Super Bowl Prop Bets – Set Your Bet Schedule Now

It is never too early to prepare for betting on the big game. With only five days remaining until the kickoff of Super Bowl 58, the opening whistle can sneak up on gamblers.

Don’t get caught napping. Line up your wagers now so the cash winnings will keep coming in all night long. Here’s our bet schedule presented in the order of how Super Bowl prop bets will conclude.

Super Bowl 58 Bet Schedule

Once the broadcast for Super Bowl LVIII begins, so do the prop bets. Super Bowl commercial prop bets have the potential to cash in first, but there is no guarantee that the given ads will air before other wagers conclude.

Next up are the National Anthem prop bets for Reba McEntire’s performance of the Star-Spangled Banner. Wagers can be placed on Reba’s wardrobe, the length of time it takes to sing the Anthem, and which player or coach will be shown first on camera during the performance.

Just to play it safe, bet on the National Anthem and a few Super Bowl ads because there’s no telling which odds will expire first.

After the pregame performances have wrapped up, the focus shifts to Super Bowl coin toss odds. The coin landing on heads or tails is a popular bet, but props are also offered for whether the team that calls it is correct and if the team that calls correctly wins the game.

Once kickoff occurs, most team and player props become active. Some can expire immediately upon the completion of a single play, while others will take a majority of the game to fulfill.

Once the second quarter is over, the Halftime Show begins with a performance from a popular musician. This year, Usher is the performing artist for the Halftime Show, and prop bets are available for the first song he’ll sing, the first word he’ll utter, his wardrobe, and any visiting musicians that may accompany him on stage.

Once the third quarter begins, the action mostly involves statistical achievements. After the game is over, odds for the color of the drink poured on the winning coach’s head expire next.

Perhaps the final prop bet of the evening is Super Bowl MVP odds, which is awarded during one of the last segments of the telecast. Keep in mind that this award is given to a quarterback more than half the time, which is why most non-QBs will have astronomically high moneyline odds.

That said, betting on a Most Valuable Player who isn’t a quarterback will always more than double your money.

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