Legal Betting On Boxing

Boxing Icon If you play your cards right, betting on the Sweet Science can be the sweetest science, as you can earn thunderous payouts for thunderous KOs. Of course, legal betting on boxing is only available at a comparatively few domestic sportsbooks across the country.

Fortunately, if you live in a state that doesn’t have legal sports betting options within its borders, you can still put real money on all the best boxing betting odds by using an international sportsbook operating outside of US jurisdiction.

These legal online boxing betting operators have been serving US bettors for years, and they represent the quickest ways to wager on your favorite pugilistic pastime. To learn how to bet on boxing online both legally and safely, consider our brief guide your best speed bag.

Is It Legal To Bet On Boxing In 2024?

Yes! The federal Interstate Wire Act (1961) prevents sportsbooks from taking your bets across state lines (which is why a boxing fan in Florida can’t use the Internet to put money on boxing bets in Vegas), but US federal gambling laws do not address offshore operators – or individual bettors – in any way.

Only one state – WA – actually bars all online gambling, including online boxing betting, but these laws are not enforced. To our knowledge, nobody from this state has ever been cited or fined for sports betting online. Thus, you can safely clean up in Washington at any reputable betting site. That said, like boxers themselves, you must proceed only at your own risk. 

Best Legal Online Boxing Betting Site

Bovada Sportsbook
#1 Rated Online Sportsbook For 2024

Bovada is the undisputed heavyweight champion of online boxing betting. When it comes to where to bet on boxing, you can’t go wrong with Bovada LV, as the site offers dozens of boxing odds and boxing prop bets for every bout on the schedule. If you want a knock-out sportsbook to bet on knockouts and more, Bovada answers the bell!

Site Rating

Bovada screenshot
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Bovada Sportsbook And Casino
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  • Only US, Mexico and Brazil players accepted

  • Residents of CO, DE, MD, MI, NJ, NV, NY not accepted

  • Limited deposit options compared to other sites

Best US Sportsbooks With Boxing Odds

SiteReviewSports BonusUSAVisit
Bovada Sportsbook And CasinoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
BetUS BrandRead Review100% Max $2,500Play now
Betonline LogoRead Review50% Max $1,000Play now
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Super Fights On The Horizon

Diaz vs Paul betting odds

Professional Boxing Organizations To Bet On

In pro boxing, there are four main organizing bodies, or “leagues.” These organizations each have their own rankings, their own belts for each weight division, and their own champions. In fact, it’s common for there to be several current boxing champs at any given weight class because of these different organizations, with each holding a different organization’s belt.

However, when one fighter holds all belts from each of the four main bodies, he or she is said to be the undisputed champion. While such champs are rare in any era, fights between belt-holders occur frequently and are called unification bouts. These are usually the marquee PPV events on which the most bettors wager each year. The four major professional boxing organizations are the following:

WBA logo

World Boxing Association (WBA, 1921)

WBC logo

World Boxing Council (WBC, 1963)

IBF Logo

International Boxing Federation (IBF, 1976)

WBO logo

World Boxing Organization (WBO, 1988)

As an honorable mention, The Ring magazine – founded in 1922 – also awards its own belts, rankings, and year-end awards. The Ring is called the Bible of Boxing, and any frequent boxing bettor should definitely follow the pugilistic publication.

Boxing Betting Odds Explained

If you’re going to put money on boxing betting lines, it’s crucial to understand how to read boxing odds. Fortunately, if you want to learn the ropes and stay off the canvas, the market is extremely simple. In fact, most of the odds are exactly the same as those you’ll find for other sports.

Boxing betting odds come with the following options:

  • Boxing Straight Bets – Pick the winner, and you’re paid out according to the odds. Favorites have negative moneylines (how much you must risk to win $100), while underdogs have positive moneylines (how much you’ll win on a $100 bet).
  • Straight betting – or straight moneyline betting – is also called “bout betting” in boxing.
  • Boxing Props – These are various proposition bets where you can bet on the method of victory (KO, TKO, DQ, Decision, etc.), pick the round in which the fight will end (aka “round betting”), pick from a series of rounds in which the fight will end (“round group betting”), bet on whether or not the bout will go the distance, and more. The bigger the fight, the more props you’re going to get. Usually, PPV main events have the most boxing props to choose from.
  • Boxing Over/Unders – Over/unders in boxing are mostly found in the props section of a given fight’s betting lines, but sometimes you can wager on whether the main O/U. This requires you to bet on whether the fight will end after (“over”) or before (“under”) the round total published by your boxing betting site.
  • Boxing Spread Bets – In boxing, spreads can be considered props of a sort, as they have to do with things other than the straight winners and losers.

For the biggest fights, you’ll sometimes find boxing spreads on things like how many more punches a fighter will throw and/or land than their opponent during the match, and similar comparatives.

Best Boxing Betting Apps For 2024

Most fans of the squared circle use their squared cellphones to find boxing betting odds and wager on them. This way, you can bet no matter where you are, from the arena or the gym to the sports bar, movie theater, or even at home on your very own throne! Best of all, you don’t even need a boxing betting app.

If you want the top-ranked iPhone sports betting experience – or the best sports betting app for Android – you can get it right through your mobile browser. All the operators we recommend offer responsive sports gambling options, allowing you to wager on the go without any downloads or updates.

And with live lines updating in real time over Wi-Fi or cellular data, the only buffering you need to worry about is Michael Buffering! Wherever you are, with mobile boxing bets, you’re definitely ready to rumble!

Screenshot of Bovada Mobile Betting App

Live Boxing Betting Odds

Live betting is one of the most fun ways to bet on boxing because it really gives you the feeling of being right in the fight at ringside. While the majority of boxing sportsbooks will only offer pre-bout odds that close when the bell rings in Round One, the biggest fights will often have live betting throughout the entire contest.

Of course, sportsbooks aren’t yet fast enough to offer odds on in-round action (like whether the next punch will be a jab or hook or uppercut), and they may never be. Boxing is lightning fast, after all.

However, in boxing, live betting allows you to wager on dynamically shifting odds round by round, giving you the break in between the action to finalize new bets. This keeps you in the game, and it allows anyone who bet on the boxing match a chance to recover bad wagers or double down on good ones.

Pre-game betting plus in-game betting is the best one-two punch a gambler can throw.

Best Boxing Betting Tips

Legally betting on boxing is the same as wagering on any other sport, with the same general tips and tricks in play.

While every boxing bettor will eventually establish their own processes for sniffing out a champion, these boxing betting basics will get you started off on the right combination, even if you’re a southpaw:

Know The Sport

You should never bet on boxing – or any other sport – without familiarizing yourself with the rules of the game. Boxing is simple enough to understand, but there’s plenty of nuance, and the matchups make the fights. Once you can see an upset coming, you can really clean up! 

Learn The Betting Types

Not all boxing bets are created equal, and the sport generates an absolute ton of props to choose from for any big fight.

As a bettor, it’s on you to make sure you understand all these different wager varieties and that you have no questions about how to read boxing odds when it’s time to answer the bell.

For beginners, we recommend sticking to straight wagers, so all you have to worry about is picking a winner.

Read The Tale Of The Tape

It is crucial that you understand the fighter you’re betting on, as well as his or her opponent. From wingspan and height to training weight vs. cutting weight, you should know these combatants like the back of your glove.

Don’t Rely On The Judges

Just like the fighters themselves, boxing bettors cannot afford to rely on favorable judging. Always assume that your fighter has to win each round convincingly to win it at all.

If your chosen fighter has the habit of going the distance, consider who’s judging the bout before placing a bet. Boxing judges are biased. It’s just that simple.

Understand Power Vs. Finesse

The bigger puncher doesn’t always win. Just ask Mike Tyson the night Buster Douglas ended his career. Speed, power, endurance, defense, fighting style, and showmanship are all important components of any fight. And each one trumps every other depending on the circumstances. 

Never Bet More Than You Can Afford To Lose

In boxing, a fighter can punch himself or herself out. Again, just ask Iron Mike.

But bettors can also punch themselves out by risking too much of their bankroll on a single fight. To avoid this trap, you must pace yourself.

Remember, while boxers might go for the flashy KO, you should always seek to go the distance. A jab here, a jab there, a little chin music now, a little dancing and evasion then, and you’ll clean up in the long run.

Online Sportsbook Funding Methods

All the best legal boxing betting sites offer a host of different banking options, as every gambler will have different preferences when it comes to sports bet funding.

Pro boxers don’t use pads, but bettors do. So when you want to pad your bankroll or your bank account, you can usually use any of the following deposit and withdrawal methods.



  • Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals
  • Cryptocurrency altcoins withdrawals (Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, etc.)
  • Courier Check withdrawals
  • Bank Wire withdrawals
  • Money Order withdrawals
  • Person-to-Person Payment (P2P) withdrawals

Betting On Boxing With Bitcoin – Same-Day Payouts!

While most online boxing betting services will accept some or all of the above, they each accept Bitcoin as a matter of course, and it’s the preferred banking method for all sportsbooks.

Bitcoin and other supported altcoins offer a number of benefits that no other payment option – or payout option – can match. These include the following:

  • Instant deposits with 100% success rate – can never be declined!
  • Best promotions – up to 50% more bonus money when using BTC
  • No added transfer fees of any kind – keep more of what’s yours
  • Low deposit minimums + high deposit maximums
  • Quantum-hacking-resistant blockchain encryption technology
  • Extra anonymity for all online betting
  • Guaranteed payouts – the only same-day payout method online!

Note: Please be aware that in order to get same-day Bitcoin betting payouts, you must first deposit using BTC. This is true for all cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Boxing Betting Bonuses

One of the main ways that international online boxing betting is superior to wagering on the Sweet Science at domestic sportsbooks is that you get the best bonuses with offshore operators.

Domestic books might offer you comp points and casino rewards and so on, but they won’t give you free money with which to wager. Offshore sites, however, will, and everyone who signs up will get to choose from one or more welcome bonuses that match a percentage of their deposits to boost their bankrolls.

Bonus Icon

And with reasonable rollover requirements, you can rest assured that the best online boxing sportsbooks aren’t playing rope-a-dope with you, either. These new-member and account reload bonuses are totally fair, offering easy-to-meet terms and conditions so you can focus less on your wallet and more on making the best boxing bets.

Legal Boxing Betting FAQs

Additional Boxing Resources

Now that you’ve got boxing betting explained, you need to keep up with the sport on the news side. Also, researching each fighter leading up to their matches is imperative if you want real success when you place a boxing bet online.

To keep your guard up, your head down, and your eyes on the prize, we recommend these boxing resources:

  • BoxRec – The leading Internet database for all boxing stats
  • ESPN Boxing – Daily boxing news, opinions, and articles
  • The Ring Magazine – The Bible of Boxing, online 24/7