Will Trump Go To Jail? Can He Still Be President? Bet On It!

Yesterday, former President Trump was found guilty on all 34 felony criminal counts in a New York state courtroom. The charges stemmed from payments Trump’s campaign made to cover up extra-marital affairs that were improperly reported on official business filings.

Since there has never been a former or sitting President who has been found guilty of a felony crime, many are now wondering whether Donald Trump is still eligible to run for office and if he’ll spend time in jail.

Here, we examine these questions and have a look at what the current election betting odds at online political sportsbooks suggest about Trump’s future.

What Are Trump’s Odds Of Going To Prison?

Those hoping that the Teflon Don will finally land behind bars are in for some disappointment. Trump’s odds of going to jail before November 5th are low and will pay out at $2.75 per dollar wagered if bets are placed now.

Will Trump Be Imprisoned Before Election?

  • Yes +275
  • No -400

The above odds will payout regardless of why Trump is placed in jail and are not tied to any active cases or charges.

Remember, despite what some may think about the former President, he has never been convicted of a crime and would be considered a first-time offender.

Also, due to the technical nature of these crimes, there could be additional leniency regarding the sentencing. He was not required to post bail to remain free between the verdict reading and the sentencing hearing on July 11th, so it isn’t likely that a period of incarceration will follow.

However, each of the charges comes with a maximum sentence of 4 years. If the judge decides to go all the way, Trump’s potential tenure behind bars could be set at 136 years.

Can Trump Still Run For President?

Not only can Donald Trump continue his campaign for reelection to the White House, but he also leads all Presidential Candidates in the current betting odds.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald Trump -115
  • Joe Biden +125

While his odds to win have slipped a few points since the judgment, he is still ahead of President Biden at all of the online sportsbooks we do business with.

The 34 guilty verdicts may not have removed him from the top spot in the election futures at legal sports betting sites, but some consequences will fall outside the realm of politics.

For instance, stocks for Trump Media, the company in charge of Truth Social, dropped as much as 15% in value following the announcement of the trial verdict in New York.

As long as he doesn’t spend any time in jail as a result of this conviction, he can also retain his voting rights.

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