How To Maximize Basic Blackjack Strategy For Online Play

Playing "21" online allows you to cash in on the benefits that the Internet can deliver to a blackjack basic strategy. It is absolutely legal and acceptable to use a basic strategy chart for card while you are playing black jack at a brick-and-mortar casino. But most players feel too embarrassed to do so, and this often times will slow down game play, drawing the ire of your fellow players. But comfortably sitting in your favorite chair, on your couch or in a recliner, playing online blackjack on your smartphone, tablet or laptop in the convenience and privacy of your home, using a basic blackjack strategy chart or table makes a lot of sense.

Using Blackjack Charts For Beginners Is A Must

There are countless charts and tables online dedicated to BJ players who want to ensure they make the right decision on a given hand. Sometimes, when we take our emotions out of the equation, we can maximize our winnings and eliminate making poor decisions. And once you play enough hands, the blackjack strategy we are about to reveal to you will become second nature, and you will not need to refer to a chart or virtual notepad. Bear in mind, the game of blackjack is very intricate, and these basic blackjack tips we are about to disclose are great for beginners and medium level players, but will probably seem very basic for advanced blackjack gamblers. Let's get started.

Doubling Down On 10 And 11

Double down when you have a combined score of 10 or 11, as long as the dealer's face-up card is worth less than the value of your hand. You should also double down with a 9 when the dealer's up card is a 3, 4, 5 or 6. And anytime you have an 11 or less, except in the above situations, you should hit. Blackjack basic strategy also dictates that you always stand on hands of 17 to 21. With hard totals (meaning you do not show an Ace) of 12 to 16, hit when the dealer is showing a 7or higher, and stand pat if the dealer is showing a 6 or lower. You should always hit soft (hands with an Ace) 15s or lower, and always stand on soft hands of 19 or higher.

Soft 16 Or 18

When you have a soft total of 16 to 18, hit when you are up against a 7 or higher. And in this same situation, double down when the dealer is showing a 6 or lower. If your particular online casino does not offer doubling down in your particular situation, hit instead. Remember, unless you are an advanced player, never, ever take insurance, as this is usually considered a "sucker bet" when using a basic blackjack strategy. Never split 4s, 5s or 10s, and always split 8s or Aces. With any other pair, split every time the dealer shows a 6 or lower, and simply play the hand according to its total and the other blackjack rules we have discussed if the dealer has a 7 or higher.

Putting It All Together For A Winning Strategy

Those are some simple blackjack tips which make an effective blackjack betting strategy for beginners and intermediate players. Feel free to print out the above two paragraphs, or copy and bookmark this page on your computer for quick reference. Black jack is one of the few games, when played correctly online or off, that can actually give you an advantage in some cases. The basic bj strategy we have discussed here is by no means a guarantee that you will win. But it does show you what you should do in particular situations that frequently arise. And the simplicity of this system allows easy memorization as well. If you want to get started immediately making the right play every time, use the basic blackjack betting strategy we have shown here, click through the links provided for access to legitimate and legal USA online blackjack sites, and may Lady Luck smile on you at the tables.