Super Bowl 52 Is Finally Here – Time To Finalize Your Bets

It’s game day. Eagles and Patriots fans have been waiting for this day for 2 weeks. The entire NFL community is waiting to see how this will play out. The legal football betting community is curious as well because people are anxious to see if their wagers will hit. We’ve been covering the Super Bowl for 2 weeks now and have some final insights to look at before finalizing your bets.

Don’t Get Lost In The Props For Super Bowl LII

Too many times, bettors end up wagering too many prop bets. Props are a great way of keeping the game interesting and can lead to some serious cash, but only if done properly. Sure, you can wager on Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance, but wouldn’t you rather bet on something that has statistical backing? For example, betting on the Eagles rush offense to get over 100 yards is not a bad bet. New England has had trouble stopping the run and will be up against a 3-pronged running attack.

If you are placing sizeable wagers on the point spread or through a moneyline bet, don’t lose your winnings based on props not hitting. Keep an eye on your bankroll and play the percentages. You’ll be much happier if you wagered smart over picking which color hair Pink will have when she sings the National Anthem.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Hype

The media has been in a frenzy for 2 weeks. Talking heads have given their opinions, some more farfetched than others, expecting people to take them as reality. When participating in Super Bowl 52 betting, be cautious and don’t jump to conclusions. Just because the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl does not mean they are incapable of doing so. Just because WR Brandin Cooks hasn’t been as involved in the postseason doesn’t mean he won’t show up. Again, play the percentages. Do your own research into players and how they perform. If you listen to Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith’s opinions and base your entire betting strategy on them, you may as well fork over your money now.

Look At Live Betting Lines For Super Bowl 52

You do not have to stop wagering once the game starts. There are many different online sportsbooks hosting live betting lines. You can make a lot of money participating in live betting, especially when the odds shift based on the score line. When the Patriots were down 28-3 in last year’s Super Bowl, placing a live wager on them to come back and win had a nice potential return. Those who placed that wager were very happy at the end of the game. This is obviously an extreme scenario, but there are tons of live wagers, including props, to be made throughout the game. Just be sure to read the rules associated with football live betting, as there are often special rules attached.

The stage is set. The teams are ready. Fans, bettors and analysts will be watching closely. Will we see the Patriots win their 6th Lombardi trophy? Or will the Eagles finally end their championship drought?