Thursday Night NFL Betting On Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions Odds

Tomorrow night at 8:20 PM on Amazon Prime, the 2023-24 NFL season officially begins when the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions kick-off. Chiefs vs. Lions betting lines are offered up at each of the legal NFL sportsbook sites we endorse here at LBO, with plenty of variance available when shopping around.

Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs Betting Lines

  • Detroit Lions Point Spread: +4.5 (Bovada, BetOnline, BetUS), +5.0 (MyBookie)
  • Detroit Lions Moneyline Odds To Win: +185 (Bovada), +180 (BetOnline), +175 (BetUS), +198 (MyBookie)
  • Kansas City Chiefs Point Spread: -4.5 (Bovada, BetOnline, BetUS), -5.0 (MyBookie)
  • Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline Odds To Win: -225 (Bovada), -210 (BetOnline, BetUS), -250 (MyBookie)
  • Over/Under: 52.5 (Bovada, BetOnline, BetUS), 53.0 (MyBookie)

We’ve combined Chiefs vs. Lions betting lines from four of our favorite online NFL gambling sites and have compared the odds, point spreads, and totals above.

Putting these differences side by side is useful for placing online bets and earning the most profit. Since KC is favored to win, more money will need to be risked than can be won by wagering on their moneyline odds.

Betting on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the game is most profitable at either BetOnline or BetUS and their -210 moneyline. Using one of these football betting sites will only require a wager of $2.10 to net a one-dollar gain. That’s up to $0.40 of differential from other books.

The Lions are the underdogs, so gamblers will earn exponential profits no matter which sportsbook you choose to wager with. However, there are still additional profits available if you shop around.

MyBookie has placed a +198 moneyline on the Detroit Lions beating the Chiefs tomorrow night, paying $2.98 on $1 bets.

Betting the NFL over/under for tomorrow night’s game features totals that range between 52.5 and 53.0 points. There are even variances in the NFL point spread, a rarity at pro football sportsbooks for most games.

Despite the Lions’ underdog status, they are actually favored to win the NFC North Division this season.

NFC North Odds To Win

  • Detroit Lions +175
  • Minnesota Vikings +270
  • Green Bay Packers +300
  • Chicago Bears +375

Detroit is favored largely due to occurrences on other teams. The Minnesota Vikings are now without stud running back Dalvin Cook, and the Green Bay Packers enter the season without the services of QB Aaron Rodgers for the first time in well over a decade. The Bears lost David Montgomery to the Lions and replaced him with rookie running back Khalil Herbert.

What’s unclear is whether the Lions are poised to improve on last season’s 9-8 performance because that’s not going to get it done in 2023-24, even with softer opposition in the division.

Detroit Lions Official Depth Chart, CBS Sports

NFL Betting Odds Provided By: Bovada (Bovada Review), BetUS (BetUS Review), BetOnline (BetOnline Review), MyBookie (MyBookie Review)