Legal Online Gambling Vouchers 2024

Gambling vouchersMake deposits and withdrawals with P2P apps by buying and selling online betting voucher codes at your favorite casino, sportsbook, and poker sites.

While legal online gambling is growing more accessible every day, US players still have some unique hurdles to clear when it comes to depositing. Namely, the most popular P2P apps and e-Wallet services still can’t be used for bet funding. Of course, that’s all changing with legal online gambling vouchers at participating sites, as the new banking method offers a suitable workaround.

Vouchers let gamblers in the USA buy and sell online betting balances between one another in private domestic transactions. As such, PayPal gambling, Venmo gambling, Cash App gambling, and more are finally just a few clicks away. And while betting vouchers are currently limited to only a handful of the industry’s most trusted legal online betting sites, we expect other brands to “vouch” for the method going forward.

Is It Legal To Use Online Gambling Vouchers In The USA?

Yes! You can legally use betting vouchers online to make P2P and e-Wallet instant-pay transfers for Internet-based gambling deposits and withdrawals. While the best legal betting sites can’t support PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and similar app-based payments directly, vouchers are a legitimate solution to that problem. All the sites on this page strictly adhere to US gambling laws, support gambling vouchers, and accept most USA residents at just 18 and up.

Note: Washington state online gambling is currently disallowed for all residents, but the mandates are historically unenforced. Nevertheless, if you live in WA and wish to gamble online, we can’t advise it. Proceed only at your own risk.

2024's Best Online Gambling Site Accepting Betting Vouchers

Bovada Sportsbook And Casino
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Sportsbook, Casino, & Poker Room

1st Legal Gambling Site To Support Betting Vouchers

Bovada is highly regarded as the legal online betting industry’s most popular and trusted website. The operator has been in business since 2011, with its management team going all the way back to the start of online gambling in the mid-1990s.

As a trailblazer, Bovada has been the first online gambling destination to introduce a number of different banking alternatives to US players, including Bitcoin, MatchPay, and more.

Now, Bovada is also the first legitimate online gaming venue to support PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and other P2P app and e-Wallet platforms through its use of online gambling vouchers!

Best of all, Bovada Vouchers come with no added fees, are often good for same-day deposits and payouts, and help grow the Bovada Community by linking up players in a safe and meaningful way.

  • Most Respected Brand In The Industry Since 2011

  • US-Friendly – Players From 45 States Accepted

  • Bovada Vouchers Support PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle + More

  • Casino, Live Casino, Sports, Poker Under One Roof

  • Restricted States: DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY

  • USA Only – No Other Countries Accepted

Best Online Gambling Sites For Voucher Deposits + Payouts

SiteReviewBonus OfferUSAVisit
Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review100% Max $3,000Play now LogoRead Review200% Max $1,000Play now
Cafe Casino LogoRead Review500% Max $5,000Play now
Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Poker Sites
Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review100% Max $500Play now

What Are Gambling Vouchers And How Do They Work?

In a nutshell, online gambling vouchers allow US players to use P2P services and e-Wallet instant-pay options to make betting deposits and claim withdrawals at offshore operators.

Legally speaking, no online betting site – even though these themselves are operating in full compliance of all US and international gambling laws – can actually accept P2P app payments for deposits or pay out your winnings via the same.

For example, if you want to bet online with PayPal, or gamble online with Google Pay, you can’t. Ditto for online Venmo betting, online Cash App betting, online Square Pay betting, online Zelle betting, and so on.

However, at sites that support gambling vouchers, you can use these services! This works because the voucher system allows site members to buy and sell their betting balances between one another in private person-to-person sales using popular P2P instant-pay apps and eWallet platforms.

Best of all, most of these services charge no fees for private transactions. This means you can deposit more, bet more, and win more when using online gambling vouchers via the following US-friendly services:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Zelle
  • Square
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay Cash
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • + More

Legal Online Casino Gambling With Betting Vouchers

Red Casino Chip with USA flag in centerBetting vouchers can be used with any form of online gambling at the sites that support them, but most players who deposit with vouchers are primarily online casino gamblers.

All that notwithstanding, it’s important to remember that not every legal online casino accepts vouchers and that vouchers are not guaranteed for same-day deposits or withdrawals every time.

Still, if you’re looking for a credible PayPal casino, Venmo casino, Cash App casino, and so on, vouchers are the only way to use these services safely and legally with the best offshore gambling sites.

Once you make your deposit, of course, you’ll have access to all the classic gambling games, such as legal online blackjack, legal online roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, online live-dealer casino games, and much more.

Legal Online Sports Betting With Betting Vouchers

New Bill To Legalize Sports Betting In USSports betting is the most accessible form of gambling, and legal online sports betting is even more so. Thanks to the convenience this betting market offers – along with exclusive features like full in-game betting and custom prop creator tools for every event – no gambling sector is growing faster.

That said, sports betting is also time-sensitive in a way most other gaming markets aren’t, as bettors need to have money in their accounts to place bets as soon as the lines shift.

If you get stuck without cash in your balance and need to wager immediately, sports betting vouchers aren’t necessarily the best option.

However, if you plan ahead – and if you want to engage in PayPal sports betting, Venmo sports betting, and so on – we definitely vouch for sportsbook voucher deposits.

Legal Online Poker With Betting Vouchers

Poker IconOnline poker is a natural extension of one of the world’s most beloved gambling games, and you can play real poker online – for small and large real-money payouts – at many of the best Internet betting sites.

But just as with sports betting, vouchers aren’t always going to be the absolute best deposit option when playing poker at the best online poker sites.

This is especially true if you don’t have any money in your account but wish to take in a round of tonight’s Sit-N-Gos or enter this weekend’s big online poker tournament. In those cases, credit/debit or crypto deposits are best.

Still, for the casual mobile poker player, online poker vouchers are a safe, trustworthy option. With vouchers, online PayPal poker, Venmo poker, Cash App poker, and more are the real deal.

How To Use Gambling Vouchers For Online Deposits In 2024

If you want to use PayPal or any other similar service to top off your legal online betting account, you’ll need to use vouchers at the sites we recommend.

But remember: Because voucher deposits are dependent on buyer and seller demand, they aren’t always as fast as credit/debit deposits or cryptocurrency deposits. In our experience, we’ve been able to finalize voucher deposits within 2-3 hours roughly 70-75% of the time.

Here’s the basic process to make a legal online betting voucher deposit:

  1. Sign up at a voucher-friendly online casino, sportsbook, or poker room by following any link on this page.
  2. Enter in all required personal information.
  3. Select the voucher deposit option.
  4. Visit your site’s official community page or member forum and search for a gambling voucher for sale.
  5. After you find an ad for a voucher at a price you like and using a P2P/eWallet service you have access to, contact the seller and arrange the sale.
  6. Send your payment to the voucher seller and await receipt of the voucher code via chat, email, messenger app, etc.
  7. Once you receive the voucher code, copy it down and paste it into the requisite field at your gambling site’s voucher deposit page.

Voucher deposits are safe, but only if you buy your betting voucher code through official site channels. While you can buy vouchers in other forums (i.e. the Bovada Reddit page, the Café Casino Reddit page, etc.), this is only recommended if you know and/or trust the seller.

Online gambling voucher deposits come with no added fees levied by your legal betting site, though some P2P services and e-Wallet instant-pay apps may charge a small credit card or debit card processing fee. Please consult your P2P/eWallet TOS for more information.

How To Use Gambling Vouchers For Legal Online Betting Payouts

If you’ve ever bet online before, you know that Bitcoin betting, Cardano betting, Litecoin betting, and other altcoin gambling options (Avalanche betting, Solana betting, Shiba Inu betting) are best when it comes to lightning-fast payouts. In fact, crypto is the only same-day payout option at any reputable online gambling site.

That said, voucher payouts can sometimes be had the same day you request them. This isn’t guaranteed because voucher withdrawals are – as with deposits – dependent on member demand.

Still, voucher payouts are a great option if you want to use P2P or e-Wallet solutions and aren’t worried about the fastest online casino payouts, fastest online sportsbook payouts, or fastest online poker payouts possible.

Here’s how online voucher withdrawals work at the best legal gambling sites:

  1. At your betting site’s cashier page, select the voucher withdrawal option from the payout menu.
  2. Enter in the amount of money you wish to pull out from your balance and submit the request.
  3. Your site will send your voucher code to your on-file email address. Processing time varies, but this usually takes just a few hours.
  4. At your site’s community forum, post your voucher code for sale. Be sure to indicate the full voucher amount and any of the P2P services or eWallet platforms you currently use.
  5. Once a buyer contacts you to purchase your gambling voucher code, finalize the sale and await payment via P2P/eWallet.
  6. As soon as you receive your money, release the voucher code to your buyer via the agreed-upon means. Do not delay, as all the top legal gambling sites require voucher sellers to send their codes to buyers ASAP.

It’s important to note that even if you deposit using vouchers, you don’t have to withdraw using vouchers if you don’t want to. You can actually pull your winnings out using any method supported by your site, from traditional courier checks and bank wires to crypto and even MatchPay (Bovada only, see below).

Voucher Gambling Alternative – Bovada MatchPay

Match Pay LogoOnline betting vouchers are great and really allow online gamblers to expand the methods in which they manage their funds, but they are labor-intensive. However, if you’re a Bovada member, there’s actually a pretty clever workaround available.

At Bovada, if you want to use P2P apps but expedite the voucher process, you can take advantage of MatchPay gambling deposits. MatchPay is a third-party system that takes all the legwork out of using online gambling vouchers, automating the process entirely.

That said, MatchPay transfer limits are much smaller than those for vouchers, and – once again – only Bovada currently supports the MatchPay betting platform. Hopefully, this will change in the near future as more sites get on board. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!