Legal Online NFL Futures Betting

NFL Football LogoAs soon as the Super Bowl winner is declared each year, online football betting sites will already have NFL futures odds on the board for the champion of the following season.  One of the most popular options for betting on the NFL online is the futures odds that allow for wagers to be placed on the champion of the league, conference, division, and more.

Of all the NFL bet types, futures odds are the most routinely profitable as their moneylines are often well into the positive even if wagering on the favorite to win. Read on to learn where to partake in NFL futures betting, online sportsbooks that have made the grade, how to read the moneyline football odds and more.

Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Futures In 2024?

Yes. NFL betting is popular anywhere sports wagers are made, and that includes domestic and overseas sportsbooks. Bettors that live in or near one of the many US states that feature online or in-person sports betting can partake in NFL futures odds so long as they have passed the local minimum age requirement. 

The offshore sportsbooks that we review always feature online NFL betting as a main component of their pro football section, with year-round odds for the Super Bowl champion, the eventual NFL MVP, and more. These online sports betting sites can legally accept bets over the web from gamblers in the USA because there are no laws that prohibit them from doing so, save for WA. 

Best NFL Betting Site For Futures Odds

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Best Online Sportsbooks With NFL Futures

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What Is NFL Futures Betting?

While futures betting on NFL odds may include all lines that involve an outcome that receives action at a later date, they mostly encompass the realm of wagering on the eventual winner of the Super Bowl, AFC or NFC, division, or football players who will win the top awards at the end of the season.

Future odds are much different than NFL game lines in that there are simply a list of options to bet on for a given outcome. For instance, an NFL futures bet featuring odds on the Super Bowl winner will include a list of all teams with moneylines next to their names.

These NFL moneyline odds indicate each contender’s chance of success (according to the bookmakers) and lets sports gamblers know how much can be earned versus the amount of money risked.

Betting on NFL moneyline odds for the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East at +200 will pay out at 2-to-1 if they become the champions at online sportsbook sites. While there are not often negative moneyline odds included in futures bets for the NFL, we must note that those require more money to be wagered than can be won (i.e. -250 odds require wagers of $2.50 to win $1).

How To Bet On NFL Futures Odds Online

If you’re ready to step up and lay some action on your favorite NFL team online, we suggest joining up with one or more of the football sportsbook sites we’ve listed on this page. It’s easy to become a member if you follow these steps.

  • Click on the join or sign-up icon at the top of the homepage of the NFL sportsbook site(s) you wish to join.
  • Enter pertinent account data. Don’t enter incorrect information, it might cause for delays when it comes time to collect payouts made on NFL futures bets.
  • The following page is for submitting your first sportsbook deposit. Our top NFL betting sites accept USD and cryptocurrency and also enhance deposits with matching bonus offers.
  • Once your deposit transaction has been completed, find the NFL section of the sportsbook and lay some action on futures odds for the Super Bowl, and more.

Current NFL Futures Odds: Super Bowl 57

Super Bowl LVI

Examples Of NFL Futures Bets

Super Bowl Futures – All 32 teams in the NFL will remain as an option on the Super Bowl futures odds until they are no longer in contention to qualify for the playoffs. SB futures typically appear the day following the completion of the prior Super Bowl and are some of the earliest pro football betting odds available for action on a given season.

AFC, NFC, and NFL Division Odds – Betting on the winner of each NFL Conference and Division operates identically to Super Bowl futures, but there are less options, and narrower odds and payouts. The NFL futures odds for conferences and divisions are often the best indicator of playoff-bound teams as the winner of each category is guaranteed a spot in the postseason.

Top Player Honors – Each year there will be NFL MVP odds, futures for the Rookie of the Year for offense and defense, as well as lines for the Walter Payton Man of the Year, and more. All players that are eligible to receive the award will be included among the betting options, and these lines will remain live until the winner is announced.

NFL Draft Betting – Draft odds are NFL prop bets as well as futures. Betting on the NFL Draft lets online sports gamblers wager on which player they think will be selected at a certain spot, total number of picks from a school, or any other odds that bookmakers believe will generate interest. These futures odds are very popular each April when the NFL Draft occurs, but oftentimes, the first overall selection is such a lock that lines aren’t even offered for pick #1.

Strategies For Legal NFL Futures Betting

Bet Early – As the season progresses and the calendar draws nearer to the date where the winner of the NFL futures bet becomes clearer, the odds will narrow and provide smaller payouts. Make your online NFL betting picks early and take advantage of the profits that can be earned by the preseason football futures.

Check With Multiple Sportsbooks Before Placing A Bet – Shop around at each of the NFL online sportsbooks we promote on this page and you’ll discover a significant variance in the betting odds across the board. That’s why it pays to shop the odds and find the easiest route to a payout, and we’ve given bettors a host of options to browse through above.

Let’s say an NFL fan wants to wager on the futures odds of the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the Super Bowl at one or more online sports betting sites. One book may have them at +800 while another has them at +1600. Betting at the latter NFL sportsbook site will award double the money for not only the same outcome but for the same amount of money wagered.

Spread The Wealth – Because pre-season futures odds for the NFL are often well into the positive for almost every option, a winning bet is sure to secure a lot of cash no matter who you lay action on. Place a bet on more than one NFL team so that you can hedge and give yourself more wiggle room.

Many online NFL sportsbooks only allow for single bets on futures odds, so it may require visiting more than one football betting site to make this happen. Again, just another reason to go line shopping for the best NFL odds.