Can’t Miss Cross-Sports Prop Bets for Super Bowl 54

Just when you thought that you’d seen it all in the world of Super Bowl betting, we have prop betting lines that combine results from Super Bowl 54 and the results from other sports.

Lines that don’t involve any knowledge are the best Super Bowl prop bets. You pick an outcome and roll with it. Cross-sport wagers are not as easy, as you’ll have to do a little research to understand what the numbers mean.

Below are some of the best Super Bowl prop bets we’ve seen that involve cross-sports.


Which will be higher?

Total Round completed Wilder vs. Fury -120
Total Yards on 1st Completion by Jimmy Garoppolo -120

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set for their rematch on February 22nd, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks before this bet will payout. The total rounds that a heavyweight boxing match can go are twelve. The previous fight went to a twelve round decision, so just to be safe, we’ll use that as the number to bet against. Will Jimmy G throw for more than 13 yards on his first throw of the 2020 Super Bowl? Garoppolo threw for 12.1 yards per completion in 2019, so he is coming in just under the mark. BetOnline has the odds listed at an equal chance of occurring for both options. A bet of $120 on either side will earn $100.


The first three wagers listed under golf are for the final round of Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale, which will take place on the same day as Super Bowl 54.

Which will be higher?

Travis Kelce receptions -160
Rickie Fowler final round birdies 120

The best birdie average per round currently on the PGA Tour is 5.67 by Webb Simpson. Since there are only eighteen holes per round, that is also the limit of birdies that can be made. If Kelce can snag six receptions during the Super Bowl, then he’ll have a great shot at surpassing whatever birdie efforts Rickie Fowler can muster. Kelce has caught less than five passes only six times, including playoffs. Travis seems to have the edge on this one.

Which will be higher?

George Kittle receiving yards -150
Xander Schauffele final round score +110

Xander is averaging 68.71 per round this season. Can George Kittle catch for 69 yards or more? Kittle has only eclipsed that mark eight times in 2019, including playoffs, so Xander may be a safe option here.

Which will be higher?

Bubba Watson final round longest drive -120
Patrick Mahomes passing yards -120

Bubba Watson’s driving distance average is 313.6 yards. Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 313 yards or less eight times this season, including playoffs.  This one is too risky to make a call either way, but perhaps you have more confidence.

Which will be a higher number?

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards -200
Tiger Woods Total Strokes at the Masters 2020 +150

The Masters will take place April 9-12, so it will be several weeks before this wager is complete. Tiger Woods won the Masters last year with 275 total strokes. That number would be the best-case scenario for Tiger. A peculiar element of this bet is that, typically, more passing yards is a positive but more golf strokes is a negative. If you expect Tiger to perform well, then that makes it much easier to lay some action on Mahomes. Oddsmakers predict that Patrick will have more yards than Tiger will have stokes.


Which will be higher?

Aussie Open ATP Men’s Finals Sets Played -120
Sammy Watkins Receptions -120

The maximum number of sets that can occur in a men’s tennis final is five. Will Sammy have six or more receptions in the Super Bowl? Watkins did this only four times in 2019, including playoffs, so it is not likely. If you think the men’s final will only go three sets, then Sammy might be a safer bet. The Aussie Open Men’s Final will take place on Friday, so you’ll need to place this bet earlier than others.


What will be higher after Super Bowl LIV?

George Brett’s career Home Runs (317) -140
Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards +100

This wager is simple since George Brett is retired, and his home run total will not change. Will Mahomes throw for 318 yards or more? I think Patrick will throw for just under 300, so I’m leaning towards George Brett on this one.

Which will be higher?

Total Carries Damien Williams -200
Alex Bregman Total Hit By Pitch 2020 Reg. Season +150

You’ll need some patience for this wager as the 2020 MLB season doesn’t end until late September. The most times that Alex has been hit by a pitch in a season was in 2017 when he was nailed twelve times. This year is different, though. Many opposing pitchers are likely to be irritated by Alex due to his involvement in a recent sign-stealing controversy. Still, will this cause excess pitches thrown at his body, or will umpires clamp down on this practice early enough to affect the stat line?

Using twelve as our high-mark, I’d have to feel comfortable that Damien Williams was going to carry the ball thirteen times or more to bet on him. Odds indicate that this will happen, but Damien has only carried the ball thirteen times or more, including playoffs, four times in 2019.


Which will be higher?

Jimmy Garoppolo Rushing Yards -200
Total Completed Rounds in McGregors Next UFC Fight +150

This is an interesting line because, at first glance, it seems like easy money to bet on Jimmy G. Afterall, the maximum number of rounds for a UFC fight is five, and you figure Garoppolo can fall down twice and gain that amount of yardage on accident. The stat sheet reveals that Jimmy has only rushed for six yards or more, five times this year. Even if the McGregor fight ends in the first round, Garoppolo has finished in the negative yards three times this year. I’m staying away from this one.

The Academy Awards

Which will be higher?

Patrick Mahomes passing TDs -210
Joker Oscar Awards +160

The Joker has 11 Oscar nominations, and according to oddsmakers, it should win the award for best actor and best original score. The betting line favors Mahomes, but there is a chance that Joker wins a third Oscar. I do not have a high level of confidence that Patrick will throw for four touchdowns or more. If you feel good about the Joker, then a $100 bet can earn a payout of $160.

Which will be higher?

1917 Oscar Awards -130
Total field goals attempted -110

1917 is the odds-on favorite to take home the awards for best film, best director, best cinematography, and best sound editing. With the film poised to take home four or more Oscars, do you feel confident that at least five field goals will be attempted in Super Bowl 54?


Which will be higher?

49ers point total -190
Donald Trump total tweets on 2/3/20 +145

No decent prop bet article is complete without a mention of President Trump. He recently set a record for Presidential Tweets in a day with 140 posts. The over/under for the game is set at 55, and with the spread being between 1 and 2 points, San Francisco should score somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 points. The Donald can Tweet more than that while taking a nap, but will he be too hyper-focused on the Super Bowl to update his followers?

Below is the remaining list of Super Bowl prop bets regarding cross-sports that have been posted on BetOnline

NCAA Basketball

Which will be higher?

G. Kittle + T. Kelce receiving yards -130
Georgetown-St. John’s total points -110


Which will be higher?

James Harden point total vs. Pelicans -130
Super Bowl First half total points -110

Which will be higher?

R. Westbrook points+rebounds+assists vs. Pelicans -175
Patrick Mahomes pass attempts +135

Which will be higher?

Z. Williamson points+rebounds vs. Rockets -300
Garoppolo pass completions +200


Which will be higher?

Total TD Passes in-game -150
Total Goals Tottenham vs. Man City +110


Which will be higher?

George Kittle Receptions -120
Total Goals in Penguins vs. Capitals -120

Which will be higher?

Carey Price Saves -120
Patrick Mahomes Rushing Yards -120