Coin Toss Prop Bets For Super Bowl 58

NFL Football LogoWhile 50/50 odds typically indicate a competitive matchup, the 50% ratio of coin toss results does not imply a tough battle. What they do suggest is that not much background info is required to make an informed wager, and the same can be said for coin toss prop bets for Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl betting sites lower the boom when it comes to their enormous allocation of space that they dedicate to SB prop bets, and coin toss odds can hit the boards at any time because of the 50/50 probability attached to the results.

Learn the history of the SB coin toss results, how those can apply to your strategies for betting on Super Bowl LVIII, and whether or not it is legal by reading the remainder of this handbook.

Is It Legal To Bet On Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds?

It is indeed legal to bet on Super Bowl coin toss props and gamblers in the US can do so at domestic sportsbooks or at overseas online Super Bowl betting sites.

Domestic – Several states in the US have adopted legal sports betting venues that allow for wagering on the Super Bowl.

Overseas – Online NFL sportsbook sites that operate in a jurisdiction outside of the United States are not subject to their governance, and are able to accept bets over the internet on SB coin toss props without violating state or federal gambling laws.

Best Sportsbook Sites For 2023 SB Coin Toss Props

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What Are Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bets?

Super Bowl LVI Coin Toss odds

Proposition bets, or prop bets for short, involve aspects of sports that occur during the television broadcast and may or may not impact the final result of the game. This NFL bet type includes National Anthem props, Super Bowl halftime show odds, MVP props, Super Bowl commercial props, Super Bowl team props, and the ever-popular SB coin toss prop bets.

Super Bowl coin toss odds are no different from a flip of a coin in your living room. The odds for heads and tails are at 50%, with nether outcome possessing a legitimate advantage. It’s pure chance, but the Superbowl payouts are real.

What Is The Best Betting Option For Coin Toss Props?

In our opinion, internationally based online NFL sportsbooks are where its at for coin toss prop bets on the Super Bowl. They’re available in 48 out of the 50 states in the USA and don’t require bettors to leave their homes to partake in all the coin toss odds offered for each year’s Super Bowl.

These offshore sportsbook sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide top-notch customer service, quick payout times, and also allow for deposits and withdrawals to be made using Bitcoin (BTC), something that domestic books have yet to adopt.

Check them out for yourself via the table above and you’ll see what we mean.  There’s no cost attached to browsing, so locate the one with the right perks that cater to your betting needs. If you are looking for further information on tips for betting on the Super Bowl or other props see our Super Bowl menu for all the answers you seek.

How Does The 2023 Super Bowl Coin Flip Work?

The visiting team, whether in the regular season or the NFL Playoffs, is allowed to call whether or not they think the Super Bowl coin toss will land with heads or tails facing up. The call of heads or tails must be made by a designated team captain while the Super Bowl coin is in the air.

If the visiting team calls the SB coin toss correctly, then they get to decide whether they want to receive the ball first or defer to the second half.

If the visiting team makes an incorrect call when trying to predict the Super Bowl coin toss, then the home team gets to decide whether they want to receive the opening kickoff or defer to the third quarter.

The team that is not awarded the opening kickoff is allowed to choose which side of the field they wish to defend first. Team’s often opt for the side of the field that is not in opposition to the wind, or is not facing directly into the sunlight.

The home and visiting teams for the Super Bowl rotate each year between the AFC and NFC.

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Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bet FAQs

Who Makes The Super Bowl Coin Used For The Toss?

The coin that is used to determine the winner of the Super Bowl coin toss is made by the Highland Mint. They offer replica coins for sale on their official website. The Super Bowl is 1.5” wide with one side featuring the Lombardi Trophy and the helmets of each Super Bowl team.

Is There A Way To Win A Coin Toss Bet Every Time?

Not really. The odds are 50/50 for each and every coin flip, so it isn’t feasible to win every time.

What Is The History Of The Super Bowl Coin Toss?

Super Bowl 55Heads Kansas City Tampa Bay No

GameResultWinnerLoserWin Coin Toss & SB?
Super Bowl 57----
Super Bowl 56TailsCincinnatiLA RamsNo
Super Bowl 55HeadsKansas CityTampa BayNo
Super Bowl 54TailsSan FranciscoKansas CityNo
Super Bowl 53TailsL.A. RamsNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 52HeadsNew EnglandPhiladelphiaNo
Super Bowl 51TailsAtlantaNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 50TailsCarolinaDenverNo
Super Bowl 49TailsSeattleNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 48TailsSeattleDenverYes
Super Bowl 47HeadsBaltimoreSan FranciscoYes
Super Bowl 46HeadsNew EnglandN.Y. GiantsNo
Super Bowl 45HeadsGreen BayPittsburghYes
Super Bowl 44HeadsNew OrleansIndianapolisYes
Super Bowl 43HeadsArizonaPittsburghNo
Super Bowl 42TailsN.Y. GiantsNew EnglandYes
Super Bowl 41HeadsChicagoIndianapolisNo
Super Bowl 40TailsSeattlePittsburghNo
Super Bowl 39TailsPhiladelphiaNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 38TailsCarolinaNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 37TailsTampa BayOaklandYes
Super Bowl 36HeadsSt. LouisNew EnglandNo
Super Bowl 35TailsN.Y. GiantsBaltimoreNo
Super Bowl 34TailsSt. LouisTennesseeYes
Super Bowl 33TailsAtlantaDenverNo
Super Bowl 32TailsGreen BayDenverNo
Super Bowl 31HeadsNew EnglandGreen BayNo
Super Bowl 30TailsDallasPittsburghYes
Super Bowl 29HeadsSan FranciscoSan DiegoYes
Super Bowl 28TailsDallasBuffaloYes
Super Bowl 27HeadsBuffaloN.Y. GiantsNo
Super Bowl 26HeadsWashingtonBuffaloYes
Super Bowl 25HeadsBuffaloN.Y. GiantsNo
Super Bowl 24HeadsDenverSan FranciscoNo
Super Bowl 23TailsSan FranciscoCincinnatiYes
Super Bowl 22HeadsWashingtonDenverYes
Super Bowl 21TailsDenverN.Y. GiantsNo
Super Bowl 20TailsChicagoNew EnglandYes
Super Bowl 19TailsSan FranciscoMiamiYes
Super Bowl 18HeadsL.A. RaidersWashingtonYes
Super Bowl 17TailsMiamiWashingtonNo
Super Bowl 16TailsSan FranciscoCincinnatiYes
Super Bowl 15TailsPhiladelphiaOaklandNo
Super Bowl 14HeadsL.A. RamsPittsburghNo
Super Bowl 13HeadsDallasPittsburghNo
Super Bowl 12HeadsDallasDenverYes
Super Bowl 11TailsOaklandMinnesotaYes
Super Bowl 10HeadsDallasPittsburghNo
Super Bowl 9TailsPittsburghMinnesotaYes
Super Bowl 8HeadsMiamiMinnesotaYes
Super Bowl 7HeadsMiamiWashingtonYes
Super Bowl 6HeadsMiamiDallasNo
Super Bowl 5TailsDallasBaltimoreNo
Super Bowl 4TailsMinnesotaKansas CityNo
Super Bowl 3HeadsN.Y. JetsBaltimoreYes
Super Bowl 2TailsOaklandGreen BayNo
Super Bowl 1HeadsGreen BayKansas CityYes


Does The Superbowl Coin Toss Winner Usually Win The Super Bowl?

No. The team that chooses the correct side of the coin in the Super Bowl has won the big game 24 out of 55 times (44%)

What Is The Longest Coin Toss Super Bowl Streak For Heads Or Tails?

The longest streak for heads is 5 during Super Bowls 43 through 47. Tails has had three streaks of 4 with Super Bowls 22 through 25, 37 through 40, and most recently, Super Bowls 48 through 51.