The Aria In Las Vegas Will Host Its First Blockchain Poker Tournament

The World Crypto Conference (WCC) will debut on the Las Vegas strip and hold interactive blockchain-focused events to raise awareness for its applications.

The Blockchain Poker Tournament, hosted by and the WCC, will utilize blockchain technology combined with live poker to give attendees a unique gaming experience. If the chance to play on this new format isn’t enough, rumors of the attendance of notable Poker players such as Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Antonio Esfandiari circulate, as well as, the possibility of attendees playing with said stars are circulating.

The World Crypto Conference was created to deliver a more immersible experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over usual speaking conferences. The conference will last 3 days and run from October 31st to November 2nd and will feature some of the biggest Poker stars in the industry, as well as, feature leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The 3 day event is said to possibly bring about a melding between the gambling industry and the crypto world of blockchain technology.

The first cryptocurrency poker tournament launched earlier in 2018 during the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. It brought about the attraction of interest for expanded applications of cryptocurrency. The World Crypto Conference will host events to introduce blockchain to businesses, investors, and attendees with hopes of linking the gambling industry, which is fundamental to and often centralized in Las Vegas, closer to the crypto world.

Crypto technology and blockchain innovations will be showcased to demonstrate applications in action and possibly ignite a new culture and generation of innovative ideas. Top names in crypto will be attending, some of whom will be speaking during the conference such as Charlie Lee, Brock Pierce, Bobby Lee, Charlie Shrem, Vinny Lingham, Maxine Ryan, and Arianna Simpson. Certainly, Las Vegas will become a global stage for crypto and blockchain technology during the WCC’s event.

The Aria Resort and Casino will host the World Crypto Conference and provide 200,000 sq ft of space to accommodate over 5,000 attendees. More than seventy-five influential speakers and industry leaders will speak and answer questions during their schedule conference panels. Additionally, over 150 exhibitors will be present throughout the 3 day event showcasing their own blockchain or crypto-based projects, products, and services.

Outside of the WCC event, blockchain-based poker gambling can also be found through online poker sites offering decentralized games which work off the blockchain. Blockchain poker games are normally fairer than traditional live poker due to photon and non-photon-based random number generators (RNG) which draw scramble cards during the game and pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) sequence which shuffle decks thoroughly. Poker players introduced to blockchain poker tend to favor the new innovative form over traditional and even online poker rooms.

When considering online poker games compared to blockchain-based poker, payout timeliness is more advantageous with blockchain poker. Blockchain games offer faster payouts and diverse alt-coin payments and withdrawals. These features give players more opportunities to diversify their winnings, become familiar with various cryptocurrencies, and play more hands using immediate in-game balances.

Blockchain games are said to be secure, utilizing coding sequences, checks and balances, and community approval to prevent any malicious or unsightly threat to affect their technology. However, all things have a potential to become corrupt or hackable. Therefore, blockchain-based games must run frequent checks and assess their RNG technology by having a 3rd party facility test the systems.