Maryland Legal Mobile Betting Applications Open Now

Operator applications are now available in Maryland as the state’s gaming commission looks toward a 2022 legal mobile sports betting debut. Needless to say, resident gamblers are ecstatic about what lies ahead.

Legal Betting Launch Protocol

This first mobile application window will remain open for the next 43 days. When that window closes, gaming officials get the green light to kick things into high gear.

Once licensees have been chosen, there will be several weeks of background checks and inspections ahead of a launch. If the locals get lucky, they might have access to mobile betting ahead of the FIFA World Cup kickoff in November.

Maryland bettors got their first taste of the sweet life at the end of 2021. That December, retail sports betting options surfaced at commercial casinos, racetracks, and sports arenas. The state’s six providers are listed below:

  • BetRivers Sportsbook at Bingo World – Baltimore
  • Horseshoe Casino Baltimore – Baltimore
  • Ocean Downs Casino – Berlin
  • Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland – Hanover
  • MGM National Harbor – Oxon Hill
  • Hollywood Casino Perryville – Perryville

Already with a foot in the door, we expect big names like BetRivers and BetMGM to be some of the first applicants for mobile licensing.

Steps To Accelerate Mobile Debut

The state’s sports betting legislation allows for up to 60 digital skins, leaving plenty of room for competition from companies of all sizes. However, getting one’s hands on one of these coveted gambling permits may be trickier than anticipated.

Initial terms of the Maryland sports betting expansion prioritized the inclusion of minority-owned operations. But after two years of pushing, gaming officials found that too few individuals had the interest or means needed to launch a sportsbook.

At the end of July, the state’s Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) conceded to the pressure to launch and elected to remove the minority licensing clause.

The move did receive some pushback from locals. SWARC Executive Director Thomas Brandt justified the decision, emphasizing the lengthy delays incurred by the committee. He said,

“Over the past year we’ve heard extensive legal advice regarding constraints upon us in so managing the licensing process. To avoid further delays, we have asked staff and our professional team to draft regulations which exclude race and gender based license criteria.”

Still, SWARC hasn’t chosen to forgo diversity altogether. Now, prospective licensees will have to demonstrate a diversity plan that prioritizes a multi-ethnic workforce. In addition to the measures against racial discrimination, the committee will also require applicants to prove that at least 5% of their business is owned by individuals whose net worth is below $1,847,000.

Betting On The NFL In Maryland

Earlier assumptions placed the legal sports betting state’s mobile launch date sometime ahead of the NFL regular season start. And with kickoff just a few hours away, eager bettors already have their backup plans prepared.

Of course, you could go to an in-person casino. Given that it’s the first day of the season, it’s your best bet for sharing your wins and losses with other local sports enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, casino wagering isn’t very accessible for NFL fans on the northwestern side of the state. Even so, bettors can still find solace in using offshore sportsbook sites.

Feel free to browse our site for help finding a reputable provider.

Source: The Washington Post, Saturday Tradition