Legal NFL Live Betting Online

NFL Football LogoOne of the most popular NFL bet types at online sportsbooks today are the live pro football odds that are offered for the National Football League’s 32 franchises and respective rosters. That’s because wagers can be placed on games that are already in progress, and the x’s and o’s of NFL live betting online is covered right here in this guide.

The online NFL sportsbooks that we recommend for live football betting odds feature National Football League lines that update as the game progresses, and they accept wagers on the point spread, moneyline, over/under, and more, all until the final whistle. Read on to learn more about live NFL odds and the best football sports betting sites that offer them.

Is It Legal To Bet On Live NFL Odds In 2024?

Yes. Legal sports betting is available in some capacity in all US States, whether it be based in a domestic or international location. NFL live betting odds will be included at most books regardless of location. 

Each year, US states that have legalized football betting begin to slowly outnumber the regions that have not.  Gamblers inside one of those aforementioned territories are welcome to visit a local online or in-person sportsbook and bet on live NFL odds as long as the minimum age requirement is met. 

The sites that have topped our list of online sportsbook reviews are able to accept members from any state in the USA and allow them to bet on live Vegas odds, NFL futures, and more, with a starting age of 18 years old. There are no prohibitions in place for these legal NFL sportsbook sites, so there is no law being broken by betting with one in the USA.   

Best NFL Betting SIte With Live In Play Odds

Bovada Sportsbook
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Bovada was one of the first legal online betting sites to offer live in-game NFL betting to its members. With live NFL odds, betting at Bovada means you'll never get bored or tune out before the final whistle. NFL in-game betting odds are updated every few minutes, giving you hundreds of extra chances to win big.

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Top USA Sports Betting Sites For Live NFL Betting

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About NFL Live Betting

Live betting at Bovada

Live betting odds encompass lines that receive action while the contest is in play. Technically, any NFL odds that are allowed to go live and accept in-game bets on their outcomes qualify as live betting.

NFL live odds most often refer to pro football game lines that contain the point spread, moneyline odds for each team to win, and the over/under which allows bets to be placed on the total combined points scored between both franchises.

There are also futures odds that involve betting on the NFL Playoffs which include Division, Conference, and Super Bowl winners, and allow for moneyline bets to be made on each potential team. These lines can be considered live betting because they receive action until the declaration of a winner.

In-play NFL betting odds also involve football prop bets that can cover any incident that occurs during the game telecast, including stats, player attire, sideline activities, celebrities in attendance being caught on camera, etc. These NFL prop bets are live odds, again, because they don’t stop receiving action until an outcome prevails.

What Odds Are Offered For NFL Live Betting?

  • NFL Point Spreads – The NFL in-play betting option that receives the most action are the point spreads. If the winner can win by more points, or the loser can lose by fewer points, the predicted spread, then they will cover and win. If bettors aren’t sure about the current margin, allow the game to begin and monitor it and the live NFL odds until NFL point spreads narrow or widens to a gap that is more comfortable.
  • NFL Moneyline Bets – While moneylines on NFL games allow for bets to be placed on which team will win, the odds can change by the minute with live pro football betting. Most often, the earlier the live NFL bet is placed on football moneylines, the better because as the game draws near to the end, the odds are much less profitable.
  • Live Over / Under NFL Bets – Oddsmakers present a total point tally that they believe both teams involved in a given game will combine to score and ask bettors to lay NFL bets on the over or under. Over/under live NFL betting allows the total to move throughout the entirety of the game.
  • Futures - Live NFL Playoff odds, Super Bowl winners for next year, and Division and Conference Championship lines are just a few examples of live pro football futures. Basically, any football prop that asks for wagers on an outcome that occurs tomorrow or after can be considered live NFL odds.
  • Live NFL Parlay Bets – NFL Parlays are where two or more wagers are combined into one for the purpose of upping the odds and the overall cash winning potential. Live NFL odds can be combined into parlays, but be quick, because the lines adjust quickly, even while trying to place the wager.
  • Live NFL Prop Bets – As mentioned earlier, literally any televised outcome can be wagered on with prop bets for the NFL, and all of them qualify as in-play or live because they receive action until the outcome does or does not happen.
  • Live NFL Draft Betting – Each April’s NFL Draft odds are presented in futures that don’t cash in until the selections in play are made. For this reason, most NFL Draft betting can be considered live odds.
  • Live Super Bowl Betting – At the end of each season, betting on the Super Bowl takes center stage for a full two weeks. More Super Bowl prop bets are created for the big game than for any other single event, and all of them are live odds until the outcome of said line is determined. There are also live Super Bowl odds for the point spread, moneyline, and totals, and all live NFL betting options will also cash in once the Lombardi is hoisted.

Advantages Of Live Betting On The NFL

  • Convenience – Set your bet schedule to bend to your demands and wager on NFL live odds at the moment of your choosing
  • Less Surprises – Making a mid-game bet on the NFL allows for gamblers to take in the action and witness any oddball momentum shifts, injuries, weather changes, or other factors that can alter the outcome of a contest. Partake in NFL in-play betting once the game takes shape.
  • Recovery – If you’ve made a pre-game bet that is already a certain failure, you can hedge before the final seconds tick off the clock by partaking in live NFL odds. Let’s say you’ve placed a bet on the 49ers to cover a 9 point spread but they are losing by 28 at halftime. You can lay some action on live NFL odds and earn that money back, and more, all within the same football game.

NFL Live Odds Tips & Tricks

One of the best NFL betting strategies that we suggest for new football gamblers is to limit each wager to 3% of your total bankroll. This allows for live NFL in-play betting that can last an entire Sunday instead of blowing everything on one single wager.

Although the best payouts can be earned by wagering on NFL underdogs and their moneylines, don’t overindulge. Temper your expectations when live betting on NFL moneylines that are well into the positive, but we do advise laying a dollar or two on a longshot every now and then if you’ve got a hunch.

Lastly, do your online sportsbook banking with cryptocurrency, but only if transaction speed and online security are of interest to you. Add to that the extra bonus cash dollars that are offered from online NFL sportsbooks across the board when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used and it is easy to see why it’s the deposit and withdrawal method of choice for live football odds.

NFL Live Betting Applications

Red Mobile Icon - hand holding smartphoneWe can’t conceive of a more compelling combination than live betting odds for NFL games and wagering on them using an iPhone, iPad, or other popular tablet or smartphone. Mobile sports betting on live NFL odds is a breeze – just click on any of the sportsbook links in the table above and your device will be converted into a handheld football gambling gadget for the best in on-the-go gridiron gaming.

You read that right. You don’t need to download anything. Any modern web-ready device can access these mobile NFL apps using a current browser like Opera, Google, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more. Click through each one of them using your device today to see the best live betting odds, NFL or otherwise.

Banking Options

As mentioned earlier, using cryptocurrency and banking with Bitcoin at online sportsbooks is the best option because of cybersecurity, transaction speed, and higher bonus cash offers. We won’t go into too many specifics here, but online sportsbook sites that allow for live in play betting on NFL odds really prefer using crypto over the US Dollar, although they do accept credit cards, debit cards, and a few other traditional USD methods.

Take a moment to browse through all of the sports betting sites that we recommend for wagering on live NFL odds, in-game bets, and more, to witness first-hand all of the advantages that banking with BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, other popular cryptocurrencies allow for.