Legal Cardano Gambling In 2023

ADA betting Ever since its launch in 2017, Cardano (ADA) has been The Little Altcoin That Could™. And boy, can it ever! That’s why legal Cardano gambling in the United States is finally available, as the best USA online betting sites have started to notice how immensely popular the world’s third most-traded cryptocurrency actually is.

For online bettors, Cardano gambling makes all the sense in the world. Not only does the ADA crypto coin have among the highest growth potential of any asset on the market, it’s also got lightning fast transfer speeds, extremely inexpensive native blockchain fees, and a world-beating security backend. Cardano gambling may not be as common as legal Bitcoin betting or Ethereum gambling at the sites we cover, but at the venues where it's available, you should definitely consider the benefits. To learn how to bet with Cardano online, say “ADA boy!” to our Cardano gambling guide!

Is It Legal To Bet With Cardano In The US?

It is absolutely legal to bet with Cardano in the United States. While US players have to navigate the pesky UIGEA banking regulation, there are actually no online gambling laws barring the use of Cardano betting sites, and ADA itself does not unlawfully circumvent the UIGEA regulation. To make safe, secure online betting deposits and withdrawals, Cardano is one of the best cryptocurrency options going. And it’s going straight up!

Note: While Washington state gamblers are not technically allowed to participate in real-money betting online, the sites we recommend take players from WA at 18 and up. That said, we recommend that all WA residents follow their local mandates and use Cardano ADA cryptocurrency only for lawful transactions that are not restricted by state law. 

Best Online Cardano Betting Site For 2023

Sportsbook, Casino & Poker Room

$1000 Cardano Welcome Bonus + 35% Cardano Reload Bonus For Life

Founded in 1992, BetOnline is one of the oldest and most esteemed online gambling sites. It’s also the first major US-friendly betting site to accept the Cardano cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. ADA betting carries many of the same benefits as other altcoin betting options (such as Stellar gambling, Dogecoin gambling, ApeCoin gambling, and Ripple gambling) with the added bonus that ADA makes for an even better overall investment.

Compared to other options, Cardano ADA lets you make faster, cheaper crypto deposits and claim same-day payouts that arrive in your wallet quicker than ever. Additionally, online gamblers can bet with Cardano in several different markets, all with just one BetOnline account.

When you join BetOnline, you’ll have access to hundreds of RNG and live-dealer online casino games, thousands of daily online sports betting lines, a full online poker room, and even an international horse betting portal for fans of the ponies.

Betonline full page screenshot
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Betonline Logo

Site Rating

  • Most trusted site – Operational since 1992!

  • US + international players welcome (18+)

  • Supports AVAX coin + many more crypto betting options

  • Enhanced bonuses for Avalanche crypto gambling deposits

  • Guaranteed same-day payouts + no added fees with Bitcoin/altcoins

  • Restricted state: New Jersey

  • BetOnline bonuses/promotions have 30-day time limit

  • No P2P app or eWallet betting banking options

Top-Rated Online ADA Gambling Sites For 2023

SiteReviewBonus OfferUSAVisit
Betonline Logo100% Max $3,000Play now
Sportsbetting Logo100% Max $3,000Play now
Super Slots logo250% Max $6,000Play now
Betonline LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Sportsbetting LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
mybookie logoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Xbet Sportsbook logoRead Review50% Max $500Play now
Poker Sites
Betonline LogoRead Review100% Max $2,500Play now

Legal Online Casino Gambling With Cardano

Cardano is attractive to gamblers for many reasons, and not just because investing in Cardano is itself an excellent bet. ADA gambling transfers are even faster than Visa gambling deposits, and Bitcoin Cash betting deposits which originally was offered as a quicker alternative to Bitcoin deposits. When you use Cardano to top off your betting bankroll at the best online casinos, you’ll be able to have your account loaded up in 5-10 minutes, and you’ll have access to hundreds of the best online casino games in the industry.

At the venues we recommend, all online gambling games are developed by the market’s most reputable casino software designers, such as Realtime Gaming (RTG), Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival Powered, and more.

All titles are regularly audited by third-party industry watchdogs to ensure fair iGaming compliance as well as real-world win rates for every game on offer.

If you want to make instant, guaranteed deposits so you can play legal online slots, online blackjack, American and European online roulette, live-dealer casino games, and a host of other classic and modern gambling amusements, Cardano is the best way to top up your bankroll.

Legal Online Sports Betting With Cardano

Outside of online casino gaming, legal online sports betting turns the biggest handle in the gambling industry. And while access to domestic sportsbooks in legal betting states is spreading like wildfire, if you want the best lines with the most competitive odds, offshore is still the reigning champion.

Of course, it’s no good to bet sports online if you can’t get your account funded in a hurry, which is where Cardano comes in. With the exceptions of perhaps Stellar betting and Litecoin gambling, ADA betting is the fastest way to put your money down.

When you sign up with any of the leading international online sportsbooks, not only can you use cryptos like Cardano for deposits and withdrawals, you can also take advantage of several refined gambling features that domestic books can’t match.

These include live sports betting opportunities on every single game, custom prop builder tools, and legal mobile gambling with no geofencing so you can bet on the big game no matter where you are.

Legal Online Poker With Cardano

Online poker is the oldest form of Internet gambling going, getting its start in the mid-1990s. However, by the mid-2000s, the options for USA online poker gambling relocated to international jurisdictions due to several gambling laws then in effect in the US.

Still, players never missed out, as they could go all in at any number of reputable online poker rooms. That remains truer than ever today, and the options represent a veritable full house.

Of course, getting your poker account funded can still prove hit or miss with traditional deposits methods, which is why Cardano poker deposits are the ace up your sleeve. With Cardano, you can quickly get money into your account so you’ll never miss another cash table matchup, small-money Sit-N-Go, or big-money online poker tournament.

Whether your game is classic Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi-Lo, you can go high or low with Cardano – freely and securely – 24/7/365. And that’s no bluff!

How To Use Cardano For Legal Online Betting Deposits

Once you get your hands on some Cardano, it couldn’t be easier to deposit that ADA into your online betting site of choice. The process – regardless of the operator you choose – works the same across the board.

And while you may be tempted to stake Cardano instead of betting with the stuff, when you use the crypto coin for gambling, you can actually grow your stack even faster than you’d earn free Cardano from ADA stake pools!

Here’s how to move your ADA into your legal online betting account:

  1. Click or tap any link on this page to your legal Cardano betting site of choice and select the “Sign Up” or “Join Now” option.
  2. Enter in all your personal information, taking care to use only real, verifiable data. These sites all use KYC protocols to ensure that only you have access to your account, and all connections are secured by industry-leading SSL/TLS encryption.
  3. Select Cardano from your site’s cryptocurrency bet funding menu, and copy down the site’s Cardano sending address. You can also choose an optional enhanced betting bonus at this time.
  4. Open your Cardano exchange wallet or private ADA wallet, choose the “Send” option, and paste in the above Cardano address.
  5. Your betting deposit will go through within 5-10 minutes on average.

When depositing with the Cardano ADA cryptocurrency, it’s important to time your deposit such that you move your ADA into your account when the current Cardano price is trending at or below its recent averages. You can check out the Cardano charts at sites like CoinMarketCap to help you time your deposits properly.

Depositing when ADA is trending low allows you to move more ADA into your account for a corresponding dollar amount, which means you can actually see gains in your betting balance whenever the ADA price goes up!

How To Use Cardano For Legal Online Betting Payouts In 2023

You’ve deposited Cardano, placed your wagers, and won big. Now, it’s time to pull those winnings out. Luckily, there’s no big mystery to how ADA works when claiming Cardano payouts, as the process is even easier than making deposits.

Here’s all you need to do to claim same-day payouts in the Cardano cryptocurrency from any online gambling site that supports the asset:

  1. Navigate to your site’s cashier page and select Cardano from the cryptocurrency withdrawal menu.
  2. Open your Cardano exchange wallet or private wallet and choose the “Send” option.
  3. Copy down your ADA wallet’s unique Cardano receiving address.
  4. Back at your betting site, paste the above ADA address into the requisite field and select the amount of your eligible account balance you’d like to withdraw.
  5. Submit your online gambling withdrawal request.

In most cases, cryptocurrency withdrawals – including Cardano withdrawals – are processed automatically and instantly. That said, if you’ve won a particularly large sum of money, your payout request may be reviewed before approval. (This can sometimes take up to two hours, but payouts are approved much more quickly in most cases.)

Once your site gives your request the all clear, you’ll receive your ADA payout in full within just 5-10 minutes, and with no added fees (save for the minimal native Cardano transaction fees incurred by the blockchain itself).

Cardano – like other crypto betting options – is the only way for US players to reliably claim guaranteed same-day payouts.

ADA Online Gambling FAQs

What is Cardano cryptocurrency?

Cardano (ticker symbol ADA) is a third-generation Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that supports staking, smart contracts, and NFTs.

While Cardano was released in 2017, its staking capabilities when live with the Cardano Shelley hard fork in 2020.

After that, in mid-2021, its smart contract/NFT capabilities went live with the Cardano Alonzo update.

Up until then, Ethereum was the biggest and best option for the crypto smart contract ecosystem, but Cardano is gunning for Ethereum’s throne thanks to its much faster processing times and much smaller blockchain fees.

As of Q4 2021, Cardano is trading at between $2.15 and $2.40 per coin, with a market cap north of $71 billion.

Cardano currently has the third largest market capitalization of any cryptocurrency, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is the best Cardano wallet for online gambling?

The best Cardano wallet really depends on your use case.

If you want to actively day trade or swing trade crypto, you should keep your ADA in your exchange wallet wherever you bought in.

However, if you want a bit more security with access to rapid sending and receiving, Cardano software wallets or Cardano mobile wallets are much better.  

Similarly, if you want to stake your ADA to earn Cardano passive income via Cardano rewards, you should use the official Cardano wallets (i.e. Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite).

While other ADA wallet apps like Atomic and Exodus are good choices for online gamblers, we prefer the official wallets.

For even more security, you can use a hardware Cardano wallet from manufacturers like Ledger (Nano S, Nano X) and Trezor (One, Model T), though these aren’t free and require online gamblers and ADA delegators to jump through a few extra hoops.  

Finally, Cardano paper wallet generators are available via Daedalus and Yoroi, but we recommend paper wallets only for long-term cold storage and most certainly not for online betting.

Where can I buy Cardano cryptocurrency?

You can buy Cardano ADA at any reputable online exchange.

Due to the popularity of ADA, Cardano is supported by all major US and international cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our top choices are the following:

  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Coinmama
  • Gemini
  • Kraken

Regardless of where you buy your Cardano, you should move your ADA off the exchanges as soon as possible.

Please note that for first-time crypto buyers, these exchanges all mandate a 5-10-day waiting period before you can send your crypto off-platform.

For online casino gamblers, this is less of an issue, but online sports bettors and tournament poker players will want to keep this limitation in mind and plan ahead when getting started with cryptocurrency bet funding.

Should I buy Cardano for legal online betting?


Cardano is one of the best – if not the best – online gambling banking option available.

It’s faster and cheaper than most other cryptos, all while having by far the best investment potential of any currently accepted option.

The only real drawback to using Cardano for legal online gambling is that not all casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms currently accept the stuff.

If your site of choice doesn’t take Cardano, Litecoin is a good stand-in in terms of speed and cost, but other options like Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Stellar, and Ripple may be more beneficial depending on your own personal needs as regards both gambling and investing. 

Can you buy Cardano with Bitcoin?


You can buy ADA with Bitcoin or any other common cryptocurrency at any of the top-rated online crypto exchanges.

And for what it’s worth, if you already hodl Bitcoin, you definitely should trade some BTC for ADA ASAP!  

Is Cardano a good investment for online bettors?


But Cardano investment isn’t just a good idea for online bettors, it’s also a great “proposition bet” for non-gambling investors.

Since 2020, ADA has broken into the top three of all crypto assets by trading volume and market cap, and the Cardano roadmap is full of exciting new developments.

It’s a Cardano future – We’re just living in it.

Get in now before the coin really takes off!

Will Cardano reach $100?

We think so, yes.

Not many crypto coins of the thousands of assets in existence have a real shot at reaching $100, but Cardano is credibly one of them.

Most analysts offering a realistic Cardano price prediction believe the coin will be worth $4 by the end of 2021, $10 by the end of 2022, $50 by the end of 2025, and upwards of $100 by 2030.

And believe it or not, we actually think these estimates are somewhat conservative.

What is Cardona?

“Cardona” is a common misspelling of the “Cardano” ADA crypto coin.

There is no current cryptocurrency called “Cardona,” as the crypto market self-polices reasonably well to prevent cases of mistaken identity.

What is Cardana?

“Cardana” is the plural form of “Cardano.”

Well, not really.

Like “Cardona,” “Cardana” is a simple misspelling of “Cardano,” and there are no current cryptos with the name.

If you come across any reference to Cardana, it’s probably just a typo.

Although, to be honest, this plural notion is growing on us.

“Let’s all buy some Cardana!”