Betting on Britney Spears: Interviews, Engagement, & Conservatorship

Britney Spears betting lines have, yet again, made their return to legal online sportsbooks. Just a few months ago, Ms. Spears’ name dominated headlines around the globe. At the time, the star was seeking legal aid in hopes of escaping her court-ordered conservatorship.

#FreeBritney Gains Traction

In June of 2021,  Ms. Spears delivered a heart-wrenching testimony to Los Angeles judge Brenda Penny. The audio was later distributed to the media and heard by aching ears across the globe.

Since then, Ms. Spears’ father has written the courts, offering to step down from his role in her conservatorship. However, no official motion has yet been filed to terminate Ms. Spears’ conservatorship.

Legal Motion Brings Liberty

While Britney is not exactly free, the extensive press coverage has enabled her liberation in many ways. According to most major outlets, Britney is much happier now. She is allowed to go on vacations, spend time with her boyfriend, and even appear on talk shows to tell her story.

On September 12th, Britney announced her engagement to personal trainer and long-term boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Betting lines were swift in their uploading and removal of Britney Spears odds over the Summer. But with legal proceedings moving in the artist’s favor, along with the breaking news of her engagement, Britney betting has returned to sportsbooks.

Britney Spears Next Interview With?

  • Oprah +250
  • Jimmy Fallon +500
  • Jimmy Kimmel +600
  • Ellen DeGeneres +800
  • Christina Aguilera +1200
  • Dr Phil +1200
  • Justin Timberlake +1400
  • Graham Norton +2500
  • James Corden +2500
  • Conan O’Brien +3300
  • Craig Ferguson +3300
  • Ryan Seacrest +3300
  • Ryan Gosling +3500
  • Beyonce +4000
  • John Oliver +4000
  • Lindsay Lohan +5000
  • Madonna +5000

When Will Britney Spears Marry Sam Asghari?

  • After July 1, 2022 -130
  • Before July 1, 2022 -110

Better Days For Britney

While these lines make for strange entertainment betting, they seem to point to a brighter future for Britney. The pop star’s next conservatorship-related court hearing is slated for September 29th.

Sportsbooks previously had betting lines for whether Britney would be released from her conservatorship. Given the rigidity of the 13-year court order, many doubted Britney’s ability to resume life as a normal 39-year old woman.

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Source: The New York Times