2021 Kentucky Derby Betting Preview: Essential Quality Bets Galore

The first Saturday of May each year brings with it the warm, tempting breezes of mid-spring, elevated pollen counts amid the viewable and breathable air, and the onset of the Kentucky Derby.

Churchill Downs patrons are preparing their massive, decorative hats and fedoras for this Saturday’s 147th running of the Kentucky Derby, and the odds have come in favoring Essential Quality by a nearly two-to-one margin of the nearest horse.

Kentucky Derby betting sites have offered a line on Sunday’s race that features all horses that are competing. Money line odds for each horse dictate their chances of winning as well as declare how much cash can be won by betting on them.

Despite Essential Quality’s commanding lead in the betting odds, the 3-year-old thoroughbred will still deliver a healthy profit to horseracing gamblers that decide to lay some action on his money line.

$1 bets on Essential Quality to win the 2021 Kentucky Derby at online horseracing sportsbook sites will pay savvy gamblers $2.50, and the profits rise if other horses are selected.

2021 Kentucky Derby Odds To Win

  • Essential Quality +250
  • Rock Your World +550
  • Highly Motivated +800
  • Hot Rod Charlie +800
  • Known Agenda +750
  • Mandaloun +1600

If the above horseracing betting odds don’t “Rock Your World,” there are numerous Kentucky Derby prop bets posted at major offshore sportsbooks.

Triple Crown betting sites are offering odds on individual Kentucky Derby matchups, who the winning trainer will be, what the saddlehorse number will be of the competitor that finishes last, and several more.

Will Brad Cox Train The Kentucky Derby Winner?

  • Yes +200
  • No -260

Last Place Horse’s Saddlecloth Number Will Be?

  • Saddlecloth 1-10 -150
  • Saddlecloth 11-20 +110

One of the most entertaining aspects of horseracing, outside of the goofy hats that are worn by Kentucky Derby attendees, is the bizarre names of the horses themselves.

Online sports betting giant MyBookie is taking part in the fun by offering the following line that asks how many words will be in the winning horse’s name.

How Many Words In Name Of Kentucky Derby Winner

  • 2 Words -300
  • 3 Words +190
  • 1 Word +700

A horse with 2 words in its name is currently holding the edge, which makes sense because the overall favorite is Essential Quality.

Regardless of which Kentucky Derby betting line that horseracing gamblers decide to partake in this weekend, make sure to get your wagers in prior to Sunday at 6:57 PM on NBC.

Live betting odds are incredibly popular for NFL, NHL, NBA, and college football games because of their extended duration that lasts for at least three hours. Horseraces only last for a couple of minutes, so live betting on the Kentucky Derby is not a realistic option.

Ensure that your bets are made prior to the starting gun so that gamblers don’t miss out on a massive payday when Essential Quality, Rock Your World, Highly Motivated, or another championship-caliber horse makes a run at the Triple Crown.

Source ESPN