Which States Will Legalize Sports Betting In 2024?

Domestic sports betting has become legal in almost 40 US states as of this writing, with more poised to do so during this year’s legislative session. It has only been six years since the United States Supreme Court repealed PASPA, allowing each region to choose their own destiny concerning sports betting.

Legal sports betting in all US states will likely be a reality eventually, but several regions still have some work to do.

Forget About Texas And California For Now

California and Texas represent the largest potential sports betting population centers in the United States that lack local sportsbooks. There have been many efforts to legalize sports betting in CA and TX, but no further attempts can be made in either state until at least 2025.

The Longhorn State appears poised for domestic sportsbooks eventually. Both legislative bodies need to bend a little before certain naysayers change their tune in Texas, and we expect 2025 to be the year it happens.

The Golden State is deadlocked on two issues – tribal inclusion and public confusion. Voters recently negated two proposals that would have legalized CA sports betting, and gaming interests in the state are already gearing up to take another crack in 2025. Any additional gambling in Califonia will require voter approval.

Utah And Hawaii Are A No-Go

Both Hawaii and Utah are gambling holdouts for different reasons. In Utah, the religious ideologies of the people and lawmakers make sports betting a tough sell. You cannot even purchase lottery tickets in UT, so any easing up on gambling in the region will require baby steps – and none are being made at the moment.

Hawaii is not bordered by any sports betting states and isn’t facing the pressure of locals traveling to sportsbook-friendly regions to lay some action. The only item pushing the issue in HI is the presence of numerous illegal gambling venues. Politicians have entertained the idea of legalizing sports betting to combat these houses, but the opposition in the legislature remains stout in 2024.

States That Could Pass Sports Betting Laws In 2024

  • Georgia – The Peach State has been knocking on the door of legal sports betting for two years now, and 2024 could be the year it happens. Pro sports teams and some politicians are making a push right now.
  • Alabama – AL has the potential to be completely surrounded by domestic sports betting states very soon. Only the border with GA remains protected, but their current legislative developments appear to have legs. The Alabama State legislature is debating a sports betting bill right now, and they seem positioned to pass it to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Missouri – A ballot initiative for MO sports betting has already collected over 100,000 signatures from registered voters. Winning For Missouri Education, the group leading the effort, has until May 5 to collect at least 300,000 total signatures.
  • Oklahoma – OK sports betting is being discussed in the state legislature and largely depends on the involvement of local tribes. It is still early, but there is some potential for passage this year.

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