2023-24 NFL Betting Begins This Thursday With Preseason Opener

August 1st brings with it warm breezes, the smell of freshly mown grass, and the sounds of football pads crashing together as players prepare for the upcoming season.

In just over 48 hours, the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns will kick off the 2023 Hall of Fame Game, the beginning of the preseason schedule.

Each team now gets only three preseason games, save for the franchises that participate in the opener – they get four. The extra game allows these programs sixty additional minutes to get a better look at their young talent.

Translation – do not expect to see Aaron Rodgers on the field for longer than one series this Thursday night.

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns

  • Point Spread: NYJ -2.0, CLE +2.0
  • Moneyline Odds: NYJ -120, CLE EVEN
  • Over/Under: 33.5

Even without Rodgers, we advise taking in the entire game and even partaking in some NFL betting if you feel the urge. Why? Because there won’t be another NFL preseason game until a week later, on August 10th.

Week 1 NFL game lines are already posted for betting at Bovada and other NFL sportsbook sites we recommend.

As far as betting on the Super Bowl goes, futures odds are currently suggesting that the Kansas City Chiefs will repeat as champions. That should come as no shock, but going back-to-back doesn’t happen that often.

Winning two Super Bowls in a row has only occurred eight times in the history of the National Football League. The last repeat champions were the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 38 and Super Bowl 39 in 2004 and 2005.

Below are the top 10 teams that are most likely to win it all in the odds for Super Bowl betting.

Preseason Super Bowl 58 Futures

  • Kansas City Chiefs +675
  • Philadelphia Eagles +775
  • Cincinnati Bengals +800
  • San Francisco 49ers +850
  • Buffalo Bills +1100
  • New York Jets +1200
  • Dallas Cowboys +1600
  • Miami Dolphins +1600
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800
  • Detroit Lions +2500

Several usual suspects are included in the top hopefuls save for the Detroit Lions, who are normally the laughingstock of the league. Believe it or not, the Lions are actually favored to win the NFC North for the first time ever.

However, Detroit’s surge in the NFL odds has as much to do with their improving talent as Aaron Rodgers’ departure from the division.

NFC North Odds To Win

  • Detroit Lions +150
  • Minnesota Vikings +300
  • Green Bay Packers +330
  • Chicago Bears +375

Winning the division would guarantee the Lions a top-four seed in the NFC half of the NFL Playoffs. Similar odds are posted for each division in the NFL.

Ultimately, If you’ve got a hunch regarding which team will win a given division, conference, or the Super Bowl, the time to place a bet is now.

Lastly, the NFL odds won’t get longer than they are during the preseason, so take advantage and collect a massive payout once the season or playoffs are over.

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