Bovada Adds Nevada And Delaware To US State Exemption List

Bovada proudly offers the largest and most popular US friendly web gambling site. The company delivers sports betting in addition to poker and virtual casino gambling options. The new US face of the previous Bodog cyber gambling giant, the company has decided to exempt new sign-ups from US citizens located in Delaware and Nevada, having exempted New Jersey residents earlier this year. The online poker offerings from Merge, Winning and Equity have also exited Nevada and Delaware, as well as New Jersey. That makes five states, including Maryland and New York, which are now exempt from opening accounts at Bovada.

Any Online Gambling Options For Nevada, Delaware And New Jersey Residents?

While this unfortunately limits the options of residents in those five states, there are actually still a few legitimate offshore license holders that support US players. Websites like LuckyRed offer virtual casinos, Bovada deals legal online poker, and delivers legal sports wagering, with all of those companies supporting US players. And every one of those firms carries legitimate licensing to do so. The trend towards US gambling industry states putting pressure on reputable and experienced offshore gambling providers seems contrary to the freedoms which United States citizens demand and enjoy. Gambling revenue in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware is acceptable, but nowhere near the “streets of gold” promises and expectations made by some politicians and industry bigwigs. Moving to protect their virtual marketplace, as these three states obviously are, makes sense for financial reasons, but the citizens of those jurisdictions probably will not be happy with fewer options forced upon them.

Current Bovada Customers In Nevada And Delaware Grandfathered In

If you currently hold an online gambling account with Bovada and live in Delaware or Nevada, you will be allowed to continue to play for real money and withdraw your winnings. However, future deposits will be declined. The move was actually sparked by the actions of six prominent US-based online poker affiliates. While advertising New Jersey-based online gambling offerings, those affiliates also posted on the same website banner ads for Bovada. Action by New Jersey’s online gambling industry against those affiliates caused Bovada to quietly back out of that market, recently adding Nevada and Delaware to its exemption list.

No charges of any kind have been filed against Bovada, and no wrongdoing by that popular and highly trafficked US friendly gambling site is being reported. Bovada is just wisely steering clear of any potential problems, and with the loss of those five particular states, is in no way hurting for player traffic or income. They still offer legitimate and legally licensed sports wagering to Americans, as well as a web casino, slots and poker, and have years of experience doing so. Since the feds in the United States have banned any US-based companies from offering sports wagering online, Bovada fills that whole in the US gambling industry.

There are a few other reputable and trustworthy Internet gambling portals which still offer access for all US citizens, as mentioned above. And while the US in early 2012 had zero states offering legal online wagering of any kind, there are now three and soon to be five states which deliver their own brand of virtual gambling. As the online gambling industry in the United States continues to grow and change, we will keep you posted as to your legitimate options, both offshore and US-based.

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