

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in New Jersey?

Sports IconDespite their valiant efforts, NJ has been unable to secure legal options for online sports betting. While state sanctioned sports betting is not yet an option, and may not be for some time, there are still some great alternatives available to NJ and US bettors. There is a small number of legitimately licensed and certified online sportsbooks that we consider to be worthy of inclusion in this guide. These brands have been vetted by our team, and offer a wide range of betting lines and wagering options for bettors to participate in. While it is not legal to operate an online or land based sportsbook in New Jersey, these offshore licensed online sports betting sites are legally regulated by a legitimate governing jurisdiction, hence allowing them to provide their services to bettors around the world, including those in NJ.

With the determination we've seen from NJ and its government officials, we do not doubt that eventually we will see legal sports betting available in the Garden State. We are also quite certain that once they achieve this feat, it will set precedence for the rest of the nation, opening up doors for legal sports betting across the US. For now we will continue to rely on the legal offshore brands that fill this void for us. This guide will provide you with access to the most secure and trusted online sportsbooks available to US players.

Legal NJ Online Sportsbooks

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Is Online Poker Legal in NJ?

Poker IconNew Jersey offers several state licensed online poker options available to players as a part of their original online gambling initiative launched in 2013. These sites offer premium online poker gaming options that include popular games, sophisticated software and a feature rich interface for a realistic poker gaming experience. New Jersey's online poker offerings have achieved a strong player base in a short period of time and we expect to see further expansion with this venue with more and more state sanctioned poker rooms becoming available to players. As they emerge, we will proceed with a thorough review of each of them and will include the ones which meet our requirements here in this guide.

In addition to the state licensed options, there are also a number of legally licensed and regulated online poker sites located outside of the USA which accept players from NJ and the US in general. These sites have been providing services to US players for years, and are subject to the same type of strict regulatory oversight that the US based options are. We have personally vetted each of the options you see listed on this page, and can vouch for their legitimacy and value to the industry.

Legal New Jersey Online Poker Sites

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New Jersey Online Gambling FAQ's

Does state licensed online gambling make it illegal for me to participate at legal offshore gambling sites?

Absolutely not. The state based gambling sites in NJ simply expand the options that players in NJ have for enjoying online casino and poker gambling. There are no state laws prohibiting players from participating in legally licensed gambling sites located outside of the United States, however state legislatures are in hopes that NJ players will choose to play at the state sanctioned brands instead.

When will New Jersey launch online sports betting?

This question is difficult to answer. They are fighting furiously for their right to offer sports betting to their residents and visitors; however they have been met with significant opposition that has stopped them in their tracks. They are appealing court decisions which have prevented them from moving forward, and time will tell if they were successful in their efforts.

Where can I Find secure and trustworthy gambling sites for NJ players?

This guide provides a refined listing of the industry's leading online gambling options available to NJ players. We have personally reviewed each of them and can guarantee that they offer a high quality and secure gaming environment for all players. We are in the process of reviewing the state licensed options and expect to add them to our site once we've established a relationship with them and have reviewed them in their entirety.

Why don't you include all of the NJ state licensed options in your guide?

We are currently in the process of reviewing each of the state based options and developing a working relationship with them. Once this process is completed, the brands which meet our requirements for inclusion will be listed here. Regardless of the fact that a brand is state licensed and regulated, they must also meet our standards before being added to our guide. A state license is not a shoe in here!

Must I be physically located inside of the NJ state borders in order to participate in online gambling?

To participate in the state licensed options, players must be located within the state's borders and be at least 21 years of age. Sophisticated GPS technology will be able to verify a player's location, so there is no getting around this requirement. However, those players located outside of the state may opt to visit the legally licensed offshore gambling sites featured in this guide.

New Jersey Gambling News Headlines

MLB and NBA Ramping Up Lobbying Efforts
March 29, 2018

basketball and baseball

The MLB and NBA appear to be stepping up their lobbying in states pushing for sports betting legalization. The 2 leagues have established a lobbying force that travels from state-to-state campaigning for their desired version of sports betting legislation. While they have already lost the battle in some states, the war is not over. This lobbying could prove effective in states that have been slow to get their legislation off the ground. So what exactly do the leagues want? Several things. For starters, the leagues […]

NFL Preparing To Break Silence On Sports Betting
March 28, 2018

NFL logo

The NBA and MLB have been the only major sports leagues to make their revised stance on sports betting known. While they petition states to pay them integrity fees, the NFL, NHL and NCAA remain quiet. Now, it appears the NFL is taking steps towards confirming their position on the matter. It is reported that sports gambling will be on the list of topics in a meeting with owners taking place this week. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made contradictory statements in the past regarding […]

Do The Sports Leagues Want To Win Or Lose SCOTUS Case?
March 23, 2018

Chris Christie NJ Governor

If you look at the Supreme Court sports betting case you will notice it is actually one big contradiction. The major sports leagues—NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA—have been fighting against sports betting legalization for years. Things seem to be moving in favor of New Jersey, meaning that sports gambling is close to becoming a real possibility for many states. With this outcome looming, do states stand to gain more from winning or losing the case? The NBA and MLB seem prepared for a losing outcome. […]

Update On Pending New Jersey Sports Betting Case

The New Jersey sports betting case has taken an interesting turn in recent weeks. Things were looking bleak for the Garden State in their quest to have legal and regulated sports betting, but the Supreme Court may very well be their saving grace. Ever since Governor Chris Christie tried to push through a law that would permit sports betting in licensed venues, the state has suffered loss after loss on the legal front. The original lawsuit was brought on by the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA and prompted the law to not go into effect.

New Jersey appealed the case to the lower circuit courts, but lost in each attempt. The state refused to give up and petitioned to the US Supreme Court to hear the case. This was a long shot, but ultimately New Jersey’s last option in their fight for sports betting. SCOTUS sought the help of the acting Solicitor General, who issued a report recommending that they do not hear the case. The Supreme Court decided to go against the SG’s recommendation and take on the now infamous sports gambling case. SCOTUS does not usually listen to courses of this nature, opting to let them be settled in the lower courts. The fact they took on this case is a positive sign for New Jersey and could work out in their favor.

Reports are being sent in from interested parties for the Supreme Court to consider. The case is not expected to formally begin until later this year and could carry into 2018. Several other states have legislation that would introduce sports betting should New Jersey win their case. The Garden State is optimistic about their chances, but there is nothing guaranteed.