Detroit Casinos Prepare For Strike, Online Casinos Ready To Take Bets

Detroit has three domestic casinos: MGM Grand, Hollywood at Greek Town, and Motor City Casino. 

Casino workers at the locations mentioned above are preparing for a strike at midnight on October 17th if higher wages, 401k, and healthcare benefits aren’t increased. Employees say they love their jobs but need more compensation to stay afloat. 

Casino worker Shataya Thompson told reporters, “No one wants to go on strike, but it’s what we must do to get what we are worth. Thompson said that during the COVID pandemic, her son was in the NICU for 203 days, and for her employer to try to take away her healthcare or make her pay more to retain it is unbelievable. 

The Detroit Casino Council currently represents three thousand seven hundred casino workers across five unions and three casinos. Below is a video update that features casino workers stating their claims as to why they see a strike as the only way to get what they deserve.

Legal Online Casinos In Michigan

Online casinos in Michigan that operate legally all operate outside of the state and employ a fraction of the staff compared to domestic casinos. While many online casinos hire live dealers for their live game sections, the same working conditions do not apply as the employees are often outside the country. 

Casinos have been operating online in the Great Lakes state since the early 2000s and have since improved their platforms to include more games and entertainment content for their users. Today, you will find more variations of popular casino games online than in the big casinos in Detroit. 

Popular Online Casino Games

Online casinos in Michigan and across the United States have multiple gaming options where account holders can wager real money on popular games. Online casinos are very similar to domestic casino locations in terms of games. Popular games online include the following:

Deadline For Casino Negotiations In Detroit

The deadline for negotiations between the casino workers and the three Detroit area casinos is midnight when the date strikes October 17th. So far, workers have stated that talks have stalled, and they expect a strike, but to be fair, there is still time for the casinos to strike a new deal. 

Representatives from the three Detroit-area casinos have yet to respond to media outlets.