2019 Super Bowl Odds: Tom Brady vs Jared Goff Player Props

Who will have the better Super Bowl performance in the quarterback battle between young vs. old?

Bovada has released betting odds on the player props for the quarterback position in the Super Bowl 53 matchup between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

When the two meet in Super Bowl 53 on Feb. 3, the matchup will feature the biggest age gap between opposing quarterbacks in the history of the big game with a difference of 17 years between the two.

Brady, who is 41 years old, will top his own record that he set during last year’s Super Bowl, where he became the oldest starting quarterback. On the flip side, the 24-year-old Goff becomes the fourth-youngest quarterback to start in the title game.

Below are Bovada’s odds for each of the quarterback specific player prop bets that are available on Brady and Goff for Super Bowl 53.

Super Bowl 53 Quarterback Props

Total Passing Yards – Tom Brady

Over/Under 300.5

Total Passing Yards – Jared Goff

Over/Under 289.5

Total Passing Attempts In The Game – Jared Goff

Over/Under 36.0

Total Passing Attempts In The Game – Tom Brady

Over/Under 37.5

Total Touchdown Passes – Jared Goff

Over/Under 2.0

Total Touchdown Passes – Tom Brady

Over/Under 2.0

Total Completions – Jared Goff

Over/Under 23.5

Total Completions – Tom Brady

Over/Under 25.0

Total Interceptions Thrown – Jared Goff

Over/Under 0.5

Total Interceptions Thrown – Tom Brady

Over/Under 0.5

Total Rushing Yards – Jared Goff

Over/Under 8.5

Total Rushing Yards – Tom Brady

Over/Under 0.5