Alaska Legal Online Gambling

Alaska State FlagThe gambling landscape in Alaska does allow for some types of gambling to take place, but in general, the state does not offer an incredibly warm climate towards gambling. Despite some negative public opinion when it comes to gambling in Alaska, many residents still have an interest in enjoying this type of entertainment. As you can imagine, it is not as convenient or affordable for Alaskans to visit gambling friendly regions due to their proximity to the rest of the US. This being the case, many gambling enthusiast are inclined to seek out online options to meet their needs. State regulated online gambling is not legal in Alaska in any form, hence legally licensed offshore gambling is the most accessible and legitimate online gambling opportunities that Alaskan residents have.

This guide will take a look at the legal aspects of gambling online in Alaska, including what the state's gambling laws have to say about it, how federal laws affect your options, and where to turn for safe, secure and legal US online gambling. We break it down by venue to provide comprehensive insight for each category. In order to make the best possible choices regarding your involvement in gambling entertainment, you need the facts that lead to informed decisions, and that's precisely the objective of this website. We don't want to talk you into or out of any specific view on gambling, we want to arm you with the information that allows you to make the best possible decision for your personal situation.

Gambling Laws That Pertain To Alaska Players

As stated above, Alaska has made no efforts to legalize any form of state licensed online gambling. There are a few types of gambling formats that are permitted by Alaska state law, including poker, bridge, rummy, cribbage, pull tabs and bingo. There are multiple state licensed card and poker rooms located throughout the state, and about ten tribal gambling destinations that offer the bingo and pull tab games. The tribal gambling options are not classified as casinos, and casino games of chance are not legal. The state does not offer any lottery games or pari-mutuel wagering opportunities either.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Alaska?

Despite the fact that Alaska does not support any type of state based online gambling, the laws that are on the books do not prohibit residents from engaging in legally licensed and regulated online gambling. There are a number of legitimate offshore gambling sites that are legally sanctioned to provide their services to gamblers around the world, including those in Alaska. Because they accept players from The Last Frontier, we refer to these sites as Alaska online gambling sites. Players living or visiting Alaska are able to legally engage in this type of online gambling without violating any state or federal laws as long as you are restricting your options to only those destinations that are licensed and regulated by a legitimate governing jurisdiction. The recommendations you find on this page have all been vetted to ensure they are indeed legal Alaska online gambling sites.

Online gambling venues are typically broken down into different venues, such as online casinos, online poker sites and online sportsbooks. This page will take a look at the legal aspects of each venue and what options are legally available to players in AK. This information is compiled by an experienced team of online gambling analysts and industry professionals.

Best Online Gambling Site For Alaskan Players

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Is playing at online casinos legal for Alaska residents?

The answer to this question is multi-faceted and includes both a yes and a no. No, state licensed online casino gambling is not legal. However, licensed and regulated offshore online casino gambling is not prohibited for Alaska residents as long as certain conditions are met. When we say conditions, we mean making sure that you only consider signing up for an account at an online casino that is legally licensed, compliance certified and is carefully regulated by a respected governing jurisdiction. All of the USA friendly online casinos you see below fall into this category. What keeps things legal is strict adherence to playing only at legal destinations. Due to the fact that it is not legal to own or operate an online casino within the state of Alaska, participating in any Internet casino gambling that is located within state lines is not legal and would constitute a violation of state law.

Legally Licensed Online Casinos That Accept Alaska Players

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Is Online Poker Legal in Alaska?

Since playing poker for money is actually legal in Alaska, many residents may automatically assume that they have access to state licensed online poker gambling as well. The bad news is, no, there is not any type of legal online poker gambling that is licensed and regulated by the state. The good news? There are numerous licensed and regulated offshore poker sites that welcome players from Alaska and that deliver a premium gambling experience. It is not illegal to play real money poker at these types of online card rooms. Doing so does not violate any type of state or federal laws as long as the site is operating legally within the industry and is based outside of the United States. However, not all online poker sites are high quality destinations, so we urge you to consider the input of industry professionals who are trained in how to vet an online gambling site for quality, safety and legitimacy.

Best Legal Online Poker Sites Open To Alaska Players

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Alaska?

While state laws may not address sports betting much in the state of Alaska, US federal laws definitely do. Both the PASPA law and the Federal Wire Act combined effectively prohibit US based online and offline sports betting throughout the US, including Alaska. There are four states that are exempted from PASPA, however Alaska is not one of them. So even if residents and lawmakers in the state wanted to legalize sports betting, they would be unable to do so with those two federal laws in place. You won't hear of any professional teams calling Alaska home, and there's not a whole lot going on with collegiate sports either. This does not mean that Alaskans don't love sports, follow their favorite teams, and enjoy betting on a variety of sports. In fact, the strong interest that Alaska residents have in professional and college teams is one of the reasons we wanted to cover sports betting on this page. There are some really professional and high quality offshore sportsbooks that accept residents from AK and that are licensed and subject to regulatory oversight from a governing jurisdiction that has legalized US online sports betting for their region. This allows them to offer betting services to players in the US. You will find a list of these trusted destinations in the table below.

Legal US Online Sportsbooks That Accept Alaska Players

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Alaska Online Gambling FAQ's

Will I be breaking any laws if I participate in online gambling at offshore websites?

The key to keeping things legal when enjoying online gambling is to make sure you only consider betting at websites that are operating legitimately within the business.  This means they will be licensed, hold various compliance certifications, and are subject to regulatory oversight by through a legitimate jurisdiction.  Our analysts are trained to effectively evaluate the credentials of online gambling businesses for authenticity and legitimacy. 

What is the legal gambling age in Alaska?

The legal minimum gambling age in Alaska is dependent on which type of gambling you are participating in. For playing bingo, the minimum legal age is 19, for all other types of gambling; the minimum legal age is 21. Alaska residents interested in participating in online gambling will be required to adhere to the minimum gambling age of 21 regardless of whether or not the online gambling site at which you are visiting accepts players younger than 21. State laws concerning legal gambling age trump the policies of any online gambling site.

If the legal gambling age in Alaska is 21, why can I register at online gambling sites when I’m 18?

Although its true that many online gambling sites accept players as young as 18, US players are still compelled to adhere to their state’s laws regarding the minimum legal gambling age.  For Alaska residents, the legal minimum age for all types of gambling except for bingo is 21.  If you choose to engage in online gambling before you are 21 years old, you are violating the state’s laws that govern the age at which you are permitted to engage in this type of entertainment. 

Why hasn’t Alaska taken any steps to legalize online gambling?

In general, public opinion towards gambling entertainment is not overwhelmingly favorable.  In fact, residents have had a say regarding what gambling options would be allowed in the state, and they vote down most of it.  Until residents convince lawmakers that there is an interest in online gambling, we are doubtful that there will be any progress on this issue.  It is possible that interest among citizens will grow as other areas of the US embrace state licensed online gambling.  Time will tell. 

Is it considered safe to gamble online in Alaska?

How safe and secure your online gambling experience is depends solely on the websites you choose to bet at. We provide a listing of recommendations to ensure you have access to the safest and most trusted gambling sites.  We execute a very thorough and careful evaluation of the security profile of every site we recommend.  We have very stringent requirements for inclusion in our guide, and they all must demonstrate a strong commitment to player safety and back that up with advanced security protocols.  Should you decide to go it on your own and try out random gambling sites you find online, then you could be placing yourself and your financial information at risk. 

Will I have trouble collecting my winnings from a gambling site located outside of the United States?

Depending on how much you’ve won, you may have to collect your winnings through multiple payouts, but there are not any problems with collecting.  Most gambling sites have multiple payout methods, including check by courier, bank wire, and payments into ewallets or virtual currency such as Bitcoin.  You do not have to collect in person, so there is not any travel expense involved. And to be clear, because we only endorse the top rated sites in the industry - you can be confident that every single gambling sites listed in our guide will pay out your winnings without any problems.

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