California Gets Internet Poker Through Santa Ysabel Tribal Website Launch

The Private Table Internet poker room has been launched this week in California. That site opening for online poker in the Golden State is significant for several reasons. First off, even though that state is probably the closest to passing legislation which would allow for legalized Internet poker, that has not yet happened. Secondly, more than 1.5% of the United States is comprised of Native American Indians. Spread across multiple states, those indigenous people could quickly follow Santa Ysabel Iipay Nation’s lead if things go well. There are currently several states pushing for legal Internet poker as well as other forms of legal gambling. If this move goes unquestioned by California lawmakers, look for it to serve as a precedent in arguments across the US.

Free Play Multitable Poker With Prizes

In a historical move, the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel is launching the website while pointing toward their federally recognized tribal rights as its legal foundation. At this time only play money games are offered, but the tribe says real money gambling is just around the corner. To rapidly build its player pool, Private Table is advertising Free Rolls and multitable tournaments which deliver iTunes and Google Play gift cards and other prizes simply for playing. Just as with the Internet gambling networks in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, players must be located inside the physical boundaries of the state of California to participate.

The 300 member California Indian tribe recently shut the doors on their brick-and-mortar casino in the state. That means that any reprisal from California lawmakers will not harm a current operation. With the climate in that state and others very poker-positive, and with two legitimate pieces of state-sponsored legislation currently proposing Internet poker, the move is well-timed. Both of those bills propose a $10 million registration fee, something that the small Santa Ysabel Tribe can ill afford to pay. That is why some industry analysts believe that the Private Table site was launched with no evident geolocation platform or age verification. The tribe could be using its launch and the proposal for real money poker in an unregulated atmosphere as a licensing fee negotiating ploy.

Santa Ysabel Iipay Nation Claims “Sovereign Rights” Protection

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) is used to regulate Class II gaming for recognized tribal groups. Through the newly created Santa Ysabel Interactive business, the tribe “is exerting its sovereign right” to conduct its own poker and possibly bingo operations online in the state of California. This does not allow for slots and casino games, which the group said they had no plans of offering in any case.

The website is officially up and open for business, and would give residents and visitors a legitimate legal California online poker option. Poker proponents and Indian tribes around the nation will certainly be watching this legal betting online maneuver by a relatively insignificant tribal group. The site was launched under the Winning Poker Network (WPN) line of gaming software, which is used in sites like Americas Cardroom. Depositing appears to be handled by FinPay, and players can also add money to their account at the Santa Ysabel tribe’s Smoke Shop. However, withdrawals may be made from anywhere. Stay tuned for regularly updated information regarding this important legal online poker move which definitely has ramifications for the entire United States.