Super Bowl Trivia And Fun Facts

Every year the Super Bowl brings a lot of fun and excitement to millions of fans from all over the world. With Super Bowl parties being planned, it's always fun to circulate a little bit of historical trivia throughout the room.

There is certainly no shortage of fun facts about each game. Just the stats on the advertisement sector of this event are fascinating. A lot of home viewers have admitted to looking forward to the commercials as much as they are looking forward to the game itself, and the ad companies and TV stations are exploiting those prize moments to the hilt with multi-million dollar ad spots and star-studded television commercials.

Just to keep things fun, we've included a little bit of trivia by recounting a memorable fact about the most recent Super Bowl games. Whether you are betting on the Super Bowl or just enjoying the game, here is a little lighthearted trivia to lighten the mood as bettors make the agonizing decision regarding who they are betting on for this year's event.

Interesting Super Bowl Facts

  • 2023 Super Bowl Facts: Super Bowl LVII was the first time that the starting quarterbacks for both teams were African American. It is also the first occasion where two brothers faced each other in a Super Bowl - Travis (KC) and Jason Kelce (PHI).
  • 2022 Super Bowl Fact: Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is the youngest to ever win a Super Bowl at 36 years and 20 days old.
  • 2021 Super Bowl Fact: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first NFL Franchise to host a Superbowl at their home stadium in league history and won the game by beating the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • 2020 Super Bowl Fact: The victory delivered the first Super Bowl championship for Kansas City head coach Andy Reid. It was also his 222nd career victory as an NFL head coach, occurring on 2/2/2020.
  • 2019 Super Bowl Fact: With a final score of 13-3, Super Bowl 53 is now the lowest-scoring SB in league history. It also set the record for appearances (New England - 11, Tom Brady - 9, Bill Belichick - 9), and wins (NE, Brady, Belichick - 6).
  • 2018 Super Bowl Fact: The Philadelphia Eagles managed to overcome the 4 point spread and defeat Tom Brady and the Patriots, delivering them their third Super Bowl loss, and giving New England sole possession of the dubious honor of losing the most all-time Super Bowls, tying the Denver Broncos with 5.
  • 2017 Super Bowl Fact: The Atlanta Falcons were ahead of the Patriots by a score of 28-3 in the _, but managed to lose the game in miraculous fashion, allowing New England the largest Super Bowl comeback in history. It was also the first Super Bowl to go to overtime.
  • 2016 Super Bowl Fact: The 17-1 Panthers were the ninth team to advance to the Super Bowl with one or fewer losses, and the first since undefeated New England lost to the Giants eight years ago. Those teams are 5-3 in Super Bowls
  • 2015 Super Bowl Fact: Tickets were going for a minimum of $9K up to $30K. There was an estimated 10 Billion wagered on the Super Bowl in 2015. More than 100 million viewers tuned in. A 30 second ad spot ran between 4-5 million.
  • 2014 Super Bowl Fact: The price for a television commercial that is thirty seconds to two minutes in length costs a record $4.5 million dollars, up from $3.8 million in the 2013 game. 43 advertisers have purchased ad space from Fox.
  • 2013 Super Bowl Fact: A power failure at the Super Dome in New Orleans disrupted the game and left half of the stadium in the dark for more than 30 minutes.
  • 2012 Super Bowl Fact: Super Bowl XLVI was the most-watched telecast of all time – reaching 111.3 million viewers. The numbers exceeded the 2013 game by nearly 3 million viewers.
  • 2011 Super Bowl Fact: 1250 ticket holders were given triple refunds for their $800.00 ticket due to a seating problem at the Cowboy Stadium that left 850 of these attendees relocated and 400 unable to watch the game in the stadium at all.
  • 2010 Super Bowl Fact: Super Bowl games make up nine of the top 10 most-watched television programs of all time on American television. In 2010, the Super Bowl stole the title from the MASH series finale, unseating them as the most-watched show of all time in television history, with viewership exceeding 106.5 million.
  • 2009 Super Bowl Fact: Santonio Holmes, the MVP for that year's game provided the winning catch for the Steelers with less than 35 seconds left to go in the game. Though there were 7 angles which caught the magnificent feat, the play was still reviewed by officials prior to being declared as one of the greatest catches in the history of the game.

Superbowl Money Facts

  • $5.6 Billion is spent by consumers buying Super Bowl-related items.
  • The city that hosts the Super Bowl can bring in over 400 million into the local economy.
  • Players receive an $88K bonus for winning the Super Bowl. Players on the losing team get $46K.