Georgia Is #1 In The AP Top 25 But Not In The CFP Betting Odds

Two weekends of college football action have taken place in 2022, and oddsmakers are now honing their odds for NCAAF betting based on the information they’ve gathered thus far.

The Alabama Crimson Tide survived a scare against the Texas Longhorns, winning by a final score of 20-19 and preserving their undefeated status.

The loss was acknowledged in the AP Top 25 rankings as Alabama is now second behind the Georgia Bulldogs in the latest poll.

AP Top 25 College Football Rankings

  1. Georgia (2-0)
  2. Alabama (2-0)
  3. Ohio State (2-0)
  4. Michigan (2-0)
  5. Clemson (2-0)
  6. Oklahoma (2-0)
  7. USC (2-0)
  8. Oklahoma State (2-0)
  9. Kentucky (2-0)
  10. Arkansas (2-0)
  11. Michigan State (2-0)
  12. BYU (2-0)
  13. Miami (FL) (2-0)
  14. Utah (1-1)
  15. Tennessee (2-0)
  16. North Carolina State (2-0)
  17. Baylor (1-1)
  18. Florida (1-1)
  19. Wake Forest (2-0)
  20. Ole Miss (2-0)
  21. Texas (1-1)
  22. Penn State (2-0)
  23. Pittsburgh (1-1)
  24. Texas A&M (1-1)
  25. Oregon (1-1)

The Michigan Wolverines were able to leapfrog the Clemson Tigers after starting off 2-0 with convincing victories over Colorado State and Hawaii, where they won by 44 and 46 points, respectively.

Here’s how the top handful of college football teams stack up in the odds for betting on the CFP National Championship across the online sportsbooks we suggest to our readers here at SBL.

2022-23 CFP Futures Odds


  • Alabama +200
  • Georgia +210
  • Ohio State +290
  • Clemson +1200
  • USC+1200
  • Michigan +2000


  • Georgia +185
  • Alabama +200
  • Ohio State +350
  • Clemson +1200
  • USC +1200
  • Michigan +1600


  • Alabama Crimson Tide +192
  • Georgia Bulldogs +230
  • Ohio State Buckeyes +320
  • Clemson Tigers +1175
  • USC Trojans +1350
  • Michigan Wolverines +2800


  • Alabama +185
  • Ohio State +300
  • Georgia +200
  • Clemson +1000
  • USC +1200
  • Michigan +2200

Three out of four of our top College Football Playoff betting sites place Alabama above Georgia, albeit by a very slim margin across the board.

Anyone betting on the Crimson Tide to win the CFP National Championship this January should do so at Bovada or BetOnline because their +200 moneyline will deliver 2-to-1 payouts versus the amount risked.

Georgia bettors should lay their action at MyBookie and their current +230 moneyline for the Bulldogs to win it all this year.

Michigan were surprise winners of the Big Ten last year, qualifying for the College Football Playoffs before losing to Georgia, the eventual NCAAF champions.

The most profitable Wolverines’ odds for betting on the CFP National Championship can be secured at MyBookie. Their current +2800 moneyline odds to win will payout $29 on $1 bets – not too shabby for a CFP contender from last season.

BetOnline holds the highest moneyline odds for the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the title, suggesting they’ll top Michigan this year and win the Big Ten.

By posting the CFP odds from different books, it illustrates the importance of belonging to more than one college football betting site.

For instance, if you are only a member of one online sportsbook, options will be limited to what is posted there. That’s why we always coach up our readers to signup with at least three sportsbook sites and also provide a list of worthy vendors to choose from.

While futures odds tend to offer profitable odds for all contenders until the end of the season, the payouts are much higher when shots are called early on in the year.

Place your bets now to ensure the highest cash winnings possible if you want to wager on Alabama, Georgia, or any other team to win it all this year.

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