2024 Presidential Election Odds For DeSantis Place Him Third After Announcing Candidacy

The question of will Ron DeSantis make a run for the 2024 Presidency was finally answered yesterday when the current Florida Governor officially announced his candidacy.

The announcement was made via a Twitter Spaces audio stream alongside Elon Musk, a broadcast that was marred with laughable delays and glitches.  Most often, candidacy announcements are made in front of hundreds of loyal supporters with impressive displays of American regalia and political campaign paraphernalia.

Of course, a flub like this will not escape Trump’s wrath. He’s already posted multiple times on his Truth Social account about it, including this one:

While at first, this may seem like a pathetic attempt to stifle the flames of DeSantis’ announcement, polls and the odds at election betting sites place Ron in a distant third place behind Joe Biden and Trump.

Odds To Win US Presidential Election In 2024

  • Joe Biden +160
  • Donald Trump Sr. +250
  • Ron DeSantis +450
  • Robert Kennedy, Jr +2000
  • Michelle Obama +2800
  • Gavin Newsom +4000
  • Kamala Harris +4000
  • Hillary Clinton +5000
  • Nikki Haley +5000
  • Tim Scott +6000

DeSantis is also trailing in a poll conducted by CNN yesterday, with only 26% supporting him compared to 53% for Trump. This differs from a poll conducted in March, where the two Republican candidates were more or less tied.

Of all the 2024 Presidential candidates, DeSantis appeared to have a clear-cut path to the Oval Office just a few months back. As he gained confidence and support, perhaps his arrogance got the better of him as he decided to try and get revenge against Disney.

When the multimedia giant had the nerve to critique a DeSantis policy regarding gender and sexual issues, and how they’re taught in Florida’s public schools, Ron decided to go all in.

DeSantis took his revenge by removing Disney’s self-governing authority and placing a new board in control filled with his allies. Unfortunately for Ron, the Reedy Creek Improvement Board passed regulations that will keep Disney in control of its own destiny for potentially hundreds of years.

The legal battle between the State of Florida and Disney is just getting underway, but the first round certainly goes to Mickey Mouse. Perhaps the American public feels the same way and is no longer as intrigued by a Ron DeSantis that has egg on his face.

Also clear from his candidacy announcement is that he has no intention of reaching across the aisle if elected. Ron will finish building the border wall with Mexico (a Trump failure), plans to go hard against China, and looks to reign in an unwieldy FBI and Judicial Department.

He also never mentioned Trump by name during the Twitter audio stream while referring to him several times.

Other critics suggested that DeSantis’ message needs to be simplified. His overuse of uncommon acronyms could alienate him from much of the voting public.

With the FL Governor beginning his campaign so deep in a hole, it creates a solid gambling opportunity for betting on DeSantis to win at legal online sportsbooks.

A wager of $100 placed right now on Ron DeSantis’ odds of +450 will earn payouts of $550 if he wins the Presidency on November 5, 2024.

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