Roc Nation Takes Out Full Page Ads For New York City Casino Plans

Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Jay Z, has taken out full-page ads in multiple publications (New York Post, New York Daily News, and Amsterdam News) detailing their plans for a New York City casino and rallying support for the endeavor. 

The state of New York has stated that several gaming licenses will be awarded soon, including one for the Big Apple, which has multiple entities vying for the privilege. The state said the casino licenses would only be granted if the community supports the development plans. 

Last year Roc Nation announced that they teamed up with Caesars Entertainment and have a location planned for Times Square. A Times Square casino has already faced backlash as several businesses have joined forces to oppose a casino claiming that the area is too congested and that an all-exclusive casino resort will add to the congestion and hurt already established businesses in the area.

Other Notable Casino Plans For NYC

In addition to Roc Nation, several other big players are eyeing a casino location for the Big Apple. One of the most notable players looking to be awarded an NYC casino license is Steve Cohn, who joined the Las Vegas Sands Corporation to bring an all-exclusive casino resort to NYC. 

Steve Cohn is an already popular figure in New York and is the current owner of the New York Mets. He recently planned an event where he brought the community together to discuss bringing a casino to the Queens area.

Are Online Casinos Allowed To Operate In NYC?

Federal gambling laws allow online casinos to operate in all 50 states. However, some states have passed laws preventing them from operating in their state. New York has no restrictions on casinos operating legally online. However, that could change as more casinos move into the states.

New York City has several outlets where residents can bet online, including domestic and offshore sportsbooks and legal online casinos. The state will likely allow domestic casinos to operate online in the future, but for now, NYC residents can only utilize offshore services.

When Will NY Announce Who Is Awarded A Domestic Casino License?

There has yet to be a date announced for the casino licenses to be awarded. However, the state requested that all applications be turned in by February 2023. A $500 million licensing fee will be required when the license is awarded, and only investors willing to put $500 million into development will be considered.