Legal College Football Betting Online 2017/2018

USA Friendly FlagThe popularity of legal online college football betting grows stronger every year. According to CNBC, anywhere from $60 - $70 billion is illegally wagered on college football each year in the US alone. And the Nevada Gaming Commission says that more than $1 billion is handled on football wagering in that state every year. Global ownership of smartphones has surged to more than 1 billion, more than 350 million PCs with Internet connectivity are sold annually, and there are more than 2.5 billion web surfers around the world. Factor in the incredible popularity of the NCAA college football product which delivers some of the greatest amateur athletic performances on the planet each year, and you have the perfect marriage of worldwide, always available Internet access and the rabid desire for a legally accessible web-based gambling platform. Make no mistake about it, betting on the outcome of college football games is a much bigger industry than is the USA college football business itself. Legal NFL betting figures are also staggering.

When you consider the size of the financial numbers involved, as we mentioned above, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that more US states and other jurisdictions around the world will move forward in the near future to legally offer and endorse online gambling on college football contests, since it is obviously an activity desired by many, with huge financial benefits available. However, just as there have been huge changes at the global level concerning the legality of online gambling the last few years, change is probably in store over this controversial topic in the future as well. As veteran online gamblers ourselves, we developed this site to keep you informed about all aspects of legal online betting, so check back frequently for updates. If you are interested in finding out some helpful betting information for this upcoming college football season, then check out our updated 2016 college football preview.

One thing that is certain is that the popularity of, and need for access to, legal online NCAAF betting is probably only going to increase as the population of the United States and the world continues to grow. Millions of responsible adults enjoy spicing up their viewing experience by placing a wager on their favorite University, especially when their team is playing a hated rival. The Michigan - Notre Dame rivalry can be traced back to 1887, just one example of the rabid fan bases which are built and continue to grow through several generations of diehard college football fans. And with mobile Internet access now more prevalent than fixed web access, legal college football betting is an activity which can take place anywhere and at any time, as long as a reliable Internet connection can be established.

With multiple estimates that more than $2 billion worldwide is wagered on just the NCAA football championship game each year, it is obvious there is a global need for college football wagering not just in the United States, but around the world as well. The worldwide reach of the Internet is the perfect delivery system for legalized gambling on college football and other sporting events. The problem for years is and has been that football lovers in the US and other countries sometimes suffer under the mistaken belief that placing a wager on their favorite college football team is an illegal endeavor. However, sports betting online in some countries has even become as acceptable as to have its place on popular social networks, and more countries are legalizing online sports betting all the time. And as you are about to see, there are those websites which legally support US residents and travelers betting on college football games.

Is It Legal To Bet On College Football Games In The United States?

Yes, online college football betting is legally available to US citizens, though many of them do not even know it. The UIGEA legislation governing unlawful Internet gambling only attacked how online gambling transactions were processed, and these laws were directed at operators to ensure that bettors' interests were protected. And while there are a few gambling friendly states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware which have already passed Internet gambling legislation in some form, the vast majority of states in the US have not chimed in on their thoughts about the legality of their residents placing a wager on the outcome of a football contest online.

However, since the beginning of time, when the opportunity presents itself in a particular marketplace, there are always intelligent business owners more than willing to step in and fill the void. In this case companies which are legally licensed to offer online gambling, and which have been certified and are located outside of the United States, can offer their product and services to Americans via the Internet. This makes it acceptable for American citizens, and global college football lovers, to enjoy some betting on college football games from the comfort and privacy of their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Learn more about these sports betting sites in our detailed online sportsbook reviews.

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