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Montana State FlagThe state of Montana has some form of legal, regulated gambling in every single county within its’ borders. Montana’s stance on gambling entertainment has a presence at both ends of the spectrum. The state is fairly liberal with several forms of betting, including poker, casino games, bingo, lottery and pari-mutuel wagering. However, they have some staunch anti-gambling laws concerning other forms of betting. They have managed to represent the most tolerant and the most intolerant gambling environments simultaneously. Another unique aspect to the legal status of gambling in Montana is the state’s exemption from PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), which means that it is one of four states in the US that can legally offer sports betting without violating any federal laws.

This page of our guide provides a look at the gambling laws in Montana, how those laws affect what players in the Treasure State have at their disposal for both brick and mortar and online gambling options. We provide a comprehensive explanation of the legalities involved as well as recommendations made by industry professionals with a combined range of experience that spans decades. Please understand that this information is not intended to substitute for professional legal advice or services. We are not attorneys or licensed legal professionals. We are simply providing insight based on our understanding and extensive experience with the intricacies of the online and offline gambling industries and navigating the legalities involved.

Online Gambling Laws in Montana

Montana is one of the few states that actually address Internet gambling. In 2005, the state passed a law making it a crime to engage in gambling through the internet. The statutes governing this prohibition are contained within the Montana Code Annotated 23-5-112.19.e. The definition of Internet Gambling clearly classifies participating in gambling activities via the Internet as an illegal act, even if the business offering the betting services is operating legally within the industry. That being said, the state has yet to investigate or prosecute anybody for participating in online gambling from a player position.

If you do decide to engage in licensed gambling online from offshore betting destinations, we urge you to selectively visit only those sites that have been vetted by industry professionals. Not only do you stand the best chance of landing at legitimate gambling businesses, but it is definitely the safest way to approach things. By considering professional input regarding the legitimacy and quality of online gambling sites, you eliminate the risk of landing at a questionable or predatory gambling site that is providing the illusion that they are operating legitimately within the industry when in fact they are out to defraud players and even steal personal identities. The gambling sites listed in this guide all accept US players, and they have all been vetted by our team of analysts and verified to be legitimate, secure and high quality destinations.

We cannot tell you that it is risk free to gamble online from Montana, or with 100% certainty that you are not going to be violating state law. The waters are just too murky regarding interactive gaming on the Internet in the Treasure State to provide you with a definitive answer. We can tell you that the state has not gone after anyone for gambling online, and that they don’t have the resources to monitor residents’ online activities or to enforce this type of ban on Internet activities.

Does this mean that they will never ever cherry pick individual online gamblers at some point to prove a point? Nobody can say for sure. Are they actively monitoring online activity of the masses in order to do so? There is no indication that law enforcement agencies are making any efforts to identify or investigate online gamblers at this time. Should that information change anytime in the future, we will update this information to reflect it.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Montana?

The topic of offshore Internet gambling sites that are licensed and regulated and offer their services to US players remains in the ‘gray area’ when it comes to gambling legalities in Montana. The state clearly says no to being involved in online gambling, but do these laws reach beyond applicable state lines to prohibit offshore gambling from legitimately licensed online betting destinations? That is the million-dollar question. We certainly do not encourage anyone to violate state or federal gambling laws, however nobody is really sure where things stand when it comes to legal offshore online gambling opportunities.

Will Montana Ever Legalize Internet Gambling In The State?

Based on the fact that Montana went to the trouble to make online gambling illegal, something that only one or two other states has done, we are not holding our breath in anticipation of state licensed online gambling initiatives emerging in the near future. We also would not rule it out long term. Should a move be made nationally to embrace some type of legally sanctioned online gambling, or if the majority of states pass online gambling legislation in favor of the concept, it is possible that Montana will jump on that band wagon based on the nature of competition as a thriving gambling destination.

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Montana Gambling FAQ's

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Montana?

Montana is one of the few states that have established a minimum legal gambling age of 18 across the board. The exception is charitable gambling raffles conducted by non-profit organizations, in which case participants may be younger than 18 years of age. Information regarding the legal gambling age for the state is provided by the Montana Gambling Control Division (

Could I Potentially Get Arrested For Gambling Online In The State Of Montana?

Realistically, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be arrested for gambling online in the state of Montana. As of this writing there has not been anyone arrested or charged with illegally gambling online in the state of Montana. Does this mean that there is a zero chance of this happening? Unfortunately no. Since there is an official law on the books prohibiting online gambling in the state, it is within the realm of possibilities for the state to enforce the laws of the land. However, it is not probable by any means. Law enforcement is much more interested in using the laws to prohibit illegal online gambling operations from springing up within the state’s borders than it is going after individual players. Whether or not to engage in online gambling is going to have to be a personal choice that each individual player makes based on what they feel is best for themselves and their personal circumstances.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Montana?

It is not legal in Montana to own or operate an online gambling site of any kind at this time. The state also has specific laws prohibiting online gambling in general. Based on this information, you are not going to find any state licensed online casinos available to MT players. There are a number of legal online casinos based outside of the United States that accept players from Montana. Thus far, the state has not taken any steps to investigate or punish players who take advantage of these opportunities. For those of you who feel confident in pursuing online gambling entertainment from legally sanctioned online casinos, we’ve made a listing of the industry’s leading destinations to ensure that you have access to safe, secure and high quality gambling sites that are licensed and are subject to strict regulatory oversight.

Is Online Poker Legal in Montana?

The state of Montana has not legalized online poker as of yet. In fact, while other states have simply not addressed online gambling, Montana lawmakers have gone out of their way to make it illegal to be involved with online gambling. When they do decide to move forward with state regulated online gambling in MT, we are fairly certain that it will all begin with online poker. There is a handful of legitimately licensed and regulated online poker sites that accept players from Montana. These sites are based outside of the United States. This begs the question as to the application of the state’s ban concerning online gambling and how it applies to offshore gambling sites that are not subject to US state and federal laws.

Thus far, the state has not gone after any online poker players or tried to curtail offshore poker gambling online. Those of you who feel ok about engaging in legitimately licensed and regulated US online poker will find a refined listing of the top offshore poker sites that accept players from Montana and that deliver a high quality, feature rich gaming experience with a highly secure environment.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Montana?

Even though sports betting is technically legal in Montana, the Federal Wire Act prohibits US based online sports betting across the country. This law has no impact regarding online sportsbook gambling at offshore bookmakers, however the state’s ban concerning online gambling can have some impact depending on how it is interpreted. As with the poker and casino niches, there are some very legitimate and high quality online sportsbooks that accept players from Montana and that are operating within the industry legally.

Unless law enforcement or state leaders decide to dramatically change their strategy concerning gambling regulation, it is highly unlikely that anyone participating in online sports betting at licensed bookmakers offshore will get into any type of legal confrontation. You are much more likely to get into trouble if you were to establish an online bookmaking business within Montana’s state borders. Their focus has been on illegal gambling operators rather than players and bettors.

Montana does offer fantasy sports contests through retail locations, however the state has expressly made it illegal to engage in daily fantasy sports contests online. This rules out popular DFS businesses such as FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as any others that offer their services online. With supporters of DFS tenaciously advocating for the legality of this type of entertainment, it will be interesting to see if states that have taken an opposing position will warm up to the concept of allowing online DFS businesses to provide their contests to residents in Montana. This is an are that we consider unpredictable and will be watching closely for any movement one way or the other. The state is likely going to be pushed to clarify their position towards DFS by either enforcing the ban that they’ve put in place within their gambling laws or by changing their tune and regulating DFS activities.

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