Minnesota Legal Betting To Go Live By NFL Season Start

Lawmakers have announced that they are ready to launch Minnesota sports betting ahead of the 2022-2033 NFL Season. The state’s legislature has yet to get a bill to the Governor’s desk.

Still, recent talks between House Representatives and prospective stakeholders are indicative of the forward momentum with which the state is approaching the measure.

Minnesota Surrounded By Sportsbooks

Since his November pledge to revive gaming measures in the House, Rep. Zack Stephenson has taken a leading role in the effort to bring sports betting to Minnesota. 

“It would be the biggest change in our gambling laws since the 1980s…Minnesotans deserve the opportunity,”

Minnesota Rep. Zack Stephenson

One of the legislator’s major talking points has been the border wall of legal betting states surrounding Minnesota. All five of the Gopher State’s neighbors offer some form of legal betting service.

  • Iowa: Online & In-Person, Commercial & Tribal. Active Since August 2019.
  • Michigan: Online & In-Person, Commercial & Tribal. Active Since March 2020.
  • North Dakota: In-Person, Tribal Only. Active Since June 2021.
  • South Dakota: In-Person, Commercial & Tribal Active Since September 2021.
  • Wisconsin: In-Person, Tribal Only. Active since November 2021.

Bettors will spend no more than a few hours driving in any direction to place their wagers in the above states. And for Minnesota, it’s costing millions in local tax dollars.

Senate Proposal For 2022

Sports betting has proven to be a bipartisan issue for the state. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have proposed sports betting measures in the past.

And while no such bills have made it to law, Minnesota’s Senate Republicans are working on a deal that they think will win over both the legislature and the state’s operators.

The proposal would authorize the operation of retail betting at both tribal casinos and local horse racing tracks. Additionally, the measure includes provisions for online and mobile betting, as seen fit by the state’s tribes.

“This is something that people in Minnesota want to see happen – that they’re, quite frankly, traveling across the border to make happen…This is a win-win scenario for the people of Minnesota and for the state of Minnesota.”

Julia Coleman, R-Waconia.

Still, passing such a measure would require more than the signing of a bill. Minnesota’s tribes would have to agree to the amendment of their respective gaming compacts, most of which have not seen changes since 2015.

Legal Betting Options For Minnesotans

For those eager to start betting now, options are still at your disposal. While those who can spare the drive can head over to a neighboring state to set their wagers, it may not be the most efficient way to bet.

Legal offshore sportsbooks are available for access on almost any device and offer a gaming experience matching that of domestic books. Plus, top offshore sportsbooks have a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options so that you get your money your way.

Source: CBS Minnesota