In-Stadium Sports Betting In Arizona Could Debut By NFL Season

Both the Senate and the House in the Grand Canyon State have approved of a new bill that will allow for legal betting on sports in Arizona to commence.

The bill now rests on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s desk, and there are reports circulating that he could sign the bill into law as early as this Friday.

An interesting inclusion in the legal sports betting language is an allowance for professional sports stadiums inside of AZ to construct sportsbook palaces, complete with adult beverages, loads of other games to watch and bet on, and several places to relax and take in the action.

Instead of standing in line for the bathroom during halftime, Arizona Cardinal fans can go place a bet on the NFL, or wager on any other popular professional sport ongoing in the United States.

We’ve keyed in on professional athletics because betting on college sports in Arizona will be strictly forbidden if the current law passes intact.

Some US states have decided to disallow wagering on college sports that involve teams that reside within their borders, but AZ has outright prohibited all NCAA wagering, thus creating a gap in their local sports betting market.

Legal offshore sports betting sites will still provide a vital service to gamblers in Arizona, as there are no laws that prevent them from accepting wagers from 18+ patrons over the web from inside of state lines.

International sportsbook sites will continue to be a legal avenue for betting on college football, NCAA basketball, and other popular sports occurring on campuses around the country, including those located in Arizona.

When Governor Ducey signs the bill into law, the process can begin to institute domestic sportsbooks by inserting them into regional casinos, professional sports stadiums, and arenas, laptops, and personal computers, and smartphones, and tablets.

The minimum age to place a bet on sports using these newly approved sportsbook options in AZ is 21 years old. This will serve to direct more traffic to offshore sportsbook sites that begin accepting members at the age of 18, and don’t require bettors to venture outside of their homes.

Other locations that could be seeing sports betting options appear in the very near future are private clubs like the Elks Lodge or the Shriners, and racetracks, in the form of kiosks.

These un-manned betting kiosks have been popular in other legal sports betting states, and Arizona appears to have placed all of the latest popular options on the table for their citizens, save for college sports.

If all goes as intended, legal sportsbooks in Arizona could be accepting bets prior to the onset of the 2021 NFL season, which means that the debut could be a mere four months away.

Regional operators are already negotiating with top-end domestic vendors like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and more.

Announcements regarding any future plans are likely awaiting the Governor’s signature before they are released. While Arizonians wait for the outcome, offshore sports betting sites are accepting legal wagers on just about any popular sports on the planet right now, and will continue to do so whether or not this current bill receives passage.

Source – KOLD 13 Tuscon