North Carolina Casino Expansion Efforts Likely To Take Months or Years

Considering North Carolina recently passed a mobile sports betting platform, some lawmakers are now looking towards domestic casinos to benefit the state’s budget. However, passing a new bill could take months or even years.

Sources report that some legislatures are talking about a domestic casino bill for North Carolina, but current state budget talks are moved to catch up ever; there has yet to be any mention of domestic casinos in the current budget either. House Speaker Tim Moore stated, “There is also currently no language in the consensus budget or any other separately reached agreement that would authorize up to four casinos and video lottery machines statewide.

Currently, there are only tribal casinos in NC, and those locations are outside the metropolitan areas. 

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal In North Carolina?

Online casino gambling in North Carolina can be accessed with offshore casinos operating legally in the United States. Federal gambling laws do not forbid online gambling outside the states; however, the federal government allows states to enact their own rules. 

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Commercial Casinos Not Likely

Since there are already tribal casinos in North Carolina, any new commercial casino legislation does not seem likely without pushback from the tribes. And given that the current House Speaker has addressed the issue and has yet to offer the green light, it is doubtful anything will happen in 2023. 

We believe that one day all states will open their doors to domestic casinos but for some states, that might stay with the tribes and their compacts. Other states, such as Florida, have taken the issue to the state’s Supreme Court to try and revise their state-tribal gaming compacts.