Election Odds Still Favor Donald Trump Despite Pending Legal Challenges

Criminal charges have been levied against former President Donald Trump in New York state and in the federal court system. Another federal case is pending, with an arraignment that could happen at any time.

Normally, this would cause the self-expulsion of a candidate from running for public office of any kind, but somehow, Donald Trump remains in the lead to become the GOP nominee for President in 2024.

Trump’s odds at legal election betting sites grant him a 275-point lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an opponent that was supposed to give Donald a run for his money this cycle.

Republican Candidate Odds For 2024

  • Donald Trump -200
  • Ron DeSantis +275
  • Tim Scott +2000
  • Nikki Haley +3500

While Trump’s grip on the Republican Party seems firm at this time, he trails President Joe Biden in the Presidential election odds for 2024.

US Presidential Election Odds 2024

  • Joe Biden +165
  • Donald Trump Sr. +250
  • Ron DeSantis +500
  • Gavin Newsom +1600
  • Robert Kennedy, Jr +1600
  • Michelle Obama +2000
  • Kamala Harris +3500
  • Tim Scott +4000

When considering all 2024 Presidential candidates, Trump places second behind Biden, but both are featured in the positive. Biden’s slim 85-point lead could evaporate overnight following even a minor political hiccup.

The opposite could also happen just as easily. Any sign of a conviction on Trump’s part could spell doom for his election chances and Presidential odds.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of At Least One Of The Classified Documents Federal Charges?

  • Yes -215
  • No +160

Trump is facing 37 felony counts of retaining and/or mishandling classified documents following their request for return from the federal government. After dodging the feds for months, they finally dropped the hammer on Donald, and the odds don’t look good.

If this prop holds true, Trump will be found guilty of at least one charge, which will result in his removal as a potential Presidential candidate. He does seem to have a better chance of avoiding a guilty verdict for his charges in New York, but the odds are close to even for both yes and no.

The trial is set to begin on August 15th.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Felonies In New York?

  • Yes +115
  • No -150

Trump’s NY-related charges involve providing campaign money to porn star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence regarding an alleged affair she had with Donald.

With the likelihood so high for Trump being found guilty in one of his current cases, bettors should consider wagering on Ron DeSantis’ odds of becoming the Republican nominee.

Ron will reward gamblers with 2.75-to-1 profits if he wins the nomination, a designation he will assuredly wrap up if any of Trump’s charges stick.

There are betting odds for Trump posted at most of the sites featured in our legal online sportsbook reviews that cover his potential political and legal future.

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