April 19, 2018
Players Associations Want In On Sports Betting
logos for professional sports players associations

With all the news surrounding the prospect of legalized sports betting, there has been multiple talking heads including state representatives, casinos and the sports leagues themselves. One group that has not been particularly outspoken on the issue is the athletes themselves. Now, four major US players associations have made their stance on legal sports betting clear—they want in. The players associations from each of the major leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) released a joint statement expressing what they envision for a fair legal betting environment. These […]

April 17, 2018
NBA Playoffs Off To An Interesting Start
NBA playoffs logo

The NBA Playoffs look a little different than they have before in recent years. This is because there are some new teams in the postseason picture, but more importantly some new faces. We finally get to see some strong basketball players like Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Carmelo Anthony in the Playoffs. Some of the first round matchups looked promising and with Game 1 in the books for all 16 teams, that prediction seems justified. The Warriors looked good against the Spurs, even without Steph […]

April 17, 2018
Maryland Falls Short Of Legal Sports Betting
Maryland State Flag

Maryland will not be joining the progressive states pushing out legalized sports gambling after it failed to get a bill signed off in time. The state’s legislative session ended without any bill being pushed forward, despite it doing so well in the House of Representatives. It appears that the bill died in the state Senate. This inaction means that Maryland will not have any sports gambling in 2018, but that does not mean they are out of the sports betting race altogether. There is an […]

April 11, 2018
NHL Postseason Set To Begin
NHL post season

The NHL is gearing up for the postseason and most bettors are looking at the Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning. From a betting standpoint, these teams make sense. However, there are still 14 teams in the running that could make a case for a championship run. What about the Predators is so alluring? For starters, they boast the best regular season record in the league this year. This got them the President’s Trophy, but more importantly, it helped them obtain home-ice advantage for as long […]

April 11, 2018
Arizona And Minnesota Looking At Sports Betting
Arizona State Flag

Add 2 more states to the potential sports betting list. While no bills have yet to materialize, it appears that talks regarding legalized sports gambling have begun in both Arizona and Minnesota. It will be difficult for both states to pass any laws with the time remaining in the legislative session, but it hasn’t exactly been easy for any state to pass a bill as of yet. Arizona has a huge market for sports betting. With 4 major franchises in the state, the demand for […]

April 10, 2018
Teams Up Against Away Goals In Second Leg Of UEFA Quarterfinals
2018 Champion's League Tournament Logo

The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals continue this week with matches on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world. Some teams find themselves in difficult spots based on the aggregate goal differential, especially those who were scored on at home. Betting analysts are picking Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid to advance to the semifinal round. While Manchester City may be favored to advance, they must score at least 4 goals to do so. They’ll be playing at […]

April 9, 2018
Betting On Which Leagues Will Join MLB And NBA
pro sports league logos

The NBA and MLB finally have an ally in their quest for their version of a legal sports betting bill—the PGA Tour. While other sports leagues have made comments regarding their supposed stance on the issue of legal sports gambling, no other leagues have come out in full support of what the MLB and NBA are doing. This could potentially change soon. If legal betting options are going to be on the table, these leagues want a part of it. The PGA Tour joined the MLB […]

April 8, 2018
NBA Considering Offering Microtransaction Betting
Adam Silver NBA Commissioner

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has a lot of aspirations for his league in the coming years. Silver must be careful though, as he may be revealing too much of the league’s hand regarding their intentions with legal sports betting. His recent comments have drawn the attention of fans and bettors alike. It is highly possible we may be seeing what the future of US based betting on the NBA will look like.  Currently legal NBA betting is typically handled through traditional betting lines at both Nevada […]

April 6, 2018
Missouri Attempting To Figure Out Sports Betting
Missouri State Flag

Missouri has a tough task ahead of them. They are beginning the deliberation process of legal sports gambling. The state has 3 bills to weigh and each one has unique characteristic and outlooks on how betting should exist in Missouri. Legal sports betting is still a somewhat novel concept in the state. There is gambling on riverboats and in brick-and-mortar casino locations and Daily Fantasy Sports is legal and regulated. However, the state is one of the 46 not allowed to host betting options due […]

April 5, 2018
Illinois Sees First Glimpse Of PGA Involvement
IL State Legislature

The PGA Tour, the leading golf entity in the US, made its first bit of noise regarding sports betting legalization in Illinois recently. Illinois is another state with pro-sports betting legislation on the docket. The NBA and MLB have extended their lobbying efforts to the state, but the PGA brings a new element into the mix. Does the PGA Tour support sports gambling? Apparently so. They released a statement expressing their support for legal and regulated sports betting in “a safe and responsible manner.” Their […]