2024 Poker Strategy Index

Poker IconPlaying poker can be tricky and risky, but this guide will help you to develop and implement winning poker strategies, while also finding safe sites with which to legally play.

Poker has been a very popular game for hundreds of years, but it wasn't until Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker at the turn of the last century that the world took notice of the value of online poker. While the game he was playing, and the game that's still most popular, was Texas Hold'em, there are many other kinds of poker that are also very popular: 7 Stud, Omaha, and HORSE, just to name a few.

To cut back on the confusion here, the poker type we're going to be dealing with primarily in this resource is Hold'em. So, as you delve into our strategy tips, created by real poker players, you won't run into any confusion. It isn't that we have a preference for Hold'em over a game like Omaha per se; it's more of a numbers game – literally. Far and away, more people play Hold'em than any other game, but you can actually extrapolate from these Hold'em strategies different poker game strategies based on some solid principles, which we will discuss throughout this resource guide.

The Importance of a Sound Poker Strategy

Because it's so easy to be the fish at the table rather than the shark, we suggest looking into different poker strategies before playing. Throughout the article below, we will discuss different strategies to use in Hold'em poker for limit, no-limit, and multi-table tournaments. Please, pay attention and play responsibly.

Limit Poker Strategy

There are a couple of different variations of limit poker which include fixed limit and pot limit. Fixed limit is a fantastic starting point for players who are new to the game. There aren't big swings in fixed limit and a player can learn and get some experience under their belt at micro stakes without breaking the bank. With pot limit, the stakes can get pretty hefty as you can double the pot on every bet. Learn more by checking out our Limit Poker Strategy guide.

No-Limit Poker Strategy

No limit poker is better suited for the experienced poker player. Because anyone can bet their entire stack at any time, players really have to know what they are doing or their bankroll will take a bath. No limit is the version of Texas Holdem that is played in the WSOP and is the most popular game in poker. Check out our No Limit Poker Strategy guide to get some of the basic concepts down before diving in head first.

Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Do you know what it takes to snap off one of the big multi table poker tournaments? It's not as easy as one might think. There are a lot of concepts to think about such as risking your whole tournament life on one hand, or to live to fight another day. Our Multi-table tournament strategy article offers some great tips on how to win one of these big tournaments.

Sit 'N Go Strategy

Sitngo tournaments are perhaps one of the most lucrative opportunities available to a seasoned poker player. Players who are able to consistently win these small 10 player tournaments are able to make very good money playing online poker. Our sitngo tournament article offers some easy tips implement into your game that will help you become a winning player.

The Legalities Of Playing Online Poker In 2024

The number-one thing we would like you to focus on right this moment, however, isn't a poker strategy but rather finding a poker site with which you can join and play legally. Every poker player knows America has cracked down hard on poker, making it illegal for a site to operate inside of the country.

So, to get around this, you're going to have to find an offshore site that will still allow you to bet with them. As long as the site allows you to deposit, and as long as it's out of America's jurisdiction, it is 100% legal to gamble.

The legality of playing poker online is discussed thoroughly on our page dedicated to legal online poker. You will find information on specific gambling laws. To sum things up for you here, until recently it was illegal to operate an online poker site within the United States.

However, the DOJ turned that around when they declared that individual states are able to determine their own destiny concerning legal US online casinos and poker gambling.

Since then, state regulated online poker sites have emerged in three states, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, with multiple additional state considering legislation to legalize on online poker in their own territories. In addition, there are no federal laws prohibiting USA players from playing online mobile poker apps at legally authorized destinations that are located outside of the United States.

Staying Current with Poker Information

We strive to deliver the latest information involving the poker world. If there's ever a new proposed law in Congress, or a new series of regulations coming down the pike, you will hear about it from us. We want you to be able to safely bet with legal sites, and we want you to gamble responsibly.

Most people think they're Matt Damon from Rounders, but they end up more like Ed Norton. We will continue to expand our strategy and playing tips section of our guide to give both new and experienced players every option for learning more about improving their game.