Best iPhone Sports Betting Apps – Legal iPhone Sportsbooks For 2023

Apple logoEver since the iPhone launched, it’s been the most popular smartphone platform on the planet. Which, naturally, makes it the most popular mobile sports betting platform on the planet. But if you’re looking for iPhone sports betting apps in the App Store, chances are pretty good you won’t find any. That’s because these are only available in states with domestic legal sports betting.

However, you don’t actually need iPhone sportsbook apps to bet sports online with your favorite Apple handset. All the best offshore sites utilize browser-based web apps, so all you really need is your iPhone, access to a reliable Internet connection, and membership at one (or more!) of the sites featured in our legal online betting guide.

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    Are Real-Money iPhone Sports Betting Apps Legal In The United States?

    Yes! In the USA, there are no federal gambling laws barring access to real-money online sports betting. In fact, only one US state – Washington – actually bars online gambling by name, and even those laws aren’t historically enforced. (Of course, we nevertheless always insist you follow all local online betting rules and regulations.)

    That said, it’s important to understand that even though online sports betting with offshore operators is legal in the US, you won’t find Bovada apps or BetOnline apps or MyBookie apps on the App Store. Apple corporate policy disallows offshore betting sites from hosting native apps on the brand’s platform.

    But don’t worry! You can access all the sites we recommend – legally and safely – via web apps, right through your mobile Safari browser or other iPhone compatible web browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

    Best Legal Online Sportsbooks For iPhone 2023

    SiteReviewSports BonusUSAVisit
    Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
    BetUS BrandRead Review100% Max $2,500Play now
    mybookie logoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
    Betonline LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
    Sportsbetting LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
    Bookmaker LogoRead Review15% Max $600Play now
    Xbet Sportsbook logoRead Review50% Max $500Play now

    Benefits Of Betting On Sports With iPhone

    There are several reasons why mobile sports betting – particularly mobile sports betting on iPhone – has become the main way to wager on everyone’s favorite games.

    Obviously, it goes without saying that mobile gambling is more convenient that visiting an in-person sports betting lounge at a local casino or nearby racetrack. And if your state hasn’t yet legalized domestic online sports gambling, the ability to bet offshore legally and safely is just that much more convenient.

    But mobile betting isn’t just about convenience. There are loads of benefits why iPhone sportsbooks are the wave of the future:

    As state, convenience is probably the biggest selling point when it comes to betting sports on iPhone devices. Being able to wager on your favorite players and teams – legally and safely – from anywhere is a big draw.

    This convenience factor also means you’re probably going to bet on more games and more lines. And that, of course, means you’ll have that many more chances to win. It also means you’ll be able to meet the terms of any bonuses or promotions much more quickly. 

    The iPhone’s security is legendary in the personal computer industry, with many users preferring Apple’s mobile devices over Androids due to the closed iOS ecosystem and frequent Apple security patches. This gives players extra peace of mind when placing real-money bets over the Internet.

    While all the legit online sports betting sites we recommend are secure and use state-of-the-art SSL and TLS technology, more security is always a good thing. And if you deposit with Bitcoin or other crypto coins, you’ll get full blockchain security, too!

    With mobile sports gambling, it’s a lot easier to keep track of everything. Because most iPhone users have all their banking information, crypto wallets, and other financial accounts accessible right on their devices, it’s simple to top up your bankroll, claim payouts, and handle betting account queries from the same place.

    With iPhone, you can make betting deposits, track scores, watch games, and cash out all on a single device. A successful gambler needs to be organized, and the iPhone helps with that.

    If you have an iPhone, chances are you have a cellular data connection with always-on Internet. That’s the standard these days, and mobile online access is only getting more and more ubiquitous. And frankly, you’ve probably been checking scores on your iPhone for years now.

    Whenever you want to see how your team is doing, you can look them up in a flash or even ask Siri to keep you posted. Staying on top of your bets is just like staying on top of those games.

    With iPhone, you can “follow the game” in another key way: literally. Now, we don’t expect most folks these days to play roadie for their local sports team. But if you wanted to, you could – and without losing access to a single wager.

    State-based sportsbooks are all geofenced, meaning you must be physically inside a given state to use a sportsbook licensed in that state. Step across the border, and you can’t bet. But with offshore iPhone sportsbooks, that’s never an issue you need to worry about.

    Just as most sports bettors don’t want to “push,” most iPhone users don’t want push notifications. Luckily, because the best iPhone sportsbook apps are web apps and not native downloadable apps, there are no push notifications!

    Your sportsbook site won’t be spamming your lock screen with odds or ads, and you always maintain complete control over when you check on a given wager and when you don’t. You can be as involved and immersed as you want.

    iPhone Sports Betting Markets

    Back in the early days of mobile sports betting, players using iPhones, iPad sportsbooks, or other connected devices tended to get only a small fraction of the action that desktop/laptop users had access to. The same was true of Android sports betting apps.

    This was especially true with live betting lines. It’s only been since the advent of 4G/5G technology that live sports betting odds have made their ways onto the small screen.

    Today, iPhone sports gambling gives you access to every single betting line your sportsbook offers. Between the standard lines, parlays, and custom props, you can access tens of thousands of bets each day, including all of the following:

    • Point Spreads
    • Straights
    • Totals (Over/Unders)
    • Player Props
    • Team Props
    • Game Props
    • Custom Props
    • Futures
    • Specials
    • Parlays
    • Teasers
    • Pleasers
    • Round Robins
    • Virtual Sports Odds
    • Live Betting Odds
    • + More

    iPhone Sports Betting Banking Options

    When you use iPhone to bet on sports online, the first thing you’re going to do is make a deposit at your book of choice. That’s easy enough, too. If you’ve ever used your iPhone to buy anything online, the process is identical.

    Some sportsbooks – such as Bovada LV – even allow you to make Apple Pay voucher transfers or use iPhone-friendly P2P apps like PayPal, Cash App, etc. And because you probably use your iPhone for mobile banking, you can cash out all the way to the bank wherever you are.

    iPhone Sportsbook Deposits
    iPhone Sportsbook Payouts
    • Bitcoin
    • Altcoins
    • Courier Check
    • Bank Wire
    • Money Order
    • Voucher/Player Transfer
    • MatchPay
    iPhone Sportsbook Bonuses

    Bonuses are a major draw at all major online sportsbooks, as they allow you to bet more and win more. All the sites we recommend for iPhone sports betting offer online sportsbook bonuses for both new and returning members. These are almost always “deposit match” promos that add 50% to 100% more money to your account, usually topping out at $500-$1000 in sports betting free plays.

    All bonuses come with rollover requirements (aka playthrough/wagering requirements) to be aware of. However, these are universally player-friendly at the sites we recommend, with rollover maxing out at 5X to 10X for most betting promotions.

    Occasionally, you’ll find special bonuses – usually of the “free chip” or “free risk-free bet” variety – when making your very first mobile wager. These aren’t always offered now that the vast majority of site members bet via mobile, but they’ll be offered from time to time.

    Even still, we generally recommend taking a standard deposit bonus – or enhanced crypto sports betting bonus – instead of these mobile free plays.

    Other Forms of Legal iPhone Betting Options

    Sports betting is not the only form of gambling available to Apple fans.  iPhone casino apps and poker rooms are also in the mix, and like the sportsbooks featured on this page, they require no download and offer all the features available through their desktop counterparts.

    iPhone Sports Betting Apps FAQs

    What iPhones are compatible with legal mobile sportsbook sites?

    Most of them

    In general, as long as Apple is still providing updates for your iPhone model (i.e. as long as it can run any of the last few major iOS releases), you can use it to safely bet sports online at the sites featured here.

    As of 2023, we’ve tested each site we recommend with iPhone models as old as the iPhone 7 released all the way back in 2016.

    Basically, if you can get online with your iPhone, you can bet sports with it.

    Again, because these sites all use web apps and not native downloadable apps, there are far fewer ongoing compatibility issues to worry about as your device ages.

    Do I need a new iPhone to bet sports online?

    Definitely not

    While the iPhone 19 Max Pro Series X ULTRA + iStylus 3 is sure to sell like hotcakes, you won’t need the latest and greatest iPhone to bet on sports over the Internet.

    As long as your device is up-to-date and running the latest security patches, you should be able to wager on sports safely.

    Why can’t I use the iPhone sports betting app I just downloaded?

    Geofencing restrictions

    There are loads of native iPhone sports betting apps in the App Store. Just do a search, and you’ll find all kinds of stuff from FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and other big brands.

    But these apps are all geo-fenced. That is, you can only use them to bet real money on sports if you’re physically located inside the state where the app itself is licensed.

    If you aren’t in a state that has legalized online sports betting, or if you simply want better odds from a bigger betting pool, the offshore sites we recommend are the answer.

    But remember, these sites don’t use apps. Instead, they’re designed as web apps and are accessible right through mobile Safari or another compatible iPhone browser.

    Are iPhone sports betting apps geofenced?

    Only domestic apps are geofenced

    Domestic sports betting apps available in states with legal sports betting are always geofenced. This restriction is due to the Federal Wire Act of 1961.

    However, because offshore sportsbook sites aren’t bound by the Wire Act, there is no geofencing in play at these venues.

    This means you can get greater access and enjoy greater convenience, but it also means that the betting odds for your favorite local teams won’t be skewed by any hometown favoritism at your sportsbook.

    More accessible wagers with better payouts: That’s what you get when you use iPhone to bet sports online.

    Do I need to download an iPhone sports betting app?


    If you live in a state with legal sports betting and wish to join a domestic sportsbook to place your wagers, you’ll need to download an iPhone sports betting app for the operator in question.

    However, if you want to bet online with any of the sites we recommend, there is never anything to download or update. Just follow any link on this page to your site of choice, sign up, bookmark the landing page, and Bob’s your auntie.

    What is the best iPhone sports betting app?

    All of them

    At least, all of them we’ve included in our legal online sports betting reviews. As long as it’s a site featured here, it’s tried-and-true, and you can feel confident signing up and betting real money.

    That said, for new gamblers betting on sports online for the first time, Bovada Sportsbook is our number-one recommendation.

    In addition to offering thousands of daily odds for all major sports, Bovada is a fully fledged legal online casino, offers legal online poker, and features daily online horse racing betting odds from tracks around the world.

    Of course, serious bettors know to join multiple sportsbook sites, because no two sportsbooks always have the same odds.

    To ensure you always get the best value for each wager and the absolute most for your money, shopping lines across multiple sports betting sites is the way to go.

    Are iPhone sportsbook apps or Android sportsbook apps better?

    It depends

    And it depends entirely on you.

    If you own an iPhone, iPhone sportsbook apps are better. Heck, they’re the only option! And the opposite is true if you own an Android phone.

    Of course, that’s only true for state-regulated downloadable sportsbook apps.  

    When it comes to the online web-based sportsbook sites featured here, it literally makes no difference. Because these services are web-based, you can access them from any modern connected device with an up-to-date web browser.

    Still, in general, we prefer iPhone sports betting over Android sports betting because Apple has more favorable security policies at the corporate level and has a better track record of securing their customers’ personal private information.