Odds For Bowl Games And College Football Playoff Betting Debut At Online Sportsbooks

The College Football bowl season gets underway this Friday as the NCAAF postseason kicks off with two games – The Cure Bowl and the Bahamas Bowl.

Odds for betting on College Football bowl games have now debuted at online betting sites around the United States with lines for each and every contest accepting action right now.

Of course, everyone is anxious to watch the College Football Playoffs, but there are dozens of bowl games to bet upon between now and December 31.

If the bowl games that are presented prior to the CFP seem meaningless, it is because they are. They are a remnant of an antiquated College Football postseason system that is based upon one extra payday to be secured by stadium owners.

While betting on the CFP National Championship Game is the college football equivalent to wagering on the Super Bowl, the remaining bowl games are merely an extra game for the sake of it with no real purpose.

The reason for the season around here at Legal Betting Online is the additional action sprinkled onto the backend of the NCAAF calendar that spruces up the weeks leading up to the CFP.

We as a staff believe that the College Football Playoffs Selection Committee should strongly consider expanding NCAAF betting into early December and include at least 32 teams in the postseason.

Sure, this will rock the boat of the Southeastern Conference officials that believe that all roads lead through the SEC for a CFP Title, but that’s just more of the old school College Football honks trying to keep traditions alive.

NFL betting is often impacted by free agent players that change teams. The reason that the SEC is so dominant is that the athletes know that they’ll compete against the best-of-the-best and have the best shot at impressing NFL scouts.

If more College Football conference champions were invited to the CFP, then top athletes would be more inclined to select a school from outside of the SEC due to their improved chances of winning a National Championship.

As it stands, mid-tier SEC teams can compete or win against most non-Power 5 Conference champions, and pollsters as well College Football oddsmakers have bought into this concept.

Imagine a 32-team CFP bracket where the ACC Champion Pittsburgh Panthers had a shot to win a National Title, or where Coastal Carolina was granted a chance to prove their might against the best of the SEC.

Now, that would cause for an interesting NCAA Football betting line or two, but we won’t find out unless the CFP has a change of heart.

For now, the SEC is projected to reign supreme once again with the Crimson Tide expected to win their second National Championship in a row.

Perhaps if teams like the Cincinnati Bearcats can finally do some damage in the College Football Playoffs, the committee will get the memo that the NCAAF consists of more than just the SEC. However, if Georgia or Alabama wins the 2021-22 CFP in dominant fashion, don’t expect gospel changes to occur anytime soon.

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