Live Dealer Blackjack Options For USA players

Live Blackjack ExampleFor many people looking to play blackjack at an online casino, what they're after is a real-world gambling experience that is realistic, fair and enjoyable. And this exactly what you get with live dealer blackjack. While this is the only way to play at a physical, land-based casino, it is actually just one of many options via an online casino.

The premise is actually quite simple. Rather than playing against a computer program that's designed to use an algorithm to bet, online casinos give you the opportunity to play against a real dealer on the end end of the table. This is accomplished through advanced web streaming technology that allows you to interact with the dealer during a real bj game using a specially designed interface. You are able to see and hear everything going on, and interact with the dealer from your computer or mobile device via a sophisticated software platform that delivers messages in real time to the table. It's literally just as if you were playing in Las Vegas, only over the internet via a webcam.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Site For US Players

Sun Palace Live Casino 5 Star Site Rating

Sun Palace is one of the few casinos on the RTG network that has integrated live dealer games. They are an extremely reputable site that gladly accepts all USA players.

However I need to make it very clear what is being offered here. They have an amazing 150% blackjack bonus up to $10,000 free for new depositing players. However this bonus does not include the live bj games. So what we recommend doing is claiming the bonus and playing blackjack in the standard software until you meet the rollover requirements. Once those are met you are free to transfer all your funds over to the live dealer section of the software and begin playing. The fact that it's a cashable bonus with no maximum cashout restrictions makes this an offer that's hard to pass up.

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Finding Reputable Casinos That Offer Live Dealer Games

USA players have many choices on where they can play real money live online blackjack legally. However we are keen on only recommending the most reputable legally licensed operators to our visitors, which means only a few actually make it to our recommended list. But the ones we do recommend are the big dogs in the industry. These are top rated sites that not only offer live casino games such as blackjack, but also offer an additional wide range of betting options for players to enjoy.

Legal USA Live Dealer Blackjack Sites

Betonline Live Casino 25% Max $1,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
SunPalace Casino 400% Max $10,000 5 Star Site Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
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What Makes Live Dealer Gambling Technology So Attractive?

There are a lot of reasons that make playing webcam blackjack more attractive than playing against a computer program? The biggest reason we've found when speaking to a wide range of players is that most of them simply feel the game is more authentic and fair when a live dealer is involved rather than only having access to a digital game powered by a computer algorithm.

The Pros and Cons of Playing Live

Before you decide whether or not to go with a live game or a basic game with an algorithm, let's discuss the pros and cons of playing live dealer blackjack first. And just to get it out of the way, let's go over the bad news first. The cons before the pros.


  • Live dealer games require a human and take up space, so you may have to wait to play as the table could be full.
  • There is always the chance of human error for paying out a bet. So be sure to pay close attention to your balance and whether or not you were paid correctly after each hand.
  • Playing live will take longer to process big bets and moves like splitting or doubling down, hence you may not be able to play as many hands per hour as you can with traditional online blackjack games.
  • Since everyone at the table is a real human being, you always have the unfortunate chance of playing with the someone who doesn't know how to play optimal strategy. You know, the idiot splitting 10's and messing up the whole table.
  • Pros

  • Live dealers give a better sense of transparency, so there's no questioning if a computer program is fixed to go against you.
  • A live blackjack game presents a realistic atmosphere that's far more appealing to many players.
  • Live tables typically offer better stakes and even some bigger bonuses than other games.
  • The rhythm of the game may change to suit you.
  • There is the chance that a dealer mistakenly hits instead of stays and ends up busting.
  • The real casino pace can help you better keep track of your bets and your stack.
  • You get to chat and have a good time with other players at the table, just as you would be able to do in a brick and mortar casino.

The truth here is that you're not going to find a huge difference from one type of game to the next. While it might be more comfortable and more lifelike to play with a live blackjack dealer, you're not necessarily gaining any tangible advantage with this type of game. It is possible that you may enjoy the live experience more since it is a really successful blend of the live gaming environment and the convenience of online access. However, if you find an online casino offering lucrative bonuses to play this type of blackjack, then you may definitely want to consider it. After all, a live dealer doesn't place you at any further disadvantage either.

Strategy For Playing Live

There is nothing different about playing blackjack at a brick and mortar casino, or playing with a live dealer online. The same concepts apply - so your game play and strategy should be the same for the most part. One thing you should be mindful of when playing online is to spend a few minutes reading the game rules. This is always good practice anyway when you are playing for real money. But the idea here is to make sure you have a complete understanding of the rules so you won't make any mistakes. It's no different that reading the rules at a brick and mortar table before you sit down. While most casinos pay 3/2 for a blackjack, a few actually pay 6/5. I am a firm believer in taking every advantage possible when I'm gambling. So play smart, always know the rules of the game and you should be in good shape to give the casino a run for their money.

And of course we always recommend looking for a legal online blackjack site so you know you are not dealing with a fly by night operation that is out to steal your money. Legally licensed online casinos spend a lot of money to adhere to all laws and regulations, compared to the rogue operators who aren't licensed anywhere and have no regulatory body to answer to.