Win A Share Of $250,000 Playing BetOnline’s NFL Survivor Contest

September is right around the corner, signaling the annual onset of over five months of NFL betting. To set the stage properly, BetOnline AG has created an NFL Survivor Contest that runs for the entire 2023-24 season if you can keep making correct picks each week.

What’s at stake is $250,000 USD to the BetOnline member that can keep picking consecutive weekly NFL winners.

To add to the stakes, the BetOnline NFL Survivor Contest features a jackpot that accumulates once the total entries surpass $250K.

That means there is technically no limit to the potential winnings. Most sportsbook contests feature prizes awarded in bonus cash where rollover terms are attached.

That’s not the case here, as there are no rollover conditions included in the jackpot. All winnings can be spent in the online sportsbook or withdrawn immediately.

Registration is open now, with a deadline set for September 11th at 8:05 PM. Don’t wait until then, though, because that limits your Week 1 selection options to either the New York Jets or the Buffalo Bills on the opening episode of Monday Night Football.

The only prerequisite for entry into the contest is an active BetOnline account. Up to 25 entries can be purchased, and the more, the merrier because they get cheaper as you go.

The first entry is $30, entries two through five are $20, six through ten are $15, and eleven through twenty-five are $10 each.

Funds will need to be uploaded to BetOnline accounts in order to purchase entries to the survivor contest. The only way to enter the contest is online.

BetOnline is also offering an early bird special where entries submitted before this Sunday will receive an additional entry for free. Don’t hesitate to get your selections in and earn an extra pick on the house.

Here’s how the contest works. Each week, members pick a team to win a game. If your team wins, your entry remains alive, and you can then make a selection again the following week.

The catch is you can’t pick the same team twice over the course of the season. That means you’ll have to use your head and hold off on picking more obvious winners early on.

The last contestant standing at the end of the season wins the grand prize of $250,000. The contest will end early if there is only one participant remaining prior to the end of the 18-week NFL season.

If there is more than one member remaining after the season ends, the pot will be split evenly among them.

The contest does not include the NFL Playoffs.

Special Considerations To Keep In Mind

  • NFL games that are canceled for any reason will be graded as a loser.
  • If an NFL game is postponed and is not completed before the Wednesday of the following week, it will be graded a loser.
  • Each game locks and cannot be selected or changed once it begins.
  • Picks can be changed at any time before said game begins.
  • Weeks cannot be skipped. If a selection is not made on a given week, it will be ruled a loser.

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