New Online Lottery Service Delivers Global Lotteries To US Players

When most people think of online gambling, playing the lottery is the last thing on their mind. And if someone mentions the word “syndicate” in connection with gambling, thoughts instantly turn to drug cartels and the Mafia. In the United States, state and nationwide lotteries are extremely popular. But you were relegated in the past to just those lotteries offered at your local convenience store. Not anymore. The last few years legal online lottery sites have sprung up on the web to cater to US citizens that would like to play international lotteries from around the world. This is now legally possible because the Department of Justice in late 2011 changed its mind on some past gambling laws. The DOJ decided that the Federal Wire Act of 1961 should only apply to sport betting, and not lotteries, bingo and certain “games of skill”. This opened the way for some ingenious companies that use world-wide messenger services to buy tickets on your behalf.

Here is how purchasing international lottery tickets used to work. Let’s say you live in the United States, but want to play in the Spanish La Primitiva lottery. Then you can call up a friend that lives in Spain, have them purchase your tickets for you, send them the money, and have them send you the tickets. Then if you win, you have to mail your tickets back to your friend, let them cash them in, and agree on some type of finder’s fee. Then you have to pray that your friend actually sends you your money! The new online lottery services basically work in the same way, but you have a lot more control, and they will even help you collect any money that you win.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets From All Over The World

Reputable, licensed operations like WinTrillions and Congalotto allow you to open a free account online, and then purchase lottery tickets from all over the world. If you purchase tickets to the Australia Powerball, a physical messenger service in Australia heads out to the nearest lottery agent and purchases your tickets for you. A scan is made of the tickets and of your receipt, and sent to you via e-mail. You simply pay these convenient online lottery services a nominal fee for handling this for you. In this way, you have at your availability dozens of the biggest lotteries in the world. And with mobile support, you can purchase international and national lottery tickets any time night or day when you are on the go.

15 Online Lottery Syndicate Ladies Team Up To Split £3.7 Million ($5.5 Million US)

So what is this syndicate thing we mentioned earlier? You may have already played in a lottery syndicate in the past without even knowing that is what it is called. If you have ever purchased lottery tickets with friends or coworkers, and promised to split the proceeds if you win, you were participating in a syndicate. Since the biggest lotteries pay tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, it pays to maximize your purchasing power. If you and 9 other people each buy the same number of lottery tickets, and agree to split the money if you win, you have 10 times the likelihood of cashing in. Recently, 15 night shift workers in the UK used an online lottery syndicate offered by a lottery service like the ones we mentioned earlier. They won, and split £3.7 million ($5.5 million US). Each of the 15 lottery syndicate winners took home £245,996 each ($370,000 US).

60% Of All Online Lottery Wins Are Produced By Syndicates

Such wins are commonplace, because as much as 60% of all online lottery ticket purchases which result in winning money are made by syndicates. and have surged to the forefront of this ingenious and convenient business and offer individual ticket sales as well as lottery syndicate services. You can get matched up with other syndicate players from around the world, and if you win, your money is automatically sent to you. They will even tell you which lotteries have the best odds, which ones pay the most money, and which lotteries from around the world will be drawn soon. As competition in this new field of legal Internet gambling has become greater, companies have started to give promotions. You can earn free tickets when you sign up for a free account, or sometimes receive “buy one get one” ticket purchases. For US lottery lovers, these new services now provide a worldwide reach so you can legally, conveniently and quickly play lotteries from around the world.

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